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355 Press Box Stunt!
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

"Wow! These two are so fatter than the bag!"

     "Come here and lick a little!"

     "Be careful, I guess there are still people."

     "It's okay, let's leave after licking this wave, not to fight them."

     On the roof, Liu Zilang quietly watched the warm scene of "lunch together" like little piglets, and he couldn't help putting down his guns.

     Then silently took out a grenade.

     Pull the string,


     Hard that monkey!

     In an instant, a grenade was seen from Liu Zilang's palm, and after drawing a parabola in the air, it suddenly fell among several people.

     Kang Dang!

      what thing?

     Wait, this sound is a bit familiar!

     By the time a few people reacted to the complexion big change, everything was too late.


      The ear-splitting explosion sounded, and the bodies of the four people were blown up and down.

     However, the four boxes they left were neatly and tidyly placed there, and the two boxes they licked together formed a courtyard of four boxes.

      At the same time, four consecutive kill prompts scrolled out from the upper right corner of the screen.

     "Vic123 killed Farmers weeding at noon with a grenade!"

     "Vic123 used a grenade to blow up sweat down the field soon!"

     "Vic123 killed with a grenade"

     "Vic123 used a grenade to blow it up, really smelling!"

      Mission Progress: 8/10

     Liu Zilang was only two short of the head target of the Ten Kill.

     Seeing this four consecutive kill prompts, the audience in the live broadcast room was also completely confused."One thunder and four kills is too fake for Nima, right?"

     "People are more popular than others, how come I have never met such an opponent, do you want to kill and eat chicken without labor and capital?"

     "The actor is really hammered! This vic is a graduate of the director department of China Theatre Academy."

     "The key is that these group performances are not at all deliberate. The performance is too exaggerated. Get out of your salary at night!"

     "Don't be bb in front, it's just fish balls, haha, I won the clubhouse but I lost my job in the sea. This is life!"

     "That's right! Is that shark pepper still there? Now it's two kills to complete ten kills, brother dei?"

     "Shark Pepper: Labor and management panic j2, and if you lose, you will directly close your live broadcast room!"

     "I'm dripping tortoises, this is too social! Can't afford to offend!"


     Liu Zilang cut out and glanced at the barrage, he was also amused, but he was also quite curious about this local tyrant who suddenly ran into his live broadcast room and crushed three million fish balls.

     At this moment, the shark pepper suddenly spoke in the live broadcast room.

     "Don't worry, isn't there there are still two?"

     Seeing this enlarged, bolded and reddish barrage, the audience in the live broadcast room was taken aback, and the barrage was immediately displayed.

     "Fuck! Super tube can talk too!"

     "I have always thought that Super Pipe is a robot!"

     "Shark Pepper, are you gg or?"

     "Gg or? The buddy in front, you are also surfing the Internet!"

     "If it's a young lady, can I invite you to dance a social shake?""I don't care! Shark Pepper, I want to hear you babble!"

     Seeing the barrage of Shark Pepper, Liu Zilang was also stunned. He hurriedly asked Zhang Xiaotong and Misaka Kotomi if anyone was there in the game.

     In the end, they didn't hear any footsteps.

     No way?

     Liu Zilang on the roof ran around the villa, besides licking his bag and talking with Zhang Xiaotong and Misaka Kotomi in a whisper about which dress looks good, and the noise of the bear child Li Mufan Gong Yasangzi

     The whole villa area is very quiet.

     I jumped that many people, and finished it so soon?

     Liu Zilang felt speechless for a while.

     In fact, in the final analysis, he underestimated the intensity of the fight in the four-row villa.

     If you are in a single row, there is no gun on the ground.

     Then I can slip as far as I can, just take a detour to find a chance and then kill it back.

     But in the fourth row, if you have no guns and teammates have guns, then don’t say anything. If you have a gun and take a gun, if you don’t have a gun, make a fist, greet the big guy directly side by side.

     Basically, few people dare to jump into the villa.

     So even though Liu Zilang quickly resolved the fringe battle after landing, in fact, when they came, the battle on the villa area had already come to an end.

     This Nima is a bit painful.

      It should be noted, Liu Zilang’s quiz was [Ten Kills on Landing], not the ten kills in the entire game.

     If it is the latter, it may be a lot easier.

     But [Landing Ten Kills] means that Liu Zilang must complete ten kills at the location of the villa area, even if he kills ten or twenty more later,This order can only be settled according to [cannot].

     At this time, the desert sun was in the sky, and Liu Zilang, standing on the roof, drew his gun and looked around, feeling at a loss.

     Where can I find someone for this Nima?

     Seeing a few teammates running around in the building, happily licking the bag, Liu Zilang's heart suddenly began to stir.

     Do you really want your teammates to come together?

     As soon as this idea came up, Liu Zilang hurriedly shook the head.


     Am I that kind of person?

     Forget it, lost, lost.

     As for Zhang Xiaotong’s 100,000 fish balls, after a big deal, I will go to the female anchor’s live room to grab some fish balls and give her an installment.

     Suppose he watches the female anchor for ten hours a day and can grab a thousand fish balls every day, so only one hundred thousand fish balls is needed

     and many more!

     The problem is that the nutrition seems a little bit unable to keep up

     Liu Zilang was thinking about it on the roof, his gaze swept across a hillside in the distance, his eyes shined suddenly, exuding the brilliance of hope!


     In the picture, I saw a bouncing car as it galloped past the hillside, and one accidentally overturned the car. Two people were trying to turn it over with thunder.

     Although the distance between the two is about 400 meters, the naked eye can only have one black spot without a magnifier, but Liu Zilang still has a surprise in his heart.

     What do you want?

     Someone gave pillows as soon as they fell asleep!

     At this time, it is too late to go down and ask Zhang Xiaotong and the others to double the mirror. The other party is blowing up the car, and there is the possibility of turning over and leaving people at any time.Then the flesh of the mouth really flies.

     So at present, Liu Zilang has only four words to do first,

     Knock the mountain and shake the tiger!

     He immediately raised the muzzle of 98k, aimed at the black spot in the distance, raised the muzzle slightly, and blasted it directly.


     The gunfire flashed, and a sniper bullet flew past like an electric fire!

     On the hillside more than 400 meters away, the two were bombing their cars.


     A bullet suddenly slashed across and hit the stone beside a person.

     "Fuck! Someone!"

     "Where, where?"

     "I didn't hear you clearly! Hiding behind the stone!"

     At this distance, the sound of the 98k gunshot was relatively faint, and a shot suddenly came from a distant place, and the opponent simply Unable to Judge had an accurate position.

     Therefore, the two people hiding behind the stone did not know that the place where they were hiding was actually exposed under Liu Zilang's gun.

     But even so, the viewers in the live broadcast room are still not optimistic about Liu Zilang.

     Without a magnifier, the opponent looked like a small black spot with the naked eye. The opponent did not move the shot just now, and Liu Zilang was empty.

     This fully proves that even at this distance, even the aiming head is very difficult, not to mention the raising of the gun.

     But at this moment, Liu Zilang under Hue's head suddenly chuckled to the audience in the live broadcast room.

     "Do you think I can't do anything like this? It's time for you to see my guy pressing the box!"