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359 Fist And Yi Tongxuan, Asian Qualifiers Doubles! (Third More)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Misaka Kotomi and Zhang Xiaotong, who stood by and watched the game by the way, saw this scene, and their hearts seemed to be lifted up all at once!

     Liu Zilang was also a little panicked now.

     His blood is wiped out and he will die, he is not allowed to make any mistakes.

     But as long as it is human, there will be mistakes.

     Liu Zilang himself did not dare to guarantee that he would not make a mistake.

     Just installed such a big ratio, if he is hammered to death by the water friend at this moment, he can already imagine what the next live broadcast room will be like.

      Thought until here, Liu Zilang couldn't help running around the motel, while turning around to say to the man, "Friends, make a negotiation and cut it? I'll fight, let's have another man's showdown!"

     "Are you going to go together? With blood?"

     The man chasing after Liu Zilang heard the words sneered and threw his fist into the air in a demonstration.

     Liu Zilang couldn't help but his eyelids throbbed when he heard the words, and gritted his teeth, "You are forcing me to do a trick!"

     The man said awe-inspiringly, "What else is there? Just try it out. I'm your grandson in a blink of an eye!"

     Immediately afterwards, the two ran past the corner of the motel one after the other.

     But then, chase after

     Liu Zilang, who ran ahead, suddenly stopped and rushed back!

     Is the summons courage finally?

     come on!

     It's time to tell the winner!

     The water friend who was chasing at the back suddenly became proud of his heart, and he smashed it with his fists open and closed.

     This wave

     It is impossible for labor and capital to die!However, when he first arrived at a distance of about two meters in front of Liu Zilang, his fist was not close.

     I saw a flash of fire on Liu Zilang's body!

      bang sound!

     The gunpowder and dust immediately spread, and the huge impact suddenly knocked the person who rushed upside down!

     He immediately rolled to the ground, splitting his legs, and instantly turned into a box with the three teammates knocked down in front of him.

     "Vic123 used a grenade to blow up the account, pick up the knife and fly!"

     "Vic123 used a grenade to blow himself up!"

     Seeing this scene, the water friend who was finally blown out was taken aback, and shouted angrily, "The dog thief is deceiving!"

     "I made a fraud at what time?"

     Liu Zilang asked his teammates to rescue him, and asked blankly.

     The water friend complained angrily, "Why do you still use thunder if you say good fight?"

     "Who told you it was thunder?"

     Unexpectedly, Liu Zilang interrupted in a serious tone, "I just released boxing power. It is an attack that can only be issued until a certain level of boxing training, similar to the release of sword energy."

      He spoke until here and said with a sigh of relief, "Of course, your boxing technique has not been cultivated to this state, unable to discern also understandable, I forgive you."

     "In the future, remember to apply for a card in my live broadcast room, learn more and remember, you will become as strong as me!"

     Hearing what Liu Zilang said, that water friend was blacking out, and almost a mouthful of blood spurted out in his heart!

     Fist out?

     Why don't you say it is Hundred Steps Divine Fist?

     hiss-!In the live broadcast room, countless viewers who saw this scene breathed air-conditioning in their hearts!

     Many people are old viewers of Douyu, but they have never seen such a "shameless" anchor!

     "Drip: Suiyou-1; Black powder +1!"

     "6666, this wave of punching is okay!"

     "This Nima is so embarrassed to ask someone to apply for the card, I am afraid it is not Shi Lezhi!"

     "The newcomer reported that this anchor has caused local discomfort to my body. Should I follow the procedure or spray it directly?"

     In the game, Liu Zilang was helped up.

     A spell of silence in the voice,

     The scene looked slightly awkward.

     Needless to say, Zhang Xiaotong, the little girl is coldly snorted, obviously very shameless of Liu Zilang's behavior.

     Even Misaka Kotomi and Li Mufan, the bear child, keep silent. It seems that until now the "belief" that stands in the heart has received a huge impact!

     Liu Zilang couldn't help coughing when he saw this, and said slowly in a low voice, "Is victory or defeat really that important?"

     "Many times people are blinded by the outcome and just want to settle a dispute with brute force, but ignore the power of wisdom."

