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321 One Of The Gods! (2/4)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

After a shot, Liu Zilang hurriedly retracted into the tree and started the first aid kit, his mouth was rather aggrieved.

     Seeing this scene, the audience in the live broadcast room also laughed.

     "Wow! Ze Shao is really strict!"

     "E... Are the two really in the same team? How do you feel so murderous!"

     "Surface brothers are walking! Youze Shao stand up, vi also appeared in in his hand.

     Almost at the moment he got down, the orange car on the side was finally overwhelmed.


     The flames suddenly rose, the hot air wave rushed out, and even the car body was blown up.

     And just as the four wheels of the body bounce off the ground,

     Liu Zilang, who was lying on the ground, killed ig-wolves with his head eight times! "

     Seeing this kill prompt, the audience, including the commentary on stage, was a little dumbfounded.

     what's the situation?

     Because it was the rald of the kd team that was playing against Shen Zeyan just now, the director's footage showed them both.

     As for Liu Zilang who sneaked past from the side, he was naturally reduced to a passing soy sauce player.

     But what no one thought was,

     The soy sauce player on the side of the road actually smashed the soy sauce bottle, so he killed someone...

     "Uh... the position of Vic just now should be blocked by the car. You can't hit Ze Shao, right?"

     "Well, that's right! So I'm also surprised that it is what's going on, oh! The replay of the director is here, let's take a look first."

     Upon hearing the commentary, the audience could not help but stare at the screen with wide-open eyes.I was very curious about what happened just now.

     But the moment after watching this slow motion kill replay, the scene was suddenly silent, and everyone was speechless in shock.

     Through the bottom of your car...my bullet?

     What a thought like a heavenly steed, soaring across the skies, and what a delicate timing,

     What's more... Fuck!

     This Nima isn't this too ridiculous!

     Even if I saw it with my own eyes at this moment, it still makes people feel a little hard to believe.

     "This shot... I'm sorry to bother you!"

     "Apart from talking about fraud, I really don't know what to say."

     "Is this the true strength of Captain Black Hood? This Nima is too terrifying!"

     "It makes people expand my horizon... I really want to see what this person looked like in a pure fps game like csgo!"

     "As an old fan of Captain Black Hood, I can tell you responsibly that you don't need to watch it. You will definitely doubt your life after watching it!"

     "The first +1, those top fps players are really all Nima monsters!"

     After killing Shen Zeyan with a shot,

     Liu Zilang stunned on the ground before he quickly got up and continued to run towards the safe area.

     But the feeling of that shot just now is still in his heart.

     At that moment, he only felt a flash of light in my mind, as if the whole person was hit by an electric current in the heart,

     Driven by instinct, subconsciously made such a stroke of genius operation.

      this kind of feeling ...

     It seems that I haven't felt it for a long time.At this time, on Shen Zeyan's side, he frowned slightly after being headshot, and his heart was somewhat puzzled.

     But looking at the burning fiercely car with his corpse, recalling the scene just now,

     He suddenly looked startled!

     Turns out so...

      Thought until here, Shen Zeyan shook his head and his heart was lightly sighed, but a smile appeared at the corner of his mouth.

     This guy... is still the same.

     In fact, this scene of course still falls in the eyes of the professional players who have been eliminated on the field and are watching the ob lens.

     After seeing this scene, everyone looks different, but their faces are all very complicated...

     Li Muqiu suddenly remembered Su Changming's words when Liu Zilang first entered the base, and couldn't help feeling infinitely.

     In fps games,

     Talent can really be eaten...

     As for Kim Doo-hwan, who was hit by a car in two consecutive races, he clenched his fists abruptly.

     There was a deep unwillingness in my heart.
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