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345 The Ultimate Chicken Point! (on)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: | Translator:

"Hey, come here, the car is going to explode!"

     The female stream yelled in panic.

     As soon as the voice fell, I saw the car leaning against the airdrop in front of Liu Zilang, suddenly a small flame rose up.

     And his blood volume is only a trace left!

     That's it!

     "Ge-deng" in the female Liu's heart, she is ready to go back and help others.

     At this moment, a dull gunshot sounded suddenly!

      During Life and Death Instant, Liu Zilang's big sniper suddenly came out from behind the car.

     Preview, start the shot!

     With a quasi heart, a shot blasted out instantly!


     In an instant, a sniper bullet burst out of the muzzle, flying towards the distance like an electric fire!

     At the next moment, a kill notification was sent to the bottom left of the screen.

     "Vic123 used a headshot to kill the crying pig!"



     Only when the opponent's last bullet fell on the jeep, the flames on the car cover suddenly became even stronger.

     However, shortly afterwards, the gunshots in the distance seemed to be muted, and the entire world suddenly fell silent.

     "Fuck, it's a gangster who can't play the series without residual blood, this Nima is just playing the heartbeat!"

     "I'm so angry! Let vic pretend to be successful again!"

     "The brother on the opposite side is not awesome! You can even shoot one more shot!"

     In the game, the female streamer saw Liu Zilang taking away the opponent with a single shot, and she couldn't help but exclaim in her heart.

     But at this moment, the corner of her eyes suddenly twitched.After Liu Zilang squatted down and finished the medicine, he jumped into the car with the raging flame on the front, and moved off from the airdrop box.

     Then he drove around and turned around and came to the side of the female stream.

     He won't want

     Sure enough, Liu Zilang drove the car to a halt and greeted enthusiastically, "Sister 66 get in the car!"


     Do not!

     You are not a car to kindergarten!

     The corner of the female stream's eyes suddenly throbbed, and she smiled forcefully, "I won't be on that."

     "Sister 66, you still doesn't trust me? Don't worry, we will stop when we enter the circle." Liu Zilang self-confidently said, "It must be fine."

     This Nima exploded with one shot,

     How do you know it's okay?

     This time the female stream took longer than before to pick up the airdrop, struggling fiercely in her heart.

     In the end, she chose to bow her head to the boss.

     "Master Lang, drive slowly, I'm motion sick."

     After getting in the car, the female streamer said in a trembling tone. It sounds like a black car on the side of the road.

     Liu Zilang comforted, "Don't worry, Sister 66, the speed is a shot."

     "" Female stream.

     What you said really make sense, I was unable to respond

     When the audience in the live broadcast heard this, they all laughed.

     "Wow! Vic is so comforting than this, he is a warm man!"

     "A warm man with a deep heart? Knock it! Are all the naval forces in this session so ostentatious? The lines are not at all distracting."

     In this way, the two drove the "Necromancer" on the road.But fortunately, this wave of heaven helps the worthy of Liu Zilang, of course, in the eyes of the audience in the live broadcast room, it is a thousand years of harm.

     It really made them drove to the safe zone without incident.

     At this time there are still three over ten people left on the court. Although Liu Zilang doesn’t panic, he is not so interested in driving this car to the housing area.

     That is unable to pass myself and myself.

     After he stopped the car behind a slope, he looked at the map and the distant housing area, and said to the female runner, "Sister 66, I think that housing area is our chicken spot."

     "Have some chicken?" The female stream reacted and said with a little excitement, "Why are you still stunned, let's go over."

     To be honest, I followed Liu Zilang homeless and miserable along the way, rushed to the bridge to pick up airdrops, and drove the necromantic chariot female stream, feeling that my little heart could no longer bear.

     In her opinion, finding a place to squat, chat, brush Weibo, and talk and eat chicken is good.

     Right now, this wish seems to be waving to her from a distance.

     The next moment, a gunshot suddenly came from the front room area.

     Someone here too?

     The female stream suddenly became paralyzed!

     Liu Zilang looked up and glanced at, but exclaimed, "It looks like someone is attacking the building, go! Let's follow."

     "Master Lang, should we let them?" The female stream tentatively asked.

     Liu Zilang said solemnly, "Sister 66, that's a bit of chicken!"

     Do you have some chicken?

     The female stream’s heart pondered for a while, and again chose to believe in professional judgment.

     Since it's chicken point, then go to take this point and eat chicken!Next, the two cats ran towards the location of the room.

     This is a compound two-story barn-shaped building. As soon as it approached, there was a thunderous explosion in the ear!

     At this time, the offensive and defensive sides were obviously in a stalemate, so they entered the thunder-throwing link one by one.

     But after the bombing for a long time, the two sides did not even have a head down, and the gunfire gradually stopped.

     When Liu Zilang saw this, he thought about it, cannot bear saying, "It won't work for them to fight like this, we have to give him a fire!"

     As soon as he finished speaking, he opened his waist and walked quietly to the corner. He took out a Molotov cocktail that he had just picked up at the beach from his bag. "Sister 66, look at the window. Someone may jump down later."

     "Well, no problem." The female stream hiding in the corner pointed her hand at the second floor window.

     Liu Zilang chuckled, then raised the Molotov cocktail and threw it in.


     There was a sound of cracking window glass, followed by the sound of a Molotov cocktail falling to the ground.

     Two groups of people in the house were arranging the stairs inside each other, unexpectedly threw a Molotov cocktail from the side window.

     All of a sudden, the flame instantly burned fiercely on the floor of the second floor.

     "Fuck, these guys are more overcast!"

     "The corridor is stuck, you can't get down there."

     "follow me!"

     The next moment, I saw the two people who were burned by the fire, with flame special effects, jumped down from the window on the second floor of the barn!

     However, before landing, there was a burst of violent gunfire from the side!It should be noted, the damage of the combustion flask is not low, and the continuous damage is terrifyingly high.

     The two of them went from burning their ass to jumping out of the window, and in a blink of an eye, their blood volume turned red.

      Thus, this wave of shots by the female stream hiding in the corner is undoubtedly a wave of death harvest.

     One person was emptied of blood while still in the air.

     After the other person fell to the ground, his hands supported the ground.

     But before he could get up, he was also hit by a stray bullet, and immediately fell to the ground, and went away with his teammates.

     "Wow! I double killed!" The female stream called excitedly.

     But when she turned her head, she found that she was too focused just now, and Liu Zilang didn't know at what time already not in beside her.

     The next moment, Liu Zilang's exclamation suddenly came from the room.

     "Hurry up! Sister 66, help me!"