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367 Really. Take Advantage Of The Fire! (2/4)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

plop sound!

     A figure fell into the water, and water splashed on the sea.

     In the case of burning buttocks, Li Muqiu's diving posture is undoubtedly not standard, and the splash is not good.

     Five points can't be more!

     Bai Shaobin thought so.

     The next moment, he suddenly reacted.

     Damn this Nima was forced to jump into the sea? The team above the bridge is too cruel!

     But at this moment, Bai Shaobin carefully glanced at the kill prompt on the screen again, and suddenly the corner of his eyes twitched.

     "4a-vic uses vss to knock down se7en-ssr!"

     It's him!

     It was him!

     Suddenly, Bai Shaobin suddenly became calm.

     But then, he was complexion changed again!

     Because Bai Shaobin suddenly realized who was this person who just dived

     In the sea, after the calamity, renewed life of Li Muqiu Shen took a deep breath, after looking back and killing, he felt resentful in his heart, but he was shocked.


     In addition to that person, it is estimated that without other people came to block the bridge with a handful of vss and a Molotov cocktail.

     And there are only two people in the area, don’t you feel tired?

     Seeing that the bridge had been knocked down to make up for his teammates, Li Muqiu muttered silently in his heart, "I'm sorry, the dog", and turned around to head towards the shore.

     But after he turned around, he discovered that there were actually two people left near the sea.

     Is this swimming from the other side?

     Oh, there is such a bullshit!

     Li Muqiu sneered and smiled in his heart, turning his head to walk away.At this time, he naturally didn't realize that one of these two people was Bai Shaobin who he was to yearn day and night, deeply worried.

     But when Li Muqiu swam for a distance, he suddenly found something's wrong.


     Why are these two people behind the ass following?

     How does Nima want to loot a burning house?

     Li Muqiu turned around and showed off for a fancy butterfly stroke, you kid don't follow me!

     The clinker two people seemed to have eaten him to death. They plunged into the water, followed his ass firmly and dived!

     My Nima, do you treat me as a soft persimmon?

     come on!

     He thought bitterly in his heart, he will kill you all when I get ashore and find a chance!

     Host the commentary stage.

     "Tsk tusk, I didn't expect that this wave of vic actually succeeded in blocking the bridge! This Molotov cocktail is definitely the best in the audience."

     "Hehe, it seems that you will have to bring two Molotov cocktails in the future. Then this wave of Vic and Wei Shen will be comfortable. Qiu Shen and his team seem to be the fattest ssr sniper."

     "However, the underwater Qiu Shen seems to have been stared at by Tyloo's Nighthawk. This is just coming out of the tiger's den and entering the wolf den! I don't know what they have said about this wave.

     In the game, Liu Zilang and Wei Shen also touched the bridge with their guns.

     Beside the bridge bar, ssr has not been repaired after being knocked down, and I feel regretful!


     It was really only a little bit short!

     Then he could jump up and chase someone into the sea with Li Muqiu.But at this moment, looking down at Li Muqiu without turning the head, he suddenly felt desperate.

     Soon, Liu Zilang and Wei Shen came to his side.

     Liu Zilang looked into the sea from the bridge and couldn't help but shook his head regretfully, "It's so pitiful, I was abandoned by my teammates, then let me free you."

     After speaking, raising his hand to ssr's forehead was a spray.


     The ssr shiver coldly on the ground suddenly kicked his legs and died instantly!

     When Wei Shen saw this, corner of the mouth twitch,

     It's not because you broke up people abruptly.

     But now everything else can be put aside first, licking the bag is the first priority. After the two squatted beside the box for a while, their equipment suddenly looked completely new at the speed of visible to the naked eye!

     A dark third-level head appeared on Liu Zilang's head, and a beautifully styled third-level armor exuding metallic luster appeared on Wei Shen's body.

     Eight times 98k!

     Fully equipped with four times 4!

     First aid kit!

     Painkiller drink!

      It should be noted that in this game, Li Muqiu and ssr did not go to the Military Base after landing on the airport island, but drove a wave of carpet-like "harvest" in the wild areas around the airport.

     This is why the two crossed the bridge so late.

     At this time, Liu Zilang and Wei Shen saw this box of materials and equipment, and suddenly burst with joy. It was like turning over the serfs and singing.

     As expected of the man from the airport island!

     Meidi is very!

     After licking their bags, the two looked at the three people swimming towards the coastal fishing village with the word "P", and they couldn't help but begin to stir again.If this turns them all into express delivery, life should not be much difference, is it fulfilled?

     But now the next safe zone has been refreshed.

     In the end, the surviving reason in their minds defeated their desires and suppressed their inner restlessness.

     Replaced in the small yellow car left by Li Muqiu and the others, the two quickly drove towards the safety zone.

     After all, double row is different from single row. The risk of lingering outside the circle is too great, and entering the circle early is the last word.

     In the Professional League, it is not necessary to find a housing area after entering the circle. Because in the case of a large number of people surviving on the field, entering the room is equivalent to entering the guard zone of other players, which is particularly dangerous.

     Unless there are too many houses in the safe area, you can still find a multi-story building. If otherwise, finding a good hill will often lead to a relatively safe area.

     Liu Zilang and Wei Shen clearly have that's it.

     Wei Shen drove, and Liu Zilang sat in position 3. The two headed north and stopped on a hillside south of town g after entering the circle.

     The next two people occupy a mountain and become the king, and while waiting for the next lap to refresh, there are cars passing by from time to time.

     The two always shot at a long distance to declare sovereignty, and they were not allowed to approach at all.

     In the case of the second lap, the safety zone is so large that if not necessary, other teams will basically turn around and leave if they are beaten.

     After all, in this kind of competition, survival is the most important thing. Basically, few teams are so strong that in the second lap, they have to fight you die, I live with others.Thus, Liu Zilang and Wei Shen fought each other. Although it seemed fierce, when the opponent turned in time, they actually didn't get a head.

     Fortunately, there were enough bullets in the man's bag just now, otherwise the two of them could not help squandering, but even so, the two became poorer and poorer.

     Liu Zilang couldn't help but smashed his mouth when he saw this. "We have to find a wave of supplies."

     "Would you like to find a room to search?" Wei Shen asked.

     "That's too slow." Liu Zilang declined to comment.

     At this moment, a "hong-long-long" sound suddenly came from the air.

     There are planes!

     The two could not help but eyes shined at the same time!

      It should be noted, the plane often represents not an airdrop, but also means countless dream catchers who one falls, the next follows.

     If you can turn them into express delivery

     Isn't the supply coming?

      Thought until here, the two jumped on ae86 at the same time, chasing the route of the overhead plane and went all the way!
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