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307 God's Control Gun!
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: | Translator:

The revolver pistol has better range and ballistics than other pistols. The disadvantage is that it has poor stability and loud sound.

     But after installing the silencer, the gun took on a completely different form.

     Under the director’s God’s perspective, Liu Zilang, who was lying behind the roof bunker, suddenly squatted up.

     He held a brownish revolver in his right hand, and the muzzle looked slightly longer than a normal pistol.

     At this moment, when Kendesu in Building No. 1 used the medical box to fill up his blood, he was dissatisfied and glanced at the roof of Building No. 2.

     Suddenly, he tilted his head sideways,

     Slammed a shot,

     Soon the body quickly retracted again!


     Seeing this scene, there was a burst of uncontrollable exclamations in the audience, and even the faces of the three people on the commentary stage flashed with shock!

      It should be noted, Flash sniper is one of the most difficult skills for snipers. The requirements for proficiency and accuracy are too high, and very few people can use it freely.

     But soon, the exclamation on the scene with a grunting sound it stops,

     The atmosphere was even faintly embarrassing for a while

     Because everyone soon discovered that the Singapore team sniper hero standing there with a gun in Building Two,

      from start to finish The link has not been moved.

     But after the shot of the Japanese sniper Kendesu, the hero's blood volume was not damaged at all!

     Obviously, the shot of kendesu did not know where it went

     Seeing this, the audience at the scene was thinking about complaining.

     As a result, a speechless scene appeared.I saw that the Japanese team's sniper Kendesu seemed to be addicted to the shot just now, and then he actually played a spear connects with a spear.

     It seems to be skilled,

     But the accuracy is only four words spectacle too horrible to endure.

     He fired three or four shots in a row, and he didn't even touch Pe Duote!

     "Sorry, I beg you to stop showing off!"

     "I can't stand it anymore! Who can let this beat stop? This Nima is simply an insult to Flash!"

     At this time, the sniper hero of the Singapore team on the top of Building No. 2 was obviously a bit intolerable.

     Is this Nima teasing me?

     He calmed down, and after opening the lens, he aimed the quadruple 98k at the window position of Building One.

     At this time, the man on the other side had just emptied a bullet and changed a magazine, and began to dangle around the window like an epileptic player.




     While the figure flickered, the window shots continued,

      practically same level noise pollution!

     After hero gritted his teeth to find out the pattern, he pulled the trigger directly before the opponent showed his head.



     The dark muzzle flashed,

     A sniper bullet burst away!

     next moment,

     As if the drill is done.

     As soon as the head of the man in the window was exposed, the third-level head was shattered.

     The man was shocked suddenly,

      Secretly said in heart It's dangerous, and I want to flash back.

     The clinker was at this moment, but a bullet arrived in a flash and hit his forehead directly!

     Pouch!With a burst of blood, the man fell sideways on the wall next to the window on the spot, and immediately collapsed weakly.

     "4a-vic killed bdg-kendesu with a headshot using r1895!"

     The gunshots of just 98k were too loud,

     Liu Zilang's "piu" has been completely covered up.

     In fact, even without the 98k gunfire, it is difficult to hear the muffled revolver at this distance.

     But at this moment, the focus of the two people on the field is not this. The moment they saw this headshot kill, the person who was killed in the window of Building One and the person in Building Two were dumbfounded.


     What kind of gun is this special?

     Wait at what time is this game new?

     In fact, it is no wonder that the two of them have this kind of reaction. It is because the use rate of the revolver gun in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is too low, causing many people to forget its full name.

     And just now when the two of them were headshot in the confrontation, people subconsciously would feel that they suddenly joined in, it should be a sniper!

     At this moment, the man on the top of Building No. 2 was taken aback

     Immediately afterwards, facing him towards Building One, from the angle of view, he suddenly felt that there was someone on the right side!

     He was startled in his heart,

     The angle of view was pulled over in an instant.

     Then he saw that a man on the top of Building No. 3 was like a cowboy showdown in a western movie.

     Holding a revolver, facing him at a distance.

     What the hell is my Nima?

     The idea of clinker just flashed through his mind.

     I suddenly remembered two slight sounds in my ear


     In the next moment, two 762mm caliber bullets suddenly came oncoming!puff!


      In the blink of an eye, two clusters of blood blossoms burst out on the helmet of that person, and immediately looked up and fell down with a hard to believe face!


     At the bottom left of the screen, a system kill prompt appeared!

     "4a-vic used r1895 to headshot 5peaks-hero!"


     Seeing this scene, the audience was in an uproar, almost startled to fall the chin!

     You should know that in this game, even if the 4 with the lowest recoil is fully equipped, when aiming at a target and shooting two shots very quickly, it may not be able to achieve both shots.

     Not to mention that the stability of the pistol is the worst, it will shake violently every time a bullet is fired, and even the revolver r1895 has no sight.

     What kind of terrifying gun control level is this?

     In fact, after the audience at the scene heard the three commentaries on the stage introducing Liu Zilang's past, quite a few people still thought they were not to accept as correct.

     After all, although fps games are common, the mechanics of each game are different.

     It is impossible to say that you were a god in the last game, and you must still be a god in this game.

     In many cases, having the fps game foundation and talents can only mean that you are faster than normal players when you get in touch with and get started with this game.

     In fact, there is no shortage of examples of the failure of the former fps professional player to transform pubg in foreign countries.

     But Liu Zilang’s two spears like a monster ruthlessly shattered their previous inherent cognition.

     It’s like announcing to everyone,

      True God,

     Never fall into the altar!After stealing the two with three shots, Liu Zilang remembered the 98k in the man's hand and immediately ran over to lick the bag.

     He had just reached the top of Building No. 2 when a person suddenly ran out of the K-shaped building and touched the airport outside.

     Want to leave so soon?

     Liu Zilang smiled at the corner of his mouth.

     Immediately holding the revolver, turning on the machine and aiming at the person was a burst of extremely fast hand shots!




     The gunfire was very soft and very thin

     But from the first perspective given by the director,

     The audience at the scene could clearly see that every time Liu Zilang fired a shot, the revolver in his hand would shake violently.

     Especially when it is connected, it feels like a fish caught from the water, and the whole gun is constantly jumping.

     How did my Nima aim?

     The next thing that makes everyone even more jaw-dropping is,

     The person who was shot by Liu Zilang and the gun all the way rustled up with a few bunches of blood.

     Before he had time to run under the elevated to find a bunker, he was shot and killed by Liu Zilang on the spot!


     And from beginning to end,

     That person didn't even know which side was beating him

     This Nima is simply Mai Dad who is clearing the market!

     Seeing this scene, countless viewers in the live and broadcast rooms were suddenly dumbfounded.

     This is not the same game at all, right?

     But then, when Liu Zilang saw that the airport was almost cleared, he ran out to find a Jeep to run poison,

     Just jumped into the car,

     This time it was his turn to be dumbfounded