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339 Sanctions From The Falling Police (Part 1)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: | Translator:

At that moment when I rushed out, the female stream still does not know that I cheated Liu Zilang.

     At this time, she only felt the blood of the body flowed faster, the heart seemed to be hit by the electric current, but the head was clearer than ever, like returning to the battlefield of the college entrance examination ten years ago.

     This is my battlefield now!

     Da Da Da -!

     Da da da-!

     After a meeting, the knocked down female stream found her home on the "battlefield".

     "Fei Shao used 416 to knock down chi66!"

      so simple?

      Be good at understanding others and Fei Shao were also taken aback at the same time.

     The difficulty is wrong.

     They were shocked when they saw the man recoil from behind the car and thought they had encountered a Final Boss.

     As a result, they didn't expect one to face each other, and they were placed flat on the ground.

     This gap is a bit big

     "This is upside down, there is still one on the opposite side!"

     "Should be behind the jeep, get on! Fuck him!"

      Between electric sparks, the two made a proud judgment,

     The figure is more like a lightning rush forward!


     Liu Zilang behind the jeep was just pulled up, half of the first aid kit was interrupted by a thunder from the female stream.

     At this time, the blood volume is extremely bad,

     He was almost killed by a bullet.

     Under this circumstance, the two people on the opposite side rushed up and he seemed to be sure to die.

     Is this wave

     Do you really want to arrange the funeral?

     However, miracles always happen unconsciously.In the next moment, everyone in the live broadcast room opened their eyes wide, their faces stunned!

     In the game screen, I saw the two rush forward from the female stream.

     Just listen to the "boom"!

     Fire and smoke rose up, and the two rushing people also rose up.

     When they rushed to see Liu Zilang just about to raise his gun, they were a confused face when the grenade exploded and hit the jeep.

     A two-person split, instantly becomes a box!

     "Chi66 used a grenade to blow up the saint's clothing!"

     "Chi66 used a grenade to kill Fei Shao!"

     How come there are grenades here?

     The moment they fell to the ground, both of them collapsed in their hearts.

     They are 10,000 never expected actually planted here.

     Where is this Nima grenade? It is clearly a landmine!

     "I double killed?"

     The female stream who was knocked down after just rushing out for a round was also inconceivable. She had forgotten the grenade she had just pulled.

     Liu Zilang heard the surprise in the female stream's tone, and his face suddenly became black.

     The audience in the live broadcast room was also taken aback by the thick surprise in the female stream's tone, and then they mourned for the two brothers who were killed.

     "Farewell, two brothers, you can rest in peace."

     "It's not that you are not deceitful, but the enemy is really forgetful."

     "This wave of grunts in Liuliu didn't explain the combo, it really hurts my brain!"

     After the female stream looked at the barrage, she suddenly remembered the grenade she had just now.

     His complexion was extremely wonderful for a time.Liu Zilang has run over to help her this time. The female streamer laughed and said to the audience in the live broadcast room, "Wow, You these people don't really think I have forgotten them. Actually, these are all good for me, just teasing you. "

     Hearing this, the audience in the live broadcast room booed suddenly.

     "Master Lang, do you believe me?" The female stream turned her head and asked Liu Zilang.

     Liu Zilang said sincerely, "As long as Sister 66 needs it, I believe in everything."

     Female stream:

      at the same time, xxd and Qian Dajia live in the studio.

     When Shuiyou learned that it was Douyu who killed their anchor, he suddenly became lively!

     "It turns out that it was the human implanted hanger. I said why the crossbow played so hard."

     "Human implant hanging? It sounds like it's hanging."

     "Betta fish looks like a chicken king, and the female stream is in the same team tonight."

     "Haha, the server that many people actually queued to Douyu colleague, xxd has no luck with sei!"

     "The latest report! Six or six doubles are killed!"

     "No! Liuliu eating chicken has always been a sacrifice?"

     "I'm a ghost, it seems that Victor, the Eagle Dog of the Great Zhou Dynasty, seems very hungry, and he actually brought the Queen up."


     In the game, after Liu Zilang pulled up the female stream, the two squatted over there and pierced the chest together.

     Then he rushed to the six boxes scattered around the jeep.

     "This Nima wave of fat!"

     "Oh! Let me enter Liuliu's favorite Taobao shopping link!"has to say, these six people’s boxes of firearms, ammunition, accessories, magnifiers and medical supplies are all very rich

     After the two licked a wave, the drinks in the backpack were enough to open the canteen, so there were some things that could not be obtained, so they could only drink one bottle on the spot and throw one bottle.

     At this time, the first wave of circles has been contracted, and the next circle is not surprisingly on the opposite side of the airport island.

     Liu Zilang looked at a few cars, and in the last few waves of firefights, there had been different levels of durability loss.

     Anyway, their small three-wheeler is definitely not allowed to ride.

     Liu Zilang looked left and right, picked a more durable Jeep, and sat down on it.

     Then he said to the female stream, "Sister Liuliu, let's drive two cars. You drive the jeep follow behind. I'm exploring the road ahead. If you meet someone on the road, you just stop and jump off the bridge."

     "Stop and jump?" The female streamer was taken aback, and then shook her head, "No, no, it's not my style to abandon my teammates."

     "I didn't mean that." Liu Zilang explained, "You have already fallen three times just now. I'm afraid I won't be able to help you if I fall again."

     "The female stream suddenly choked.

     This sounds quite reasonable,

     But why not it tastes right

     However, it seems that only the team at the head of the bridge is blocking the bridge on the west bridge. The two did not encounter the "toll booth" on the bridge, and they crossed the bridge bon voyage.

     Since there is no toll station,

     Then they naturally don't mind building one.

     After crossing the bridge, Liu Zilang hid the car behind the waste truck at the end of the bridge, and then the two jumped into the frame behind the truck together.At this time, there were still more than two minutes before the second wave of poisonous contractions. The two were waiting for a while, but no one came over.

     "Is there no one?" The female stream opened the mirror and glanced across the bridge.

     "It's hard to say." Liu Zilang shook the head.

     "Hehe, let's talk about it for a while." Female Liudao.

     "Sure." Liu Zilang thought for a while and asked, "I just looked for a moment on Baidu, Sister 66, do you Mongolians go to school on horseback?"

     "Mongolian?" The female stream suddenly twitched her eyelids.

     Why am I a Mongolian?

     In the live broadcast room, she tried to squeeze an awkward but polite smile, "Yes, I used to ride to school when I was in middle and high school, and we rode camels after school."

     "Riding a camel?" Liu Zilang asked curiously, "Why not ride a horse?"

     Do you really believe it?

     The female stream’s eyes twitched, sucked in a mouthful of air, and then gave a well-founded explanation,

     "Hehe, because horses can get tired."