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357 The Dog Thief Took His Life And Returned My Xiaotong Sauce! (First More)
    Chinese Name: 鯛仇匯委98K  Author: Iced徨匚(Iced z┼y┬, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

After a delicate breath, the voice in yy finally calmed down.

      *Cough Cough*

     Zhang Xiaotong cleared his throat and seemed to be persuaded by Haojiyou.

     At this moment, Li Mufan suddenly said, "Xiaotong Xiaotong, I want to order a song!"

     "No song!" Zhang Xiaotong lightly snorted, "Just forget it."

     So Liu Zilang, who just wanted to follow a song, wisely chose to shut his mouth.

     Next, Zhang Xiaotong went out to find an accompaniment.

     After a while, a brisk and energetic music slowly flowed out.

     "L だって can be a stubborn cesium reel!


     "Back stretch びしたメイクドキドキだけど."

     "Wan Ding, Pi Jie wins over Jin Kun Yao and Chi Kun Jie!


     Hearing the singing, Liu Zilang couldn't help but twitch his eyes.

     This is really only sung for "Good Jiyou", other people don't understand it at all.

     However, this little girl is pretty good, and she can even sing Japanese songs so fluently.

     After Zhang Xiaotong finished singing, yy was quiet for a while.

     After a while, Kotomi Misaka suddenly applauded with excitement.

     "Hooting hooting!"

     Liu Zilang wanted to say something, but found out that even the title of the song doesn't know at all.

     He couldn't help coughing and asked, "Kotomi, what is the name of this song?"

     "Ah? It's wet, haven't you heard it?" Misaka Kotomi seemed to be somewhat surprised, and then grinningly said, "It's "Want to be kawaii"."Ah! Don't say it!" Zhang Xiaotong suddenly screamed in shame and annoyance.


     Kotomi Misaka's voice was interrupted suddenly, it sounds like she was "suppressed" this time

     At this moment, the audience in the live room was also agitated after listening.

     "Oh oh what a cute voice!"

     "Calling Xiaotongjiang crazy!"

     "666, Xiaotongjiang is really the voice kissed by an angel."

     "Don't be embarrassed in front of you, did you bring brother to comment on it."

     "Cough and cough only from singing, I think the female voice is high, the voice is obvious, the chest cavity is strong, indicating that the chest is not dragged"

     "2333 This brother is a bit heartbroken! Can't the house manager come out to arrange it?"


     Want to become kawaii?

     Liu Zilang dazed for a moment, and he immediately reacted, and he couldn't help but laugh secretly in his heart.

     No wonder this girl doesn¨t let you say the name of the song,

     It turned out to be this kind of song.

     At this moment, there was a h┃ng l┏ng l┏ng's voice in my ears.

     There are planes.

     "Idol! Let's go chasing our dreams!" Li Mufan immediately suggested excitedly.

     Liu Zilang looked at the top of his head when he heard the words, and found that the plane flying above them passed by.

     It didn't mean to stop.

     Instead, they flew all the way to the destination of their trip in the south-Picardo.

     Since I was on the way, naturally there is nothing to say.

     I just hope that the airdrop will land soon, don't fly past Picardo and then land, then they have to run forward.But when they drove the car not far behind the plane, Kotomi Misaka suddenly shouted in surprise.

     "Lost lost! Wet--! Lost!"

     Liu Zilang also noticed the black spot under the airdrop.

     Looking at the location of this airdrop, it was unbiased and dropped in Picardo City.

     This is a bit difficult!

     Right now Picardo is right in the center of the first safe zone, and most of the people who jumped to the ground after the beating ended haven't left.

     Then this airdrop basically belongs to a pavilion near the water. The dishes are cold when Liu Zilang passes by.

     Unless Picadori hasn't finished playing at this time, the teams are scrupulous about each other, so they may have some hope in the past.

      Thought until here, Liu Zilang still decided to try a little bit. Seeing the airdrop slowly falling over Picardo ahead, he stepped on the accelerator and the engine roared, and the car drove forward quickly.

     But when he got closer, Picadory was still quiet, and there was no gunshot.

     Liu Zilang couldn't help but heart sank when he saw it.

     Because this scene before us undoubtedly shows that Picardo has decided the final winner,

     That's a bit difficult.

     But since it's here, there is no reason to be indisputable.

     Liu Zilang did not go straight to each other.

     When the car got close to Picardo, he turned to the left when approaching from the north, and drove the car to the gas station and motel in the east of Picardo.

     After stopping the car, several people quickly jumped out of the car.

     At this time, the airdrop is also just about approaching the surface.But the final destination of the airdrop in front of him was beyond the expectations of several people.

     Because the airdrop fell directly into the casino from the hole at the top of the casino.

     "Fuck! This airdrop is a bit spiritual! I actually fell into the casino."

     "Scams and abuses, is this the return of the gambling god?"

     Liu Zilang and the others hid in the motel and watched. Picadori was still quiet and there was not a person.

     He was wondering whether to go there or not, when the clinker was just at this moment, a slight or important, urgent or non-urgent sound of gunshots with varying rhythms suddenly came from a distance.



     Da Da Da!


     Hearing the gunshots, Liu Zilang and Misaka Kotomi couldn't help but froze at the same time, because this was their secret signal when they played the game this afternoon.

     Has been learned to spread so soon?

     He was wondering when three people suddenly came out from the "Home Apartment" in front of the casino, all empty hand, empty fist, and ran towards them with their guns behind them.

     Obviously, these people are naturally water friends.

     However, at this moment, Li Mufan suddenly pulled Gong Yasangzi beside him and shouted, "No, someone!"

     In the next moment, before Liu Zilang had time to stop, this bear kid was just a sweep when he raised his gun!

     The three water friends were frightened and urinated immediately, and ran around quickly.

     Liu Zilang eyes twitched!

     He cut out 98k sharp-eyed and deft-handed, and shot Li Mufan's skull.


     After a crisp gunshot, the world suddenly became quiet.Liu Zilang put away the gun and said calmly, "Qinmei help him."


     It seems that she is afraid of being late, so Liu Zilang will give her another shot

     Liu Zilang couldn't help being speechless when he saw this.

     Is that kind of person as a teacher?

     Li Mufan was completely beaten!

     His first reaction was a sneak attack, and the next reaction seemed to be accidental injury to his teammate.


     what's the situation?

     His eyes wandered among the three of them, and finally fell on Liu Zilang.

     For a moment he couldn¨t help but stop talking, daring to be angry but not talking

     Liu Zilang coughed dryly, explaining, "Sorry, my 98k jumped on my mouse just now"

     Li Mufan heard that eyes shined suddenly!

     Sure enough, my idol how can it be is deliberate.

     He quickly interrupted Liu Zilang's words, "It's okay idol, I understand and I understand!"


     Does that understand?

     Liu Zilang, who was shaking the pot, couldn't help being surprised. This bear child seems to have a much better explanation than the female stream

     At this moment, those water friends also ran to the front.

     One person suddenly shouted, "The dog thief vic takes his life and pays me Xiaotong sauce!"

     Having said that, the man raised his fist and rush forward towards Liu Zilang!