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320 Brother Raise His Hand? (1/4)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com


     A bullet whizzed and hit the car, making a metallic vibrato.

     Shen Zeyan's eyes were cold, he suddenly got up and tilted his head after taking a few glances behind the car.

     A black and long iron sniper appeared in his hand.

     Preview and open the mirror, quasi-center!


     4's muzzle suddenly burst into flames,

     One shot shot out!

      It should be noted, 4 This gun can cause 99 damage even if it hits the third-level head.

     The person hit by this shot had just confronted someone with a gun, and at the moment he only hit a first aid kit and his blood volume had not been fully recovered.

     He thought that driving in the finals was a stunner, and wanted to take the opportunity to steal a few shots, but never wanted to meet Shen Zeyan.

     After one shot, the room was quieted instantly.

     Shen Zeyan silently changed the 4 pull bolt in his hand, and then quietly squatted behind the poisonous car.

     As if waiting for the next person to arrive.

     After the last wave of downsizing, there are only 11 people left on the field.

     From the director's God's perspective, it appears that the next safe zone is on the edge of a two-story building with three buildings. There are currently three people in the circle.

     There are two rooms, there is still one Shen Zeyan who just drove into the circle.

     "Ze Shao is really bold and careful when he enters the circle. If I didn't remember correctly, he should have just drove into the circle when he came out of the safety zone.""Well, there were gunshots in the area of the circle at that time, and it seemed that they were fighting, but the people outside the circle did not have time to react. Ze Shao indeed seized a very good opportunity."

     "In fact, in the finals, we drove the card while acting as a cover. We have seen this kind of routine in previous games, but one thing I don’t understand is that Ze Shao himself didn’t blow up the car directly. Is there a safer zone?"

     "Hehe, I was somewhat uncertain at first, but after seeing the 4 shot just now, I guessed that Ze Shao was using the bunker in the car and acting as a bait to induce others to take a taxi."

     Hearing the words of the three commentators on the stage, the audience was also astonished.

     You take a taxi, I will hit you.

     This is indeed the style of Shen Zeyan.

     But in fact, after hearing the 4 explosion just now and the kill on the screen,

     At this time, after the people in the room knew the identity of the other party, no one dared to touch this mold again.

     At this time, on the side of the housing area outside the safe zone, Liu Zilang couldn't help being greedy for a while, and he wanted to emulate Shen Zeyan and drift into the circle.

     But looking at the dark jeep downstairs that was still on fire, he couldn't help but feel pain.

     Seeing that the poison ring was about to refresh in more than half a minute, Liu Zilang hurriedly jumped from the roof to the balcony, and then climbed down.

     Under this circumstance, he did not dare to enter the circle ahead of schedule with a big fanfare.

     But waiting is not the answer,

     At that time, the countdown to the poison circle, the people outside ran the circle together, it was a mess, life and death are ruled by fate!

     This is not the result Liu Zilang hopes to see.He glanced at the bag and found that there were still a few smoke bombs, but at this time, sealing the smoke in was simply looking for excitement, and he would be covered by bomb rain all around without even thinking about it.

     Liu Zilang pondered for a moment, and soon the cat walked to the densely weed slope in front of him, and immediately fell down with a tactic.

     At this moment, with a smoke bomb in his palm, he moved and crawled towards the safe area.

     That's right, Liu Zilang wants to try.

     If found, then he throws a cigarette and ran back.

     But at this moment, the people outside the circle saw the next wave of poison shrinking, and everyone was in danger. Few people really cared about Liu Zilang, who wriggled slowly like a caterpillar on the slope.

     When the countdown to the next wave of poison was fifteen seconds left, figures began to appear in Liu Zilang's field of vision, as well as smoke bombs that were continuously thrown high.

     One even rolled down not far from Liu Zilang's side. After a burst of "chichichi" smoke was released, it directly covered Liu Zilang's figure.

     Thanks, brother!

     Liu Zilang, who was lying on the ground, could not help being moved.

     The gunshots sounded outside, apparently there were some distant hands who were close and had no cover during the poisonous run, so we could only do one game first.

     Liu Zilang is crawling,

     There was a sudden rush of footsteps in my ears.

     The next moment, a person stepped on his leg.

     Liu Zilang's eyes twitched.

     Can this Nima walk?

     Seeing that man's back hurriedly past, Liu Zilang immediately pulled out the revolver from the armed belt and shot the man's back with a burst of bursts.



     There was a sound like a pebble thrown into the lake, and the person's back suddenly swayed like a ripple.

     Tkzhun, who just walked over Liu Zilang’s legs, felt that his Character Model seemed to be stopped suddenly,

     Before he could react, his blood volume suddenly dropped sharply, and then he ran and fell to the ground.

     Then he reacted speechlessly, this is so much that he stepped on Voldemort!

     "4avic used r1895 to kill ifty-tkzhun!"


     Anyone who noticed the kill prompt at the bottom left of the screen was shocked!

     In the finals, there are people who kill with the revolver?

     But after seeing that person’s id, everyone’s hearts were suddenly stunned...

     It turned out to be the "revolver king" of this game.

     That's right, in the hearts of some foreign players right now.

     In this game, Liu Zilang, who used r1895 to explode six heads in a row, has become the revolver in their hearts fully deserving, without any reservations...

     This is the third-to-last wave of poison, and Liu Zilang has been naturally impossible to crawl on the ground.

     After cleverly avoiding the "high-risk period" of running poison, he quickly got up and ran towards the safe area before the poison brush came over.

     And after just this wave of laps,

     There were only four people on the court.

     From the director's God's perspective, it can be clearly seen that Wei Shen and Rald of South Korean team kd are in the room, while Liu Zilang and Shen Zeyan are in the wild.

     The penultimate wave of poison coincided with the boundary of the safe zone, and the next safe zone was brushed to a position close to the housing area.Then the problem is coming.

     If Liu Zilang wants to enter the next circle,

     He had to get rid of Shen Zeyan who was stuck behind the orange car in front of him.

     But now everyone knows each other's position, and it is impossible for him to sneak past it quietly.

     In this case, the most passive position is Liu Zilang behind the tree in the wild.

     The poison circle behind is very short,

     In a short while, the deep blue radiation from all around entered the last ten seconds of diffusion countdown.

     Liu Zilang behind the tree secretly glanced at the orange car, and thought to himself:

     Ze Shao probably not spicy, cruel, right?

     Brother raise his hand?

      Thought until here, he showed half of his body toward the outside of the book with a calm expression.


     Suddenly the figure flickered behind the car,

     A gunshot exploded like thunder!


     A bloodbath suddenly appeared on Liu Zilang's head, and his blood volume instantly to drop a thousand zhang in one fall!

     He looked at only a trace of red blood, and his heart suddenly sucked in a cold breath.

     Ninety-nine in one shot!

     Brother, come and fuck me?