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327 The Master Leads The Door (below) The First More
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Jianghai Stadium.

     On the commentary stage, Su Changming said with a smile,

      "All right, according to our statistics, we won the first place in the solo solo on the first day of the match. The one who won the title of "King of the Killing God"

      spoke until here, Su Chang suddenly spoke,

     It's sold off a bit.

     All of a sudden, countless long-awaited audience members were so angry that they wanted to hit someone!

     A residential apartment somewhere in Jianghai.

     A girl sitting in front of the computer also clenched her small fist nervously, unconsciously leaning the head over, staring at the game screen with her big eyes unblinking.

     Jiang Yumeng on the side suddenly shouted, "Eh! Xiaotong, you blocked me, I can't see it!"

     "Oh! I'm sorry."

     Zhang Xiaotong shrank her neck in embarrassment.

     Looking at Su Changming's "good old man" smiling face on the stage, she was also depressed.

     At this moment, there was a voice from the computer, "The one who got our title of "King of Killer Solo" is a sniper from the China 4a team, vi-govd, with 1480 personal points;

     4th: royal-azeael, personal points 1365;

     5th: tyloo-nighthawk, personal points 1345;


     I saw Liu Zilang who came first in triennial palace examinations at the top of the list,

     After a brief astonishment, the audience at the scene suddenly raised a burst of applause and cheers for hiding the sky and covering the earth!

     After all, in this kind of world competition, anyway, as long as the Chinese win the championship, it is worthy of joy.The audience in the live broadcast room also flew the pot at once, and the barrage rolled across the screen like a tide, but they were more surprised!

     "Fuck... is there a mistake! Can you win the championship by eating chicken in reverse?"

     "Hehe, you are afraid that you have forgotten a member of vi, so this award also has a certain collective honor in it.

     What's more, in fact, Liu Zilang only took two games to score the highest kill in the game.

     Then this [killing god solo king] is even more fame follows merit, without any trace of moisture.

     And if a player like the pig king everre who has been crazy for three games gets a [King of Solo], it is estimated that some players on the scene will have to whisper a few words...

     At this time, when the on-site staff member notified the first three to come to the stage to accept the award, Liu Zilang walked all the way through the aisle of the contestants.

     Know, don't know,

     Almost all players saw all can take the initiative to say hello to him. Regarding the solo debut of this former fps legend player after moving to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds,

     Most of the audience expressed their sincere admiration!

     Of course, like Li Muqiu, he must have rolled his eyes...As for Bai Shaobin, Liu Zilang took the initiative to avoid his sight and did not dare to look over.

     But when he walked to the player seat of the Korean team, Liu Zilang felt a staring at oneself staring at oneself...

     He turned his head and looked,

     It's not Jin Douhuan who else.

     Looking at Liu Zilang in the aisle, Kim Doo-hwan’s gloomy complexion can be water dripping.

     Clinker Liu Zilang smiled back at him.

     She also clenched a fist and encouraged, "Huaiting!"Pregnant?

     Jin Dou-hwan suddenly made his eyelids tremble with anger, and almost couldn't help cursing.

     He took a deep breath deeply, calmed down his emotions, and gritted his teeth in his heart, "Just let you stay mad for two days and wait and see during the qualifying!"

     In the aisle, Shen Zeyan, who came to the stage to accept the award, raised his eyelids lightly and squinted at Liu Zilang's actions.

     Asked casually, "Know?"

     "It's... know it."

     Liu Zilang, who made a fist, retracted his hand in embarrassment.

     "Oh." Shen Zeyan nodded, and immediately stopped talking.

     Although he also participated in the Asian Games that year, he obviously forgot the number of Kim Doo-hwan.

     At this time, if Jin Douhuan knew that his sense of existence was so thin, I am afraid that he would vomit three liters of blood!

     On the podium in the middle of the stage.

     After the three of Liu Zilang stood still, the award-giving guests soon came up and hung three "gold, silver and bronze" medals on the bottom of their necks.

     As for the pan, it’s the prize for the foursome qualifying.

     Liu Zilang and the others have no chance to see him yet.

     After awarding the awards, the three of them started interviews with the camera.

     Because it is held at Jianghai’s home stadium, it saves the trouble of translation.

     As for Asian countries who want to broadcast this interview to their domestic audiences, the issue of language communication is something they need to consider.

     Liu Zilang, Wei Shen, and Shen Zeyan are all contestants who have been tested by interviews. There is no stage fright for the camera.Therefore, after the interview started, Liu Zilang and Wei Shen did not need to dwell on. When asked about their prospects for the next two days of competition, they were all sorts of modesty, and first reversed themselves.

     However, Shen Zeyan’s interviews are still as cold as before...

     Interview girl: What do you think of your performance today?

     Shen Zeyan: Very good.

     Interview girl: Uh, okay, what do you think are the players that make you most afraid of these teams today?

     Shen Zeyan: Not bad.

     Interview girl: Well... let's change the topic, do you have confidence in the next double match and team match?

     Shen Zeyan: Not sure.

     Interview girl:...

     After this round of interviews, the face of the interview girl holding the table was a little unnatural.

     My heart almost collapsed.

     This Nima doesn't follow the script at all!

     After the arduous interview, the three people on the stage bowed and thanked the audience at the same time, which immediately aroused applause and cheers on the scene again!

     After that, the three of them returned to the team. At this time, most of the players were packing their things and preparing to go back.

     Some players may sign a name with their fans, take a photo with them and so on.

     After Liu Zilang had almost packed up, he flipped his backpack and buckled it backhand on his shoulder.

     I was preparing to say hello to Wei Shen and the others.

     When he turned around, he found that Kotomi Misaka didn't know at what time came to him.

     Was looking at him pitifully with big eyes,

     "Wet...I..."She bit her lip and finally summons courage, "Can I go back with you?"


     Liu Zilang tilted his head, thinking that he had heard it wrong.