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369 Wet, Like Li! (4/4)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

"Nhera sauce! Please slow down! Please slow down!"

     "Sakamoto-kun, don't be afraid, I'm afraid I will protect you! Please trust me!"


     After finishing the above dialogue.

     Kotomi Misaka, who was rushing over with the sniper esker in the team, spun from the slope and flew up.

     At this moment in the field of vision the sky spins, the earth goes round, esker only recalled a sentence

     Cherish life and stay away from female drivers.

     He was full of regret, and he shouldn't have eaten the wrong bite just now, so he shouldn't get in this unlicensed driving black car!

     Kang Dang!

     In the next moment, Bounce slammed beside the airdrop box.

     The teams that were in a stalemate on the field suddenly fell into silence, and their eyes were cast on the bouncer at the same time.

     Could this way of appearance come from a big boss?

     Next to the airdrop box, Misaka Kotomi and Esker realized that the surrounding atmosphere was abnormal the moment they got off the car.

     "Ah! Seal the cigarette! Quickly seal the cigarette!" Misaka Kotomi quickly shouted.

     The confused esker wants to cry but doesn't have tears, "I said don't drive too fast!"

     In a rush, the two hurriedly threw smoke bombs around the airdrop.

     After a blast of "gang-dang", the airdrop box that was still emitting red smoke turned into a foggy white area.

     Host the commentary stage.

     "Wow, are the Japanese players so fierce! They just flew up?"

     "Tsk tsk, it is indeed the island country where Bakusō Kyōdai Let's & Go is produced. This is the original ‘cyclone assault tornado’!""Speaking of speaking, the reaction of other players around the airdrop just now was a bit slow. If you react early, I think I can at least take one away before the smoke is closed?"

     "Hehe, I think it's normal. It's like a battle between several armies. A spaghetti seller suddenly rushed out in front of the battle. In that situation, no one can respond."

     "However, the situation of nhera sauce and esker is still not optimistic. When the smoke clears, they will be trapped in a circle and become two urn turtles."

     "Yes, the area of the airdrop box is too small, and it's okay to only defend one side, but in this case it won't work at all."

     In the white smoke, after a panic in Misaka Kotomi's heart,

     It was quickly calmed down!

     This is not because she has a big heart, but because the airdrop that exudes alluring smoke is enough to calm her down.

     "Wow! It's k14!"

     Seeing this gun, Misaka Kotomi's eyes suddenly lit up.

     As a free agent of sst, she is also a Second Position sniper in the team. Among the many sniper rifles in this game, Kotomi Misaka's favorite is the fully automatic sniper rifle produced by the airdrop of k14.

     Especially after watching the video of Liu Zilang's fifteen times sister's pressure gun circulated on the Internet, Kotomi Misaka is a shock man and heaven, and has always regarded it as the goal and direction of her efforts.

     At this moment, seeing the k14 lying quietly in the airdrop box, Misaka Kotomi quickly replaced the sks behind and equipped it on her body.At the same time she yelled in her voice, "Sakamoto-kun, there is a third-level head here, come get it, we are ready to go!"

     "Rough hair?" Esker panicked suddenly.

     There are many guns around this,

     Isn't it going out?

     Although the result of not going out, it seems that it is not much better thought until here, esker could not help but feel sad and angry!

     Because he suddenly remembered that when he decided to draw a lottery for the double volleyball team just before the game, the other two in the team looked at him with a smile on their faces.

     Then he pumped casually,

     I got a group with Misaka Koto

     How can it be repaired!

     Those guys must have cheated!

     But this is not the time to think about this. After the game’s Kotomi Misaka equipped with k14, she raised her head and poured two bottles of Red Bull on the ground. She immediately wiped her mouth and jumped on her.

     "Sakamoto-kun, get in the car."

     Hearing the urging of Misaka Kotomi, esker hurriedly picked up the tertiary head in the airdrop box, and jumped on the bounce.

     Misaka Kotomi also comforted him, "Don't worry about Sakamoto-kun, I will protect you!"



     Sparks spewed from the exhaust pipe behind Bump, and a harsh buzzing sound rang.

     Kotomi Misaka glanced at the map, honor does not allow one to glance back, rush out from the smoke!

     At this time, esker, who was sitting shiver coldly in the back seat, closed his eyes and began to pray silently.

     Hearing the rumbling in his ear not far away, watching the car rushing out of the smoke, Wei Shen couldn't help but smashed his mouth and said, "Wow! Which team is this? This is too awesome!""It's really awesome."

     Liu Zilang is nodded, he glanced at the bouncing car and suddenly said, "Eh! Have you noticed?"

     Liu Zilang's hasn't even finished his sentence.

     Wei Shen then said "fuck", "Why is this bouncing coming at us?"

     Liu Zilang immediately eyes shined, speaking very fast, "Set up a gun, protect them!"

     His intention is already obvious, and that is to deliver the safeguard (sth) by airdrop so that they can be delivered safely

     At this time, the surrounding teams saw the Bumping car rushing out of the smoke, and they suddenly got angry.

     This Nima too does not pay attention to people, right?

     It hurts self-esteem?

     In an instant, they raised their muzzles one after another, and shot at that bouncing car!

     Whoosh whoosh -!

     In an instant, countless bullets flew past the galloping car like rain!

     Misaka Kotomi hurriedly turned left and right, and started her ultimate "z-shaped lightning car skill" of rapid