     "And everything I do,

     Just to prove it! "

     Upon hearing Liu Zilang’s words, Li Mufan and Misaka Kotomi eyes shined instantly,

     Brilliant again!

     It turns out that this is the deep meaning of wetness. Sure enough, we are too superficial!



     Liu Zilang waved his hand and interrupted, "Understand naturally, go! Let's pick up the airdrop."After he finished speaking, he ran towards the casino, and the two behind him immediately followed suit.

     Zhang Xiaotong was lightly snorted, but thought that there might be something like a in the airdrop, he quickly followed up.

     A breeze blew, and there were only three boxes left at the door of the motel in the desolate desert

     As if talking silently.

     Tertiary head!

     Eight times the mirror!


     Good luck!

     Looking at the pieces of equipment in the gambling airdrop box, Liu Zilang quickly allocated them.

     Finally, not surprisingly,

     Liu Zilang got the k14

     At this time, his left hand sister control, right hand 98k, it can be said that the sniper debut.

     And now that Picardo’s "city lord" has been eliminated by Liu Zilang in a "fair and just open" man showdown, Picardo is in the center of the safe zone again,

     Then they naturally also not anxious left.

     Liu Zilang took the three people to a four-story building with a blue bottom in the west of the city. The few people first climbed up the corridor inside, and then climbed through the window to the top of the tall building.

     This place can be said to be the highest point that Picardo can currently reach by manpower. It is higher than the top of the boxing gym in terms of altitude.

     Several people live high and look down, waiting for the safety zone to refresh.

     In terms of probability, the center point of the previous safe zone is very likely to appear in the next safe zone.

     Except for metaphysics.

     The system of this game obviously complies with probability rather than metaphysics, and Liu Zilang and others succeeded in occupying a circle of fate.Additionally, the next few circles,

     It almost shocked the jaws of countless water friends in the live broadcast room.

     "This Nima how can it be? Is it the fate circle again?"

     "Vic, the Dogecoin, just killed the water friend. Shouldn't this kind of people run poison wildly and end up in the bombing zone?"

     "I understand, it must be the lovely Xiaotongjiang who saved the galaxy in the last life, and the merit value offset the guilt value of Vic, so he changed back to the circle of fate!"

     "The brothers in front of 2333 have some great brain supplements. Do you think you are playing online games?"

     However, no matter how the viewers in the live broadcast room complain,

     Facts are facts.

     In this game, until the end, Liu Zilang has not left the pickup for more than half a step.

     Rank: First!

     Kills: 19!

      great luck, great profit, eat chicken tonight!

     Finally, looking at the prompt that popped up on the screen, Liu Zilang also shook the head.

     What about the honey crispy chicken?

     In the end it was dull and tasteless!

     However, after the end of the first game, the four rows of the next few people were not so smooth.

     All kinds of scourges run poison, bombing and washing hair

     Encountered a car on the road with great difficulty, four wheels were beaten three times, it was a crash!

     After the last hand was hit by Li Mufan’s bear boy with a car, Liu Zilang, whose mentality exploded, immediately quit the game.

     End streaming at the speed of light

     Then after his black screen, the audience in the live broadcast room remained persistent and filled with a cheerful atmosphere.The most popular barrage in the live broadcast is "Heaven is a reincarnation, who is forgiven by the heavens?", "the Heavens have eyes, water friends can look at you!"

     The next afternoon.

     After Liu Zilang, Misaka Kotomi and Zhang Xiaotong were all set up, they set off from home together.

     Because it was Saturday, Zhang Xiaotong was kindly invited by Kotomi Misaka, half willing and half unwilling, and went to watch the game with Liu Zilang and the others.

      This afternoon's match is a double-row match for the Asian qualifiers. Compared with the previous solo solo match, it will undoubtedly require some cooperation and tactics.

     As for tomorrow’s team’s four-person qualifier, it’s simply not the same game as the single and double volleyball in professional events.

     In the double qualifier this afternoon, 4a needs to be divided into two teams.

     Arrived at the scene, after some internal discussions before the game.

     In the end, the team leader, Dragon God, made the final decision. Liu Zilang's double-row partner was Wei Shen, and Xiao Ming was paired with Aluka.

     Unexpectedly, they just matched it up here, but Jin Douhuan walked over from the aisle with one person.