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308 The King Of Revolver And The Sniper!
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

On the Jeep, I saw a tire on one side in good condition as before,

     But two of the tires on the other side exploded, and Liu Zilang suddenly felt painful when he saw this.

     It seems that I haven't heard the sound of abortion?

     Could it be that which wicked ghost slapped his fist?

     This is too crude!

     What Liu Zilang didn’t know was,

      At this moment, a rougher scene is being staged near the end of the East Bridge.

     I saw a man jumping into the sea to change a boat, and then he drove that boat along the coast to search for a wave, and quickly drove all the boats to the shore.

     Finally, he drove the ship Shiran around the lower right corner of the mainland, towards the safe area near Guangmingding Shengshan to the north

     Everyone in the live broadcast room saw this scene, and suddenly became a little speechless.

     "I drop ghosts! Is Qiu Shen letting himself go in this game? This is the first time I have seen Qiu Shen do such a thing."

     "This is a relative teammate! Knowing that vic drove all the ships ashore at the airport, it is to temper his teammates' fighting will and desire to survive! Oh, oh, it’s so touching!"

     At this moment, after seeing the jeep without tires, Liu Zilang at the airport ran for a distance along the road.

     An orange car was soon found.

     Liu Zilang saw one's hearth is happy and ran over quickly.

     But when he approached, there was another twitch in the corner of his eyes, and he was really "moved" in his heart.The tyre knocking method is exactly the same as that of the Jeep. It only hits the two wheels on the back. The whole car looks in good condition as before from the other side.

     And the purpose of doing so it goes without saying,

     It is to give hope to the people who are looking for a car at the airport, and when they get closer, they find out that it is desperate, and people with a bad mentality just blow up!

     Of course, the most fundamental purpose is stall for time.

     Imagine that after a person runs around the airport between hope and despair, not only will his mentality collapse, he will certainly not have much time to run drugs.

     However, after Liu Zilang saw the second car, he vaguely smelled a familiar breath. So he didn't continue to look for needlessly along the highway outside the airport, instead he turned and ran towards the east bridge.

     Well, if you can’t find a car halfway,

     Then sail.

     This is the most "simple" idea in Liu Zilang's mind at this time.

     If he knew the condition of the boats by the sea at the moment, he would probably know how naive his simple ideas were

     But before he had time to test how naive his thoughts were, at this moment, there was a hum of motorcycles in his ears.

     The next moment, I saw a motorcycle galloping outside on the lawn of the airport bomb shelter!

     Seeing this scene, the three people on the commentary stage were also taken aback.

     "Oh! I almost forgot. There is also a parking spot in the airport. It seems that Qiu Shen just ignored this.""Yes, the airport apron and the vicinity of the air-raid shelter will be able to brush the car, but I think it should not be ignored, maybe the risk of going inside to get a tire is a bit high, so Qiu Shen didn't go in."

     "Now we can see that the rookie player of the Southeast Asian team kiz who rode out of the airport is riding a motorcycle. It seems that his mind is very delicate, and he soon thought of going to the air-raid shelter to find a car."

     "That's it, but Vic has already hid behind a tree. This wave is afraid of carjacking."

     Along with the commentary, the audience also stared at the game screen somewhat anxiously.

     You must know that in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, motorcycles are the fastest vehicles, up to 140 yards at the fastest, and they are extremely maneuverable.

     If you want to knock down a motorcycle at this speed, it depends not only on marksmanship, but also on fate to a large extent.

     Before fate has arrived, everything is empty talk.

     However, Liu Zilang's next move was to make the hearts of the audience in the live and live broadcast room.

     At that moment when the motorcycle drove out of the airport, Liu Zilang on the north mountain of the airport did not take out the ak, but once again pulled out his silenced revolver from the armed belt.

     Revolver on a motorcycle?

     Is this a joke?

     Seeing this scene, the audience was in an uproar, and their hearts twitched wildly.

     If you want to use ak scan,

     Maybe fate can really be swept down.

     But now you take out a revolver, it's not fate, so it's God's will!

     In the game, Liu Zilang, hiding behind a tree, naturally did not know that his actions caused controversy on the scene.The moment his motorcycle rushed out of the airport, he shot it with a sharp-eyed and deft-handed ground plane.


     The bullet from the revolver whizzed away, but it grazed behind the rookie on the motorcycle.

      Not surprisingly did not hit.

     However, the rookie on the motorcycle was also sensed by bullets, but the sound of the muffled revolver was too soft.

     At the moment he was riding on the motorcycle and there was only a buzzing in his ears, and nothing else.

      Subconsciously, he might think it was the people who had no cars in the airport staying with him, so he immediately turned the front of the car and drove toward the mountain to the north.

     After he turned, he just passed the tree where Liu Zilang was hiding on the hillside.

     The audience in the live and live broadcast room saw this scene, their eyes suddenly widened.

     Not express

     Why did this Nima be delivered to the door?

     Next, I saw Liu Zilang hiding behind the tree and lifting the revolver "piu" a spear connects with a spear.

     Rookie, who was riding on a motorcycle, had all his attention behind him at the moment, and occasionally turned his head and did not notice Liu Zilang who was hiding behind the tree in front of him.



     Rookie suddenly burst out of two clusters of blood, and the blood volume suddenly dropped more than half.

     He was shocked, and immediately the whole person fell into a great panic!

     who is it?

      who is it is hitting me?

     At this time, while riding a motorcycle, he quickly took a snakeskin walk.

     When the snake skin came down, it drove straight toward the tree where Liu Zilang was hiding.

      This time, Liu Zilang also stopped firing.I saw that under the high speed of the motorcycle, the distance between the two sides was shortened very quickly!

     And just as the motorcycle drove over the trees and the two passed by,

     Liu Zilang suddenly raised the revolver in his hand again and shot the Final Fire bullet in the magazine!


     The moment the bullet fired, it burst out of the gun.

     Although the speed of the motorcycle is fast, the accuracy is indeed greatly improved at this distance.

     Especially for Liu Zilang, who has shot so many shots in front and is already familiar with the advance measurement

     I saw this bullet hit the rookie with a tertiary head with great precision.

     Inflicted 45 points of damage and immediately took him with less than 40 percent of his blood left.

     For a while, the rookie was thrown off the motorcycle, and the car slid down the hill.

     "4a-vic used r1895 to headshot kiz-rookie!"


     It's another headshot kill!

     This time, many viewers at the scene could not calm down.

     This Nima is not the PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds I have played at all at what time Has the revolver become so easy to use?

      At the same time, the other players in this game were also stunned!

     We must know that Liu Zilang has used r1895 to swipe the screen four times in this game. After a short period of stunned, many players quickly realized that Liu Zilang was holding a revolver.

     Is this a joke?

     Although they learned about Liu Zilang's identity, they also did various mental preparations for such a legendary player.But you take the revolver and kill with a crazy headshot, which is still a bit unacceptable!

     Especially this game jumped Jin Doo-hwan from the Shangcheng District of Port G.

     He just caught an airdrop,

     After a while of loss of consciousness, he gritted his teeth suddenly.

     The next moment, I saw him throw away the 4 in the bag, and directly equipped the dark green a and 98k in the airdrop box on him.

     Sniper macho,

     For the first time appeared in the official offline competition!