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341 Sanctions From The Falling Police! (Below) 1/4
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

It's already obvious.

      Without a doubt, 98k does not belong to the 90 percent cat.

     Seeing this scene, the audience in the live broadcast room suddenly laughed.

     "My God! Can girls break through the boundaries of race and conquer cats?"

     "Puff haha I heard that 90 percent cats prefer opera more than Korean pop music? I'm sorry I laughed."

     "What do you guys know? I think Sixty-Six is right. Doesn't this mean that 98k is not an ordinary cat?"

     "It turns out that 98k is different from a 90 percent cat! The proper Rare Blue may still be a golden legend!"

     Seeing the barrage in the live broadcast room, Liu Zilang couldn't help but have a black line on his face. He stared at 98k and looked at it. He really didn't see the potential for this silly cat to become a golden legend.

     It seems that this education can't be grabbed from the cat, Liu Zilang sighed saying, he held 98k in his hand and slapped it fiercely, then put it back on the cat climbing shelf next to it.

      "How is it? Did the test result?" the female stream asked curiously in her voice.

     Liu Zilang shook the head with a complex expression, "Sister Liuliu, your book can basically be thrown away."

     "Throw it away?" The female stream was stunned, but she guessed it in her heart.

     She was about to analyze this wave,

     Unexpectedly, at this moment, there was a hōng lóng lóng's car sound from the bridge head!

     "It's a motorcycle." The female stream listened carefully to the sound of getting off the car and distinguished.

     Liu Zilang frowned slightly, "There are two cars."

     as expected.

     As soon as he finished speaking, two fast as lightning motorcycles rushed out of the poison zone at Qiaotou.The two of them were not reckless, and they did not directly rush to the bridge. After the poison was released, they first stopped after the abandoned car in the front half of the bridge, seeming to be fighting drugs and observing here.

     Liu Zilang glanced, and immediately reminded, "Sister 66, let's not shoot, let's go closer."

     "Okay, no problem." Female stream nodded.

     Except for the "Oolong Thunder" that killed the two of them, the gun in her hand did not taste the taste of blood.

     Can you get the blood,

     Just look at this wave!

     However, Liu Zilang quietly crawled out of the large cargo box behind the scrap car. Both of them stayed in the cargo box, which could easily cause the firepower to be too concentrated and the field of vision not wide enough.

     Once a motorcycle rushes past, it is easy to cause the situation that it cannot follow the gun in time. This time, if someone is below, it will undoubtedly be much better.

     After the scrap car on the bridge.

     "Fuck! Qiaotou has been fierce enough on the road, but luckily we are late."

     "You said there are still people blocking the bridge?"

     "It's hard to say, but I don't want to swim anymore. Let's drive a wave?"

     "Alright, wait for me to throw a few cigarettes. If there are people who don't have long eyes and dare to block us, let's rush over and stop them directly."

     The two people who had just rushed out of the poison after taking the medicine together decided to rush to the bridge. After all, motorcycles are too mobile, and they are still dual motorcycles.

     In this way, even if someone blocks the bridge, they can easily let the opponent’s gun line fire to attend to one thing and lose sight of another,

     The last two rushed over together!

     Cang Dang!

     Cang Dang!

     Cang Dang!Three smoke bombs were thrown from behind the scrap car, fell on the bridge and rolled up, and immediately lined up in a row.

     Chi Chi Chi Chi -!

     At the next moment, a large amount of smoke was released from the smoke bomb, and the bridge was suddenly covered with smoke, forming a long white train.

     "The opposite side is closed!" The female streamer said somewhat anxious.

     There was a smile at the corner of Liu Zilang's mouth. "Hehe, really two cunning little guys."

     Suddenly, there was a buzzing of engines, and the two motorcycles suddenly rushed out in white smoke!

     "Lei! Lei! Here comes a hot man!"

     "I feel that these two motorcycles have to get past one, anyway!"

     In a blink of an eye, the two motorcycles on the opposite side have screamed!

     "Fight!" Liu Zilang raised his gun sideways and said simply.

     The female rumors heard this and quickly got up from the trunk and quickly raised the muzzle!

     Da da da-!

     Da Da Da -!

     The two muzzles flickered, and they swept over there at the same time.

     Those two motorcycles on the bridge were speed is surprisingly quick, and suddenly they showed off their snakeskin skills, like drunk driving, swaying left and right.

     For a time, bullets that roared out hit the motorcycle, splashing a series of fire,

     Although the two men were shot to varying degrees, they were not shot directly.

     Immediately afterwards, the shuttle magazines of Liu Zilang and the female stream were almost exhausted, but the two motorcycles on the opposite side rushed to the front in a blink of an eye, and they were about to break into the toll booth!

     It's a bit tricky!"Quickly fight, they are going to pass!" The female stream exclaimed anxiously.

     At a critical moment, Liu Zilang suddenly a thought flashed through the mind!

     I saw that he put away the 16 in his hand and jumped directly onto the jeep that was hidden behind the waste truck.

     Immediately step on the accelerator!


     There was a deep roar,

     The jeep suddenly rushed out.

     "They are out of bullets, hurry up!" a man on the motorcycle exclaimed.

     The other person also said one after another, "Fuck! Dare to get us Jedi Red Dead, and see how the labor and management clean up you in the past!"

     The clinker was at that moment when the two were about to cross the truck, but a jeep rush forward diagonally from behind!



     Chi Chi Chi Chi -!

     After two consecutive noises, Liu Zilang drove the jeep and bumped into them. He immediately slammed two galloping motorcycles on the bridge railing and slid along the bridge deck.

     Forced to stop!

     This abruptly arising scene immediately looked at the countless audiences in the live broadcast room!

     "My Nima is here to make a joke too!"

     "Wait! How do I feel a little déjà vu in this scene!"

     "Fuck, isn't this the scene of being arrested for speeding? This wave of vic perfectly demonstrates the way police officers stop cars!"

     "Hey! Grandsons driving a motorcycle, show your driver's license quickly!"

     In the game, the two people who were forced by Liu Zilang on the guardrail of the bridge with a jeep were also dumbfounded!

     driver's license?

     Lao Zi Te wants to hammer you to death!

     The two immediately got out of the car and pulled out their guns to fuck them.However, the two people who were blinded by Liu Zilang at this time obviously forgot that there is still one person in the cargo box of the truck behind.

     That's right!

     That is the female stream who just finished changing bullets.

     Although the female stream’s marksmanship is not what kind of, neither of them is full of blood at this time.

     One of them fell to the ground on the spot.

     Another person reacted and turned his head and wanted to fight back, but Liu Zilang quickly cut from the third position, and instantly appeared in front of the person, and suddenly stuffed the black muzzle of silencer 16 into his mouth. in!


     Liu Zilang shot a single point, and the man died on the spot with a headshot.

     Seeing this scene, the audience in the live broadcast room couldn’t help but took a deep breath, feeling the same.

     "Shoot when caught, this speeding investigation is too strict, right"