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337 That Arrow Is Back! (Third More)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

When the two people at Qiaotou were tangled for a while, there was another car noise in the distance.

     The next moment, only two jeeps roared towards.

     "Sister 66, let's not shoot."

     Liu Zilang reminded.

     Hearing Liu Zilang's words, the female stream who was about to raise her gun had to put the gun down unwillingly.

     The female stream is different from other female players. She is very aware that everyone has their own strengths, so she trusts the professional judgement in this game.

     Immediately afterwards, she suddenly found Liu Zilang running back into the gas station.

     What is this situation?


     The female stream was puzzled, but she saw Liu Zilang running over again. At this time, the 98k behind him was vanish from sight, replaced by an exaggerated and simple crossbow!

     Seeing this scene, the barrage in the live broadcast room suddenly exploded.

     "Isn't it? Vic has started this ratio again?"

     "Hanzo serves you, the dragon is eyeing you!"

     "Who remembers the arrow that Vic shot at Nighthawk at the airport! Remember the deduction 2!"

     "2333, could it be said that that arrow is back again?"


     Pull the string vigorously,

     Install a crossbow bolt on it.

     Liu Zilang saw the two jeeps parked on the road that were suddenly attacked.

     A smile appeared at the corner of his mouth.

     These two Jeeps are obviously a team, but they are much more well-trained than the team just now.

     After seeing someone at the bridge head, the two quickly stopped with a "two-car combination", and at the same time they jumped and got stuck behind the car.Then she perfectly exposed her back to Liu Zilang and the female streamer.

      at the same time, betta tv.

     xxd and Qian Dajia are two anchors of be total strangers, because Douyu’s "One Belt One" activity is being arranged.

     "Brother Jia, there seems to be a fierce battle here." xxd looked at the two boxes that appeared and thought.

     Qian Dajia was nodded and analyzed rationally, "Well, and the scene seems to be extremely intense."

     "Hehe, it seems we have met a worthy opponent!" xxd looked at the fortifications at the bridgehead through the jeep, licking his lips.

     If they know the real cause of death of these two people, they probably don’t know how to feel at this time.

     At this moment, someone suddenly appeared in the fortifications of Qiaotou and took a look at xxd, and then quickly retracted.

     xxd caught this scene keenly and quickly reminded, "Be careful, brother, there is someone at the bridge."

     "Hehe, dare to open a toll booth here, I'm afraid I'm tired of living, right?" Qian Dajia said with disdain.


     He just finished speaking,

     I only heard a burst of sound coming from my ears.

     An arrow plunged into his third-level head in an instant, piercing his head back and forth all at once!

     "Vic123 used a crossbow headshot and knocked down Qian Dajia 441!"

     Seeing this kill prompt,

     Both xxd and Qian Dajia were taken aback.

     Familiar id


     This is not the sniper of the Wei Shen team.

     Once the legendary fps player Captain Black Hood, is Douyu's counterpart vic the chicken king?"This one actually ranks vic. It's a coincidence!" xxd said as he looked around cautiously.

     But apart from a headshot that is comparable to a, the biggest feature of the crossbow is its high concealment!

     At this distance, it is basically impossible to hear the slight sound of string breaking, so it is impossible to accurately determine the position for xxd.

     "Brother Jia, don't move, I will throw a smoke bomb to save you." xxd hesitated for a moment, he decided to pull people first.

     However, as soon as he crouched and threw the smoke bomb, he only heard a "swish"!

     The familiar sound of arrows breaking through the air sounded again!

     xxd only felt that what thing seemed to fly over his head, and suddenly felt a cold scalp in his heart.

     He didn't know that at the moment he just squatted down, it is no exaggeration to say that he had a face-to-face encounter with Death.

     At the gas station location, the second crossbow that Liu Zilang had just shot just flew over the head of xxd who was crouching and throwing smoke.

     "Fuck! This is all hidden! This seems to be the team of xxd and Jia brother."

     "No, that would be a shame, otherwise it would be interesting if xxd and Jia were killed by Vic with a crossbow."

     The viewers who watched Liu Zilang's first view in the live broadcast room were a little sorry for the clinker. The next moment, a System Notification popped up on Liu Zilang's screen.

     "Vic123 used a crossbow with a headshot and knocked down the Liberator!"

     What the hell is this Nima?

     Not only the audience in the live broadcast room, Liu Zilang was also shocked!

     Did you trigger any Hidden Skill?

     For example, after shooting a crossbow

     [Then draw a lucky player and kill him]?at this moment, after the bridgehead fortifications.

     The benevolent suit that was pierced by Liu Zilang's head with a crossbow arrow was also stunned. He just saw that the person behind the jeep seemed to leak a broken hole, unable to hold back, squatting from behind the bunker, raising the gun and wanting to attack. A wave.

     As a result, the person behind the car suddenly squatted down, and then he saw what thing flew over in his quadruple view.

     Before he could react, his vision suddenly shook violently, and immediately fell to his knees with a confused face.


     Who is this Nima hurting people secretly,


     After the fortifications, the teammate Fei Shao, who is in a man-friendly suit, hurried over to pull him up, and said, "It seems that there is more than this team, there seems to be someone else at the bridge, brother dei, let's be careful."

      Baffling, who took an arrow for xxd, suddenly felt aggrieved.

     Gas station at three forks.

     Seeing that the other party was enveloped in smoke, the female stream who just wanted to raise the gun to make up was suddenly depressed. She turned to ask Liu Zilang what to do, but found that Liu Zilang was already not in her side.

     The next moment, there was a sound of cars behind the wall of the gas station.

     Liu Zilang quickly rushed forward on a three-wheeled motorcycle, and all his seats were changed to the third position. He said to the female runner on the side, "Sister 66, come and drive."

     The female stream who was suddenly entrusted with important tasks is inevitably somewhat anxious, and subconsciously said, "Huh? I haven't passed the second test five times in my subject."

     No wonder you can turn the bouncing on!

     The corner of Liu Zilang's mouth was crooked, and he spit in his heart.

     But he said quickly, "There is no time to explain, get in the car."When the female stream heard that there's no time to lose, she could only put a bold face on it and jumped into it for three rounds.

      "Go!" Liu Zilang concise and comprehensive.

     The female streamer immediately pulled the throttle, increased the speed to the maximum, and advanced courageously toward the cloud of smoke rushed over.

     In the smoke behind the jeep.

     xxd only had the last three seconds left to rescue Qian Dajia.

     Hearing the hum of motorcycles outside, Qian Dajia hurriedly said, "Leave me alone, hit someone!"

     "No! Brother brother! Even if I die, I won't give up on you!" xxd suddenly stood up as he said, and the reading of the article was interrupted.

     He said in a somewhat surprised tone, "Oh! Why did I stand up!"

     Hearing the words of xxd, Qian Xiaojia suddenly looked black!

     "Dare to drive a motorcycle to face, the opposite side is a bit reckless!" xxd quickly drew his gun and rushed out of the smoke.

      loudly shouted, "Leave it to me, brother!"