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342 Thousands Of Troops Will Be Here! (2/4)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: | Translator:

After stopping the two speeders to the limit and killing one each, Liu Zilang quickly greeted the female Liu to lick the bag while it was hot, and the two boxes were just right.

     While licking the bag, Liu Zilang couldn't help but praised, "Sister 66's marksmanship is good. I just heard you use the automatic, I am worried that you will be nervous and cannot hold the gun."

     "Tense? It doesn't exist."

     The female stream confidently waved her hand and said, "I have never experienced any storm, the Queen of Da Zhou, these all are small scenes."

     Hearing this, the people of Da Zhou in the live broadcast room suddenly sang praises and the atmosphere was harmonious.

     As everyone knows, the female stream looks like plan in advance,

     In fact, he has become a horse in panic!

      It should be noted, she hit the one on the left when she just attacked, and it swept it up automatically. The scar-l red dot was trembling crazy!

     Then she was knocked down on the right.

     At that time, the female stream was stunned!

     Fortunately, Liu Zilang hit the wave in time to cooperate and solved yet another. Otherwise, if this wave really made the female streamer and the person who turned on the right to shoot the gun,

     It's probably a bit of "life and death"

     After licking the bag, the second wave of poison has already begun to shrink.

     There are currently 45 people left on the court,

     The next circle brushed over the southwest coast of the airport island. The safe area was scattered with houses and mountains.

     Generally, it is not easy to reduce staff in such circles.

     "Master Lang, there is no one in the poison, right?" The female current probe glanced at the other side of the bridge."Maybe, there are quite a lot of people alive now." Liu Zilang shook his head, "but we won't bet even if there are people, advanced circles."

     "Okay, listen to you!" the female stream nodded said.

     The female stream just wanted to get on the jeep, but Liu Zilang on the side stepped on the motorcycle and shook his head and said, "Sister 66, let’s not drive the jeep, and take you for a drive."

     "Huh? I heard that motorcycles are easy to roll over." The female stream was sitting in the back seat, feeling a little nervous.

     Liu Zilang said earnestly, "That's someone else's motorcycle, I still do not know how to write it in my life."

     Don't know how to write

     Hearing this, the barrage in the live broadcast room suddenly exploded, and Nima has never seen anyone more shameless than this.

     "I'm dripping tortoise, you seem to have started?"

     "My master Lang is as stable as a dog. Is the name of the autumn mountain bike god called for nothing?"

     "Did the brothers in front be threatened or collected money? If you have money, everyone makes money together."

     "Haha, won't you hurt if you make money with ignorance of your conscience? Reverse eating chicken want to know more? Wheat field rollover want to know more?

     Seeing the barrage in the live broadcast room, Liu Zilang felt painful immediately. Why did these gang remember those?

     He coughed and said, "It's all three-wheelers, but I am a two-wheeled motorcycle in another form. You don't need to watch any videos to learn car skills in the future. Just watch it and learn it carefully."


     As soon as he finished speaking, Liu Zilang pulled up the accelerator and rushed over towards the hillside west of the bridge at full speed!When going uphill, he rushed straight up without any reduction in speed. The moment he reached the top of the slope, the whole car suddenly soaring high into the air, and immediately turned wildly!

     One lap!

     Two laps!

     Landing smoothly!

     Amid the roar of the engine, he drove fast as lightning toward the safe zone

     This is the feeling of boiling sheep!

     Along the way, Liu Zilang's speed has never slowed down, whether it is a hillside ravine or a tree house area.

     When he controlled the car by doing something with all one's heart, the motorcycle suddenly acted like an arm, as if it had become a part of his body. Every time he leans forward or backward, it will be adjusted in time. The speed of nearly one hundred and five per hour is even more impressive. There will be a thrill of The Fast and the Furious!

     "Is this Nima looking for Didi to drive?"

     "I suspect it's a 98k generation, report a wave!"

     At this moment, a violent gunfire suddenly rang out from a residential area along the coast on the west side of the airport island!

     Whoosh whoosh -!

     Ding Dong Ding Dong!

     The howling bullets landed on the front of the car, and some passed by.

     Due to the long distance, the accuracy of the opponent's shots was very poor, and they did not hit the two in the car at all!

     "Someone beat us, what should I do?" the female stream asked somewhat anxiously.

     Liu Zilang said Calm demenor, "The magnificent army with thousands of men and horses will be here soon."

     He didn't say the second half, but a kind of bad premonition suddenly surged in the female stream's heart.

     No way!

     The next moment, I saw Liu Zilang pulling the front of the car and heading towards the housing complex all the way up.And the people in the housing area have just been riding a motorcycle at such a distance. Naturally, the meaning of deterrence is greater, like announcing to others that there are people in this housing area.

     Don't come.

     In fact, two waves of people came here, driving Jeep and sedan, but they were all "persuaded away" in this way.

     They thought that this motorcycle would leave like the previous two teams, but they never expected that the other party would rush forward to their faces.

     The warning is invalid!

     "Hey, these are two stunned greens!"

     "Hammer, since delivered to the doorstep, let's not be too polite."

     Suddenly, the two people in the room started to sharpen their guns.

     The distance of two hundred meters is not far away for a motorcycle. Liu Zilang carried a female stream here like a lightning and arrived in a flash. The sound of the motorcycle suddenly spread throughout the house.

     The next moment, the lightning flew in front of a stone, but it did not fly to the two people who shot at the room, but flew into another house from the window!

     Soon, both Liu Zilang and the female stream were a little dumbfounded.

     Because the room they flew into happened to be the bathroom on the second floor of the house, and it was very small.

     As soon as the motorcycle came in,

     It suddenly got stuck between the toilet and the wall.


     Liu Zilang tried his best to overturn the car a few times, wanting to move around to see if he could get the car out.

     But I found that after such a toss, the motorcycle suddenly started to smoke.

     This Nima

     "Hurry down! Come down!"As a soldier who tried, Liu Zilang eyes twitched, jumped off the motorcycle and greeted the female stream, then ran out of the bathroom.

     The female streamer was taken aback for a moment, and then quickly followed.

     Fortunately, they got off the car in time, or Liu Zilang was on the verge of death in time to rein in the horse at the edge of the precipice. The car did not explode after it smoked.

      At the same time, the two people in another building in the housing area saw the scene of "speeding into the room" also dazed for a moment.

     Suddenly they heard the hum of the engine from the building where the motorcycle flew into.

     There was a twitch in the corner of his eye.

     This Nima is not stunned

     It's the ultimate melon skin!

     Actually thinking about driving in the house.

      Thought until here, the two immediately jumped down from the stairs.

     Then one person cut out a blasting grenade, and squeezed the tab in his hand to warm it up.

     Raised his hand and threw it up.

     And when he threw it, Liu Zilang and the female streamer who had just ran out of the bathroom returned to the bathroom again, facing the smoked motorcycle, a little dumbfounded

     In the next instant, they saw the grenade flying in from the window!