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306 Consumers And Social Silver!
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

ak is definitely a gun of metaphysical belief in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, so it is said that there are only two people who can completely control this gun, that is, the macho and the scientist.

     Others picked up this gun and became a "master sketcher" every minute, and they were still realistic

     And without a scientist, in this game, only hunks can control the ak gun.

     However, most people's experience in ak is to sweep from below the head, and within ten bullets, your sight will automatically lock your head, not needed at all to aim.

     However, right now it looks like Liu Zilang’s single shot double ak burst, two shots headshot.

     It really completely broke everyone's consistent perception of the ak gun.

      At this time, the audience in the live broadcast room could not calm down after seeing Liu Zilang's wave, and started to discuss.

     "Excuse me, vic is sure it is ak? Not sks?"

     "Wow! These two ak headshots are really good-looking! It seems that the old man really wants to practice ak again."

     "Master sketcher stage a come back? Please save some snacks for your teammates!"

     "Young people shouldn't be too impetuous, take a good look, study hard, and want to be a teacher without taking notes?"

     "Betta fish human implant hanger want to know more? Eye recognition lock, purely manual pull gun! Now you can buy a 9.99% discount!"

     "Vic, the chicken king in my face value area, said it would be fine to apply for a card. The two planes become True Disciple, which will allow you to reach the peak of life in minutes."

     In the game, Liu Zilang got rid of Benz and Everore, looked around to make sure there's nothing about it trap, and quickly ran over to lick the bag.But when he saw that moment in the everore box, Liu Zilang suddenly couldn't help being complexion turned black.

     r1895 revolver,

     Thirty rounds of 763 bullets remained intact.

     All that is left is the short-sleeved trousers and armed belt, in addition from head to toe, there is not even a bandage!

     My Nima is still squatting in the grass with this equipment.

     Back to pondered's kill just now,

     Liu Zilang suddenly remembered that this man seemed to be the one who was killed by a motorcycle in the finals of the game.

     As a result, the game was blown out of the grass by Lei again

     This really meets with many difficulties in one's life!

     Liu Zilang shook the head with emotion and quickly dragged 762 bullets into the bag.

     As for the revolver, he hesitated again and again, and picked it up to tackle a difficult job.

     No way, Liu Zilang now has an ak and a spray on his body, really there's nothing about it choosy qualifications.

     The other point is that he just picked up a pistol eliminator and wants to try something different.

      It should be noted, the revolver is loud and powerful among many pistols, but he hasn't experienced what it feels like after installing the silencer.

     At this moment, Liu Zilang put on the silencer, pushed the bullets into the chamber one by one, and immediately shot a shot into the air.


     The gunfire was very soft, soft and sticky

     Hearing this voice, Liu Zilang couldn't help but twitch his eyes!

     What the hell said a good western cowboy?

     Why did it turn out to be strange when the silencer was installed?

     Is this the contrast cuteness?Liu Zilang smashed his mouth, simply not thinking about such a profound and complicated issue.

     After he inserted the revolver into the armed belt of his leg, he raised his foot and quickly ran towards the C-shaped No. 3 building, where there is still one. The box was not licked.

     "Vic has nothing to say. Just now, Brother Benz and Emperor Pig fell to the ground almost at the same time, right?"

     "Well, I really am a player who deserves the name of a legendary genius. I just flashed and reacted too quickly to the shooting!"

     "Speaking of this game, the Korean players are also relatively unlucky. The two most famous pig kings and Mercedes-Benz were solved within a few minutes after landing. Tsk tsk it seems that the hope of the Korean team to eat chicken in this game is mostly still suppressed. On azeael's body."

     "Yes, azeael did not choose the airport very steadily in this game. We can see that after the landing, there are only eight people left at the airport."

     "It's like this, but the safety zone in these two games is very interesting. The first lap of the last game was brushed to the upper left, and this game was directly brushed to the upper right. This is to be axisymmetric. ?"

     "Hehe, then this is not good news for the airport players. We can see that someone is already looking for a car outside the airport and is ready to drive away, oh! It is actually the autumn god of se7en.

     In this game, Li Muqiu jumped into Building No. 1 with the letter C. When he landed, no one competed with him. After searching, he saw the circle brush at the far north, and the screen prompt Liu Zilang was killing him.

     He didn't go to trouble Liu Zilang, but turned around the periphery of the airport with a drive a bounce, not a word or movement.

     That's right!He has only two words to do, and that is "feeling"!

     Under the director's God's perspective, I saw Li Muqiu every time he got out of the car, he slapped his fist against the tire and gave a mad hammer.

     This way down, the cars around the airport were blown by him, and the results were quite impressive!

     The people in the airport have long heard a bouncing car going around around, but everyone hasn’t heard the gunshots. They thought that this was a coercion, so they jumped into the airport and drove out around the jungle. With.

     However, they never expected

     Someone would actually take a lot of trouble and fist the tires around the airport.

     Isn't this too social?

     At this point in the game, Liu Zilang hasn't had enough time to control that. He had just walked up the C-shaped No. 3 building from the outside side ladder, before he had time to lick his bag, he saw a person on the No. 2 building next door.

     That buddy's angle of view seemed to be facing a certain window in Building One, and he had not cared about Liu Zilang's side.

     Therefore, Liu Zilang quickly lay down beside the bunker on the top of Building No. 3 with a "tactical fall", first he observed in secret and said.

     And seeing this scene from God's perspective, the three people on the commentary stage also quickly analyzed the situation on the C building.

     "We can see that the top of Building No. 2 is the Singapore team's 5peaks sniper hero, and the window of Building No. 1 is the sniper kendesu of the Japanese team bdg. Both players have won 98k in this game and are now facing each other. spy!"

     "Oh! Both sides moved! Look at the shot that the hero from Building No. 2 hit Kendesu!""Yes, but it's a pity that Kendesu wore a tertiary head. After being shot, he quickly squatted down to fight the medicine."

     "Well, it seems that Hero didn't take the opportunity to rush to the idea. He is still on the top of Building No. 2 to watch around him."

     "But he didn't seem to find Vic in Building 3. Then Vic would have a chance to attack him."

     "It's okay to steal, but if he sneaks on one of them, he will be noticed by the other, so the two sides may freeze again."

     "It's a pity that Vic just replaced the crossbow with a spray gun in the boiler room, or maybe this wave can steal one without disturbing the other party."

     Just when the commentary station was a little regretful,

     In the game, I saw Liu Zilang not a word or movement pulling out a revolver with silencer from the arm belt of his thigh.

     At this time, the director’s perspective was just given to Liu Zilang’s side,

     The audience in the live room and the live broadcast room saw this scene, and there was an ominous premonition