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343 Zhenjinhei Technology! (3/4)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

The black spots outside the window kept zooming in and flew into the window suddenly!

     Without Liu Zilang's reminder at this moment, the female stream also knew what to do.

     What can I do with Nima? Hurry up!

     For a while, the two ran wildly towards the door of the bathroom.

     Then the door frame could not accommodate two people to pass through,

     The two were suddenly squeezed at the door.


     The next moment, the ear-splitting explosion behind him suddenly exploded!

     That's it!

     The moment they heard the explosion, the two people suddenly "ge-deng", as if they were walking on the stairs and stepped on the air.

     The whole fell down.

      suffer untold hardships live here

     Is it really coming to an end?

     At this moment, Liu Zilang had already thought about what kind of smile he should show in his heart, before he faced the audience and friends in the live broadcast room.

     However, the next moment, he was stunned.

     After a "bang" behind him, Liu Zilang's blood volume was undamaged.

      In addition, the girl who squeezed in the door with him also had no blood loss at all!

     what's the situation?

     The two looked at each other in dismay, and then took a step back at the same time.

     Thinking of the scene of huddling in the doorway just now when they fled in embarrassment, the two of them couldn't help but feel ashamed.

     Everyone is a civilized person, so how can you be so greedy for life, afraid of death?


     "Ahem, the thunder just now what's going on?"

     Liu Zilang shifting the topic.

      such a saying, the focus of the two of them instantly returned to the focus.

     Yes, I blame that grenade!Otherwise, what a humble and friendly team the two are now.

     The two turned their heads and carefully went back to study, and suddenly the corners of their eyes twitched at the same time, and their complexions became a bit stiff and hardened.

      At this moment, everything is normal in the bathroom.

     Even the motorcycle, which was about to be destroyed by Liu Zilang, remained in its original state.

     The only thing that is abnormal is that a thick gunpowder is rolling in the toilet in the bathroom.

     The audience in the live broadcast room saw this scene, and many water friends also reacted.

     "I'm Nima, right?"

     "The toilet contains mine? Is this kidding me?"

     "2333 It seems that this wave of Vic and Liuliu's life was given by the toilet!"

     "From the toilet? Well, why does this sound a little weird."

     "Ask this toilet what exactly is it made of material, it can perfectly block the damage of a grenade! Wait online, urgent!"

     "This toilet Nima is absolutely made by Zhenjin. I feel that it is not only a grenade, but also a nuclear bomb."

     "You mean the PUBG toilet and Captain America shield are the same?"

     "It's so beautiful, brother dei! The labor and management are just kicking the toilet at home. Please give me one of this toilet!"

     In the game, after the calamity, renewed life Liu Zilang and the female streamer were shocked for a while, they immediately felt deep veneration for sb on the toilet in front of them!

     But at this moment, Liu Zilang suddenly heard footsteps downstairs and someone was about to attack the building!

     Clang Dang Dang Dang-!


     Boom!A grenade and a shock bomb almost at the same time were thrown up the aisle on the second floor under the same stairs,

     Then suddenly exploded!

     While making a buzzing sound, there was also a huge shock wave!

     But fortunately, Liu Zilang and the female stream were both in the room, but they were not affected by the bombing.

     "Fuck! It didn't explode, it should be in the room."

     "Up, up, up! Kill these two melon skins!"

     The two attackers downstairs immediately one after the other, rush forward with guns.

     Da Da Da -!

     As soon as he went up the stairs, the man in front swept a wave of anticipation guns into the corridor.

     Fire from the muzzle burst into the room,

     Countless bullets whizzed through the corridor!

     "No one, it should be in the room." One human said.

     But at this moment, there was a sound of what thing landing downstairs.

     Another person reacted instantly and reminded, "Someone jumped off!"

      Thought until here, they suddenly relaxed their vigilance and pressed directly toward the room.

     They wanted to clear the bedroom first, but suddenly footsteps came from the closed bathroom.

     The two immediately turned around and rushed in towards the bathroom.

     Knowing that one person had already jumped down, this wave of them went straight in.

     Hehe want to play up and down?

     Then the labor and management will kill you first!

     However, at the moment they rushed in, they found that except for a motorcycle with black smoke in the bathroom,

     The remaining man also jumped out of the window.

     What happened?This idea just came up in their minds, that form that jumped out of the window suddenly turned around in the air, backhand facing the window was a wave of crazy waist shot,

     Then it fell down suddenly.

     Because it fell too fast and too quickly, only a few bullets came in this wave of fire, and all the others swept the window frames and walls.

     However, these bullets hit the smoking motorcycle!

     Ding Ding Ding!


     The two people who had just rushed into the bathroom did not react, and the motorcycle in front of them burst out from raging fireworks and exploded, rushing out a hot wave toward the surrounding!

     At the next moment, two kill prompts in a row flashed out of the screen.

     "Vic123 detonated the vehicle and killed the destined person!"

     "Vic123 detonated the vehicle and killed yourself, don't shoot!"

     Seeing this scene, the audience in the live broadcast room suddenly exploded!

     "My Nima is too cheap, right?"

     "No blows, no black! This wave of turning around and pulling a gun in the air is so handsome!"

     "Distressed for a wave of two elder brothers, may heaven be without motorcycles and vics"

     "There is no such thing as Vic's in heaven, but to be reasonable, Vic can't go to heaven than I guess."

     In the game, while the two people who were killed in the room were confused, their hearts were filled with regret.

     When they were rushing the building, they had been listening carefully to the movement in the room. They must all hear the sound of grenades very clearly.

     If the other party threw thunder, then they would not dare to rush into the bathroom.

     But the crux of the problem is that they didn't hear anything!They only heard a person jumping upstairs and footsteps coming from the bathroom. Of course, this time they had to take the opportunity to kill one, otherwise it would be a bit uncomfortable when the other party got them stuck in the middle.

     But the two obviously hadn't thought,

     The other party actually used a motorcycle to blow them up!

     This Nima

      At this moment, the two people who have already formed a box have a feeling of "relatively silent and tearful" in their hearts.

     It's not that our army is not strong,

     The enemy is too cunning and vicious!

     After solving the team, Liu Zilang and the female streamer went upstairs again and licked the wave packet elatedly beside Burning Fiercely's motorcycle and vibrating toilet.

     Before they finished licking their bags, there was a sudden rumbling of airplanes above their heads.

     When I walked out the door raised the head to look, I saw that the plane in the sky suddenly dropped a black spot when it was about to approach the sea.

     At this moment, the motorcycles of the two were destroyed, but the two of them should have come by car, and they immediately searched around the house.

     as expected.

     Liu Zilang soon found the orange car behind a two-story building.

     But when he got into the car, he was a little dumbfounded.

     This car is missing a tire!

     Seeing the airdrops falling in the distance,

     Go or not?

     this is a problem!