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340 Sanctions From The Falling Police! (in)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

It seems to make sense!

     Liu Zilang is looking thoughtful and nodded.

     At this time, the exile of children was also released, and the introduction of in deadly earnest started her "Mongolian" reading career.

     "How do you greet your classmates in the morning?" the female stream asked.

     "Have you eaten?" Liu Zilang shook the head soon after he finished, "No, I was asked to copy the homework from last night."

     "" The female stream was speechless for a while, then she coughed and said seriously, "Our Mongolian classmates greet each other by shooting arrows."

     "Mutual arrows?" Liu Zilang asked in surprise.

      "Un." The female stream is nodded solemnly.

     Haha, scared!

     Clinker Liu Zilang suddenly asked, "What should I do if the arrow is gone?"

     Female stream:

     Should Nima care about arrows?

     This brain circuit is a bit strange!

     "Put it out and shoot again." The female stream coughed dryly and continued, "You all shout to stand up in class, right?"

      "Un." Liu Zilang was nodded, adding, "Sometimes he also called ‘Dead Egg Granny’."

     "Dead egg grandma?" The female Liu was stunned.

     "In English class," Liu Zilang said.

     "Female Liushen took a deep breath, calmed down her emotions, and shook her head, "No matter what you shout, but ours is not like that! We Mongolians drink first before class."

     "Knoisy Mare, you know?"

     "Understand a little." Liu Zilang said.

     The female stream didn’t care whether Liu Zilang really understood or not, and continued, “We all drank a big bowl of kumiss before class, and the teacher began to teach.Those who fall are not qualified to attend the class. "

     "Wow, then your teacher is really strict!" Liu Zilang couldn't help but exclaimed, "No wonder you can be a student like you."

     Female stream: ""

     Is this a strict question?

     When the audience in the live broadcast room heard the words of the two, they almost laughed.

     "I'm a turtle! Vic is really a chat genius, Douyu has found a treasure."

     "It's no wonder that a chicken-eating anchor can rebuke Heaven and Earth in the face value area. This is not without reason."

     The two were chatting, and suddenly there was a sound of "meow~meow" in their ears.

     Liu Zilang turned his head and cast his eyes, and found that 98k seemed to have just been awakened, and opened his eyes from the cat climbing frame next to the computer desk.

     He immediately jumped to Liu Zilang's computer desk.

     This is not the point,

     The point is that when it jumped down, a paw was resting on Liu Zilang's mouse.


     Liu Zilang only one stupefied,

     There was a crisp sniper gun sound from the headset!

     The next moment, a cloud of blood suddenly appeared on the dangling second-level head of the female next to her.

     Suddenly fell to his knees.

     "Vic123 knocked down chi66 with a 98k headshot!"

     Teammate accidentally injured!

     Liu Zilang's eyes suddenly widened.

     Suddenly, the atmosphere on the court fell into deathly silence.

     In the live broadcast room, they clearly saw this scene through the Hue head. The audience was taken aback.

     They took a breath of air-conditioning!

     "Fucking blindly with a headshot! Is this cat fine?""It's worthy of being the cat of Vic's family of chicken king, this is too beautiful!"

     "Take it! Suddenly I found out that I was worse than a cat."

     "98k: Heh, stupid human beings, anyone who disturbs the king's bedtime must die! Ooo~!"

     "Ooo~! Ooo~! Ooo~!"

     For a while, the “Wow” that was full of the screen was swiped up, and the scene was completely out of control for a while, practically same level legendary “Wow” army.

     In the game, the moment she saw this prompt, the female stream was also completely stunned.

     Did I just say something?

     Even if you say something, this Master Lang is too cruel!

     The female stream had already fallen four this time, and her blood volume was losing rapidly. Fortunately, both of them were in the back frame of the abandoned truck. Liu Zilang squatted down and slapped her forehead to continue her life.

     "Sister 66, sorry, sorry."

     Liu Zilang quickly explained, "It wasn't me just 98k."

     "98k? Wow! Your excuse is too unconcerned!" Female stream sneered, "You mean the gun is done by yourself?"

     "It's its own hands!" Liu Zilang wants to cry but doesn't have tears.

     "Men must dare to take responsibility." The female stream severely criticized.

     "Have you heard, say you!"

     Liu Zilang shouted to 98k who was sitting at the computer desk and staring at the camera, "What are you doing stupidly? Hurry up and apologize to Sister 66."

     "Huh? There are others on your side?" The female streamer was slightly surprised.

     Liu Zilang quickly explained, "My cat is called 98k. Just now, it jumped on the table and hit the mouse and knocked you down."Upon hearing this, the female stream suddenly became ill.

     After Liu Zilang helped her up, the female stream still asked a little hard to believe,

     "You mean I was just killed by a cat."

     "E" Liu Zilang coughed dryly, "theoretically speaking is like this."

     The next moment, he grabbed the soft 98k with both hands, picked it up close to the microphone of the headset, and said seriously, "Quickly apologize to Sister 66."

     98k stared at a pair of round eyes and cast a look at Liu Zilang, stretched out his tongue and licked his mouth with dissatisfaction.

     Then he changed a more comfortable posture in Liu Zilang's hand, and his eyes "meow" in a daze.

     "Make you meow! Make you meow!"

     Liu Zilang's hands suddenly moved up and down, and he was madly punching the 98k in his hand, and immediately threatened, "You try again!"

     A blink of an eye, the white hair in the orange on 98k body was smashed into a ball by Liu Zilang.

     It stared at Liu Zilang with a confused face, wondering why he was treated like this.

     "Bird, let go of that 98k! What's coming at me!"

     "I'm a ghost! Douyu's strongest chicken king is online, sexy anchor, and cats online!"

     In the game, after the female stream hit a first aid kit to fill up the blood volume, the cannot bear saying, "Forget it, by the way, Master Lang, how old is your cat."

     "Uh, less than a month." Liu Zilang said not sure.

     "That kid has to be educated from an early age, and he can't lose at the starting line!" The female streamer said solemnly."Education? How can I educate me." Liu Zilang looked at the 98k with his hands and began to squint, and there was a sudden pain.

     This orange cat is so lazy when he was a child, and he will probably become a pig when he grows up!

     "Listen to music to cultivate your sentiment." Female Liu suggested, "I have read a book and said that according to scientific research, 90 percent of cats prefer opera to Korean pop music."

     Liu Zilang glanced at the bridge on the opposite side and no one came over. He couldn't help but nodded and said, "Sure, then I will try."

     He used his mobile phone to Baidu the opera "The Wedding of Figaro", opened the music and put it next to 98k.

     After five seconds,

     98k squinted eyes are completely closed!

     Liu Zilang's eyes twitched when he saw this.

     He took a deep breath and immediately picked up the phone and searched for the "gee" which was cut into Girls' Generation.




     The prelude just played for a few seconds,

     98k, who was napping with his eyes closed, suddenly opened his eyes.