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329 Risk Assessment (second More)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Wet... can I go back with you?

     Hearing this, Liu Zilang's head suddenly went down.


     We are just pure network masters and apprentices!

     Is it really okay to suddenly "boom out"?

     Liu Zilang frowned in thought,

     At this moment, I thought of very many very many ...

     At this moment, a man who seemed to be about 30 years old with a certificate hung at the bottom of his neck walked over quickly.

     He bowed politely to Liu Zilang first, and then said in some rusty Chinese, "Sorry, I am the sst leader, because the hotel room we are staying at is full, and Qinmei said she has friends in Jianghai to go over, you should be Kotomi's friend, right?"

      When he spoke until here, he quickly added, "If it is not convenient for you, we will arrange accommodation for Kotomi in another place."


     Liu Zilang's current living place is a four-bedroom apartment, there are still two vacant rooms at home,

     One is where the old man and the others come back to live occasionally, and the other is where people from the family stay.

     So living is really not inconvenient.

     Although the two are close, they used to communicate online, and they rarely even played videos. If they suddenly live together under one roof, it will inevitably make Liu Zilang a little embarrassed.

     He turned over in one's mind, when he turned his head and saw Misaka Kotomi staring at oneself hopefully, his eyes were like no home to return to a dog, and his heart suddenly softened, "Well... then let's go together Right."

     "Great! Wet!" Misaka Kotomi, who held her hands on her chest, exclaimed in surprise.The Japanese team leader also showed a little smile on his face, and quickly bowed to thank Liu Zilang, and then told Misaka Kotomi to pay attention to safety.

     Liu Zilang put on the surface and said it was okay.

     Our Chinese man is just two words,


     However, he felt a pain in his heart, but he was thinking about leading a silly apprentice back.

     What should Zhang Xiaotong say... Picked up on the road?

     Uh... shouldn't it matter?


     After the two came out of the contestant passage of the stadium with their bags on their backs, Liu Zilang stopped a car on the side of the road and asked Kotomi Misaka to get on the car together.

     The taxi was driving on the road, and Kotomi Misaka, who was sitting in the back seat with Liu Zilang, looked nervous and excited, and kept moving around.

     Suddenly she thought of something and asked Liu Zilang carefully whether his parents were at home, whether they needed to bring gifts or pay attention.

     Liu Zilang saw her blushing face, quickly let her don't think too much, relax,

     It's impossible for his father to come back.

     Misaka Kotomi couldn't help but relax when she heard the words. While the expression on her face relaxed, she seemed to be at another point a little lost.

     Liu Zilang shook the head in his heart, secretly said, but there is a little girl at home, you may have to pay attention...

     After arriving at the gate of the community, Liu Zilang led Misaka Kotomi to walk inside.

     At this time, the night fell and the lights in the community were dim.

     Misaka Kotomi was one position behind Liu Zilang, looking at Liu Zilang with her hands in her pockets, she suddenly became somewhat anxious in her heart.When she talked to the team leader at the competition venue, the team leader thought the two were friends in reality, so she came to think so subconsciously.

     But now Misaka Kotomi suddenly realized a problem!

     I am...seems to be following an exotic man who I only met online to go home.

      Thought until here, she raised her head and looked carefully at Liu Zilang's back, pondered the so much for long time interaction between the two in her heart, and her heart suddenly settled down again.

     Wet is a good person!

     Well, there must be no problem!

     If Liu Zilang, who was inexplicably in the front and was issued a "good person card", knew Misaka Kotomi's concerns at this time,

     I'm afraid I can only sigh that this stupid apprentice has a thick nerve and the reflex arc is too long...

     After returning home, Liu Zilang took out the key to open the door.


     As soon as I opened the door, the 98k family who had grown up a little bit ran over.

     Rubbing against Liu Zilang's trouser legs act like a baby.

     The next moment, it saw Kotomi Misaka behind, and suddenly ran away.

     And then raised his head back,

     A pair of round eyes looked at her sillyly.

     "Wow! What a kawaii little cat!" Misaka Kotomi exclaimed in surprise.

     She immediately squatted down and waved at 98k, "Nene...come over and let me hug you!"

     At this time, Kotomi Misaka completely let go of her guard and guard, because men who keep cats in Japan are generally non-threatening "grass men".

     As for the celestial dynasty...

     Keke, this will not be discussed for now.At this time, the 98k on the floor stared at Misaka Kotomi, tilted the head, as if he was hesitating whether to throw into the arms of the stranger.

     At this moment, I only heard "zhī ya".

     Zhang Xiaotong's door opened.

     There was a sound of "da da da" footsteps, and Zhang Xiaotong's figure appeared in the corner immediately.

     She seemed to be in a somewhat agitated mood, with a flushing face.

     But after seeing Liu Zilang and Kotomi Misaka who were changing shoes at the door,

     Zhang Xiaotong was suddenly slightly surprised!

     After watching the game after school in the afternoon, she quickly recognized that this was the very popular female player on the scene.

     Liu Zilang, who had just changed his shoes at the door, couldn't help but smile, "This is my friend, staying with us tonight...hehehe..."

     Zhang Xiaotong wrinkled his nose and ignored Liu Zilang, but said hello to Misaka Kotomi, "Hello."

     After speaking, she suddenly screamed 98k.

     98k, who was struggling fiercely on the floor, heard Zhang Xiaotong's voice and immediately turned his head and gave a "meow", and quickly ran over with short legs.

     Zhang Xiaotong bent down and picked up 98k, then turned and walked out to his bedroom.

     At the moment she turned around, her gaze fluttered towards Liu Zilang, and there seemed to be a light snort in the air.

     Liu Zilang glanced at the stupid apprentice who squatted on the ground with his hands still out there,

     I thought she would be embarrassed,

     Just want to explain.

     But I didn't expect Misaka Kotomi to hold his hands all of a sudden, and said brightly in his eyes, "Kawaii! Soggy...is it your girlfriend?"Liu Zilang suddenly corner of the mouth twitch,

     How does Nima look like a girlfriend...

     He took a deep breath and laughed dryly, "Hehe, that's my sister, you can just call her Xiaotongjiang. This girl usually talks less, don't mind it."

     "Sister?" Misaka Kotomi tilted her head and glanced at Liu Zilang.

     After a while, her face suddenly showed a looking thoughtful look.

     Wait... if you have any thoughts!

     The corner of Liu Zilang's mouth crooked, and he was too lazy to speculate on the idea of this stupid apprentice.

     He took a pair of slippers from the shoe cabinet for Kotomi Misaka to change, and then led her to the room to take a look.

     For islanders with relatively small living space per capita, Liu Zilang's home is quite large.

     Kotomi Misaka looked around, and suddenly said in amazement, "It's wet...Why can you still live in such a big house after playing games...

      I understand,

     You must be a rich person who doesn't have to work! "


     Liu Zilang smiling expression stiffened,

     I was completely impressed by the brain circuit of this silly apprentice.

     He said in his heart that there is no money in this, you are afraid that you have never seen the mansion of the great anchor of the celestial dynasty... Besides, I am still going to school from the motherland.

     Of course there is no need to work.