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358 A Great Master, The Cowboy Is Very Busy! (Second More)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: | Translator:

Seeing the big fist of this casserole coming out,

     But Liu Zilang's color remained unchanged, because the corner of his eye saw Li Mufan who had just been pulled up from the ground by Misaka Kotomi, cutting the gun!

     This time,

     Liu Zilang did not stop.

     Da Da Da -!

     The gunshot sounded, and the person who rushed to Liu Zilang and jumped into the air suddenly shed a burst of blood, and then thumped and fell out of the air!

     "Cunning villain!" the man said sadly.

     As soon as Li Mufan heard it, he raised the gun to make up for him.

     Liu Zilang stopped him at this time, and then asked everyone, "Why are you here?"

     "We are here to guard the last justice in this world!"

     "Let love and light spread all over the world again!"

     "Get rid of the evil dog thief Vic!"

      The last sentence was called out by the man kneeling on the ground.

     Liu Zilang couldn't help but his eyes flicked, and immediately sighed saying, "Make it up."

     Li Mufan raised his gun with excitement.

     Damn it!

     The man kneeling on the ground couldn't help being startled when he heard the words, and hurriedly shouted, "Big brother for your life! I and I were threatened by them!"

     Is it so real?

     When the other two heard it, they immediately shouted, "Fuck, you kid betrayed the revolution!"

     "Labor and management have to clean up the sect today!"

     Liu Zilang couldn't help complexion turned black, said ill-humoredly, "What the hell did you come to me for? Don't say I shot!"

     "Don't don't!" The three hurriedly said seriously, "We want to have a men-to-man fight with you. Only the strong are worthy of Xiaotong sauce!"Zhang Xiaotong's eyes twitched when he heard, and he was so angry that he wanted to hit someone!

     Liu Zilang quickly calmed her down, then raised his eyebrows and said, "Because of the lack of stamina! I am worthy of being my water friend. I admire your courage, so I give you this opportunity to help whoever is on the ground."

     "Fuck! I don't call that who, remember my name, my name is"

     "Don't talk anymore, you will know when you die."


     After the man who was knocked down by Li Mufan on the ground helped him up, Liu Zilang gave him a time to fight medicine and said at the same time, "To be fair, everyone takes off the armor and helmet. Otherwise, let alone bullying me with a third-level head. People."

     "Turtle, this anchor seems to have a lot of swelling!"

     "Fg has stood down, waiting for Xiaotongjiang to collect the body from Vic."

     The three people were also upset when they heard it, but still Yiyan took off his head and armor.

      they already making a firm resolution, they will beat Liu Zilang into a pig's head without holding back!

     But before starting, Liu Zilang glanced around and asked vigilantly, "By the way, this Picardo is the last to survive."

     "of course!"

     The three voices were suddenly full of pride.

     Liu Zilang's heart loosened, said with a smile, "That's good, only the man who owns the City of Sin is worthy to die under my fist."

     Three people:

     Liu Zilang asked Misaka Kotomi and others to put on guard, and then stood in front of the three.

     However, the three people on the opposite side did not move, and seemed to be discussing who would play first.When Liu Zilang saw this, he couldn't help but sneered, "No trouble, let's go together!

     We have to pick up airdrops, it's very busy. "

     Hearing this, the three of them were taken aback.

     Fuck this dog thief doesn't seem to be a normal expansion!


     At this moment, Liu Zilang said suddenly.


     Regret it?

     The three people suddenly sneered.

     However, Liu Zilang said, "I will go out and cut a song."

     Three people:

     After a while, a dense drumbeat sounded.

     Hearing this song, the few people on the field and the audience in the live broadcast room were a little confused.

     "I'm such a ghost, Huo Yuanjia!"

     "Appeared! A man with his own bg is here!"

     In the game, the moment the music rang, Liu Zilang rushed directly.

     At first, the three water friends were not too embarrassed to play three to one.

     So many viewers are watching, who doesn't want face?

     However, under Liu Zilang's set of rain and dew Wangbaquan attacks, all three of them were immediately drawn into the battle.

     At this time, the three water friends were simply let go, as long as they could beat Liu Zilang on the ground,

     Don't care about his face.

     For a time, the people on the field intertwined, fists fist and fist, the fight was so lively.

     What has to say here is that in the fps game of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, although boxing is often a bit metaphysical, there are still some skills in it.

     And the most important point,

     That is, the body law must be flexible.At this time, Liu Zilang moved around among the three, or squatted or jumped, moving forward and retreating like an ape. His figure was extremely agile and he was not allowed to be caught between them.

     Because once you get stuck in the Character Model, you will really punch the master to death.

     "As expected of Master Lang! I feel there is something in this wave!"

     At this moment, Liu Zilang ran a few steps under the chase of one person, and suddenly he spun and jumped, punching out in the air!

     Old ape hanging seal,

     Look back!


     Chasing with his fist on his body, the man was hit in the forehead and issued a groan.

     The next moment, when Liu Zilang landed, there was another second consecutive bo!

     At that moment, my legs softened and kneels down on the ground directly.

     "Vic123 used his fist to knock down the scum!"

     "Carry away, next one."

     Liu Zilang's voice was flat, like a master without emotion.

     "Fucking trough actually killed someone with blood!"

     "Take it! It turns out that there are really boxing skills in this game!"

     "Listening to this music, how come I feel like it's lit up inexplicably!"

     "This man named Master Lang is Wing Chun 82nd generation Direct Disciple?"

     In the game, the remaining two people saw their teammates fall to the ground, and suddenly gritted their teeth again rush forward.

     This time, Liu Zilang held a person's fist and punched him face to face!

      At this time it will test the player's mastery of the timing of taking off and punching!

     And in this round of duel,

     Obviously Liu Zilang is better.I saw him hit the man's head with a "push cannon punch", but the man's small fist only hit Liu Zilang's chest.

     But the man who rushed up with him gave Liu Zilang a punch.

     At the moment he landed, Liu Zilang gritted his teeth and quickly confronted the person whose head was shot, and another Black Tiger Rip Out The Heart came.


     After the punch, the man suddenly fell to the ground like the teammate in front of him.

     "Vic123 knocked down empty kk white with his fist!"

     But at this time, Liu Zilang was beaten up by the opponent, and only a trace of blood remained.

     Almost just a flat a hit on the body, you can easily take him away.

     In this case, Liu Zilang hurried around and ran away.

     However, the two teammates who were kneeling on the ground saw Liu Zilang's illusion and could not help shouting, "Fuck him, fuck him! That dog thief is out of blood!"

     The last remaining person was still immersed in the shock of three hits and one being counter-killed. Upon hearing the words of his teammates, he quickly raised his fist and chased him up!

     The dog thief left,

     Today is the day of yours!