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368 Molester Wushuang, Tactical Car Repair! (3/4)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

With a rumbling sound, the plane passing by in the second safety zone,

     It undoubtedly attracted enough attention on the court.

     You must know that in the game of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, everyone just landed and was busy searching for things at the time of the first airdrop. If this is not the case just happen to coincide with the occasion, there will often be airdrops landing but no one will go. Pick up the situation.

     But after the second safe zone is refreshed, the airdrop is different now.

     Strictly speaking, this can even be said to be the first airdrop that really caused contention on the court.

     Because at this point in time, many teams that were not outside the circle started to move, and all points on the field basically moved. Naturally, it is inevitable that multiple teams and airdrops will meet.

     As for turning around after seeing the airdrop?

     It is estimated that in addition to the pig king everore of the Korean kd team, few teams on the field will go to this level.

     So when Liu Zilang and Wei Shen arrived at the airdrop landing point-the hillside west of city p,

     The gunshots around had already rang, and there was also the buzzing of cars and motorcycles from time to time. At least four or five double teams on the court were attracted by this airdrop.

     The airdrop had landed right now, lying on the hillside, quietly scattered with thick red smoke, but no one dared to approach it.


     With so many guns on hold,

     Which brains will pick up airdrops only after they are drawn!

     After Liu Zilang and Wei Shen parked the car, they quickly jumped down to find a shelter.

     "In the direction of se130, there are two behind the stone and the tree."

     "Well, on the high slope in the direction, someone got down. I can't hit it here.""What do we say about this wave, should we give it a try?"

     "Wait, I'm afraid our car will be blown up before driving over."

     "Then what shall we do now? These guys are a little bit more embarrassed than playing, they don't show up at all."

     "In this case"

     At this moment, Liu Zilang suddenly raised his mouth, and he had an idea in his mind.

     And when a group of people was surrounding the airdrop of battle of wits and bravery, a little further south outside the safe zone, Li Muqiu looked at the two people who were walking behind their ass like idiots.

     The whole person is so bad

     He was followed all the way by two people just now in the sea, and at first he had no chance to go ashore.

     Later, seeing that Bo Du was about to shrink, Li Muqiu gritted his teeth and decided to give it a go.

     He threw three smoke bombs at the location of the coastal shallows while the opponent was not paying attention, and immediately rushed to the coast.

     Fortunately, he managed to get rid of the opponent's trailing line, found a room to hide, pulled up the blood volume with a first aid kit, and filled the energy bar easily.

     Although when he was just in the sea, Li Muqiu thought in his heart that he would hammer both of them to death after going ashore.

     But now and then,

     Right now the second safety zone was brushed to the north, and he had no car, so in the end he decided to "let the other party live a little longer"

     But what Li Muqiu hadn't thought was that when he hadn't walked far here, gunshots suddenly came from behind, and bullets whizzed by his side.

     He turned his head and opened the mirror to take a look, and suddenly the corner of his eyes twitched!

     This Nima is not the two people who were in the sea just now,

     It's a lingering soul!So next, the two sides walked and fought on the road to run poison, and launched a protracted, long-distance "grass tug of war".

     And seeing this scene, the audience in the live broadcast room also laughed.

     "Tsk tusk! Unable to discern the white team actually still has the potential of being a'tail man'. This technique is professional enough!"

     "Laughing shit me, the white team hates Qiu Shen and loves it so deeply, they have followed so far!"

     "Autumn God: Please Get away from me! I don't want to see you!"

     "Team White: Hey, the big bad guy wants to seduce and then abandon to others, Xiaoquanquan will snap you off!"

     "The brain in front of 2333 is a bit too much!"

     Although the last line outside the safety zone is Intensified and already entered the third part, the perspective of the director at this moment has not been able to "care" them much.

     All this is naturally because Wei Shen and Liu Zilang on the airdrop side have begun to take the lead again.

     Because the people around the airdrop were very tight, they couldn't find a chance to drop a few points.

     In this stalemate, Liu Zilang suddenly a bright idea suddenly occurred. Together with Wei Shen, he formed a "fetal abortion squad", and the two began to commit crimes together.

     Because although the car is parked there, people are nearby. If you take a taxi in front of the other person, it is no different from the reality that the bear kid is in front of the car owner, holding a stone and paddling the car.

     That's not even a set of recruits, clear and direct for you!

     So this time, you need a "Dark Forces" to support you.In the game, Liu Zilang with a handful of 98k is undoubtedly one such "Dark Forces".

     Wei Shen held a 4 at that "dada" spot car, while Liu Zilang set up 98k, where he refused to accept it!




     In a short interval, the crisp gunfire of 98k sounded one after another, as if forming a certain melody.

     And every shot fired, for the person being beaten, is either the second-stage head fragmentation,

     Either the third-level head turns red.

     Under Liu Zilang's extremely accurate gun, Wei Shen held a 4 shows no mercy on his side, facing the surroundings with a burst of dots, frantically "fixing the car"!

     Pouch! Pouch! Puff--!

     In a blink of an eye, all the cars in the sight of Liu Zilang and Wei Shen were blown out by him.

     And basically it was two starts, and it was absolutely choking to drive.

     As for the two teams that "reacted more intensely", under the deterrence of Liu Zilang's terror, Wei Shen simply unloaded everyone's tires in one go, and couldn't even drive them directly!

     Seeing this deranged scene, the audiences in the live and live broadcast rooms are suddenly unwell.

     How did this airdrop battle that Nima said suddenly turned into a abortion contest?

     On the presiding commentary stage, sjoy couldn’t help but smiled when he saw it. “How can I say this wave? Maybe it’s also a tactical choice.”

     Hearing sjoy's words, boos suddenly sounded around the scene.

     Disgusting people say disgusting people. Are you still involved in tactics?At the same time, Zhang Xiaotong, who was sitting in the auditorium with Jiang Yumeng at the scene, had a red face on his face, and he wanted to get under the chair.

     Hearing the boos on the scene, Su Changming on the commentary stage hurriedly helped roundly, "Well, I think that sjoy also makes sense. To a certain extent, this is indeed a tactical decision, because after the tire is knocked out, In the next airdrop competition, other teams lost a certain degree of mobility whether they retreated or advanced. This is good news for Vic and Wei Shen."

     On the side, sy said with emotion, "In fact, through this wave, we can also see the terror suppressing power of a top sniper in a non-single row match."

     Sjoy heard nodded and said, "Yes, it’s a pity that there is no Ze Shao or Nighthawk level sniper in the team that came to pick up the airdrop. Only then can Vic act wilfully with a 98k, otherwise Wei Shen will not have a baby. It will be so easy."

     "What do you say next?" Su Changming raised his head and looked at the big screen, with a serious analysis of his face, "Will Vic and Wei Shen take the initiative to sortie to grab the airdrop? Or should they use the mobility of their cars to get closer and clear. Let's talk about losing some nearby teams that have had their tires knocked out?

     The three people on the commentary stage were analyzing.

     Unexpectedly, at this moment, under God's perspective on the screen.

     I saw a bouncing suddenly from behind the hillside in the distance, a spinning and flew into the field of vision of everyone!