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346 The Ultimate Chicken Point! (under)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

On the first floor of the barn, Liu Zilang held a grenade in his palm.

     Hearing the sound of footsteps in the corridor, he calculated the time in his mind, and immediately rushed up to honor does not allow one to glance back.

     The next moment, the two sides met at the corner of the corridor.

     Damn it!

     The two people on the opposite side were obviously taken aback, and quickly raised their guns and aimed at Liu Zilang.

     The clinker Liu Zilang lay down abruptly!

     Is this Nima scared?

     The faces of the other two were happy, and the smiles suddenly froze in the corners of their mouths.

     Because Liu Zilang on the ground is like an ancient state paying tribute to the heaven, revealing the "night pearl" in his hand.

     In the next moment, Ye Mingzhu magnificent rays of light illuminates the entire corridor at once!


      The ear-splitting explosion sounded, and the corridor was instantly filled with gunpowder and dust.

     "Vic123 used a grenade to blow up the small steel gourd!"

     "Vic123 used a grenade to blow up the small steel gourd!"

     "Vic123 used a grenade to blow up himself."

     Seeing this scene, the audience in the live broadcast room is also somewhat!

     "666, Longhushan authentic palm thunder stage a come back!"

     "Vic really relies on waves than killing people. The key is to survive the waves!"

     "The people nowadays are terrible. I see those naked cranes without guns rushing over now, and I am more panicked than seeing those with guns."

     "Public morals are degenerating with each passing day, the men of today are sadly degenerated! Criminal ringleader, main offender is the ratio of vic!"

     Outside the barn, the female stream was still a little puzzled when she heard Liu Zilang's call for help.When she saw the prompt, she suddenly reacted. She couldn't help but corner of the mouth twitch, and she sighed in her heart that this person is really an expert!

     After pulling Liu Zilang up, the two successfully occupied this area on the southwest coast of the airport island.

     After licking a wave of packets, the female stream looked around on the second floor of the barn, and said somewhat curious, "Is this the chicken meal?"

     "Uh, theoretically." Liu Zilang's tone suddenly became somewhat uncertain.

     "In theory?" The female stream was surprised.

     As a young intellectual female in the new era, the female stream certainly knows what the three words "in theory" mean.

     as expected.

     Wait until the next circle, the safe zone appeared in a place 800 miles away.

     Liu Zilang marked it on the map, and then said, "Sister 66, let's go to the yellow dot in the east."

     "That's chicken food again?" The female stream asked expression badly.

     Liu Zilang hurriedly said seriously, "Well, it must be some chicken this time."

     After hearing Liu Zilang's words, the female stream turned over in one's mind, and decided to trust the professional judgment again.

     But then,

     After changing two or three "chicken spots" in a row,

     The female stream suddenly sent out an incident sadly. The so-called professional is like a Chinese brick house called a beast.

     Can this Nima be more reliable?

     At this time, the game had already entered the fourth to last safety zone. After running the drug into the circle, the female stream suddenly no longer believed in the chicken spot marked by Liu Zilang.And Liu Zilang, who had failed several consecutive predictions, was suddenly speechless, and he thought for a bit still said, "Well, let’s be here this time. According to my analysis, this might also be the next one to eat. "

     "Don't!" The female stream quickly interrupted him, "Master Lang, please stop talking."

     "What happened?" Liu Zilang asked puzzledly.

     The female streamer said seriously, "I'm afraid you will go somewhere else when you say something."

     Liu Zilang: ""

     How did this become my pot?

     Do not!

     I am not convinced!

     Liu Zilang shouted in his heart, and immediately stared nervously at the refresh of the next safe zone.

     As long as this is not a safe zone, it means that his judgment is correct.

     He is going to throw away this black pot fiercely!

     After a while, the spreading radiation coincided with the boundary of the safe zone.

     The next safe zone is refreshed!

     Suddenly, Liu Zilang immediately complexion turned black!

      In the game screen, I saw that the safe zone was actually brushed on their side.

     Fate circle!

     However, to Liu Zilang, this destiny circle was more like a "destiny pot", which was directly welded to his body with a soldering iron, and he couldn't shake it off.

     Hearing what the two had just said, the audience in the live room also laughed out loud when they saw this scene.

     "Sixty-six strength solves the case, this wave of dissatisfaction is not enough!"

     "Shocked! It turns out that the truth about eating chicken is the loss of humanity!"

     "Haha haha, come and try if this pan fits."At this time, there were 17 people left on the field, and the safety zone was brushed on the apron of the Airport Island Military Base and the mountain to the west.

     Due to Liu Zilang's misjudgment of "Eating Chicken Point" in these waves of poison, the two have been exhausted back and forth. The a behind Liu Zilang's back has not seriously fired a few shots.

     Now that I brushed a destiny pot

     Ah bah, the circle of fate!

     Liu Zilang couldn't help rubbing his hands, it was time to perform real skills.

     He decided to use his strength to wash away all this!

     At this time, he and the female stream were lying in ambush on the top of the hill in the west of Military Base. This location was live high and look down, and there were trees and grass for shelter.

     Although there is no stable housing area, it is still safer than those who camp in the open air on the Great Plains.

     Right now they and the people in the room had no advantage over guns. Liu Zilang's eyes wandered back and forth in the surrounding open space. He soon saw a caterpillar lying on the grass on the airport apron.

     But when he opened the lens to see this man's equipment clearly, Liu Zilang felt a little unbearable.

     First class package class A,

     Carrying a handful of Uzi and spray

      The entire body from top to bottom seems to be the only valuable thing, it seems that the top one can let him and the grass fuse together.

     Take a to blast this kind of head,

     It is really a kind of disrespect for Da Sniper!

     In order to deal with this respectable opponent, let him get a matching death. Liu Zilang thought for a while, and immediately pulled out the p1911 that he picked up when he left school in the armed belt.

     The audience in the live broadcast room was shocked when they saw this scene!

     "Hand pistol? Just kidding!""Reported! A certain anchor live-streamed the finals to play a pistol!"

     "Fucking this distance, if you can hit it with a pistol, can I kneel for you and ask Dad?"

     "It's swollen! Vic is a bit too much than swelling."

     You must know that the straight line trajectory of the pistol is very short, and it is okay to hit close-range targets when landing, but it will be more difficult to switch to a medium-range target, and it is like this kind of medium-to-long range target.

     That was just kidding!

     But at this time, Liu Zilang is like a male pig's foot in a domestic police and gangster drama. He didn't even bother to replace the 16 red dot, and directly turned on the pistol sight.

      eyes narrowing began to aim.

     Bang Bang Bang -!

     Three shots were fired in a row. Because of the high hit and low shots, the bullets dropped at this distance, even though it was powerful, but it was slightly better than expected.

     At the next moment, I just listened to a rustle of sound.

     The man lying on the tarmac heard the sound of the bullet falling, but could not hear the faint gunfire of the pistol in the distance.

     He stared blankly at the grass where the bullet fell in front of him. It seemed somewhat curious,

     Then suddenly he moved forward and climbed a few steps, and carefully observed it.

     There are hundreds of tombs of heroes in ancient times.

     The curiosity of this player can be said to be quite strong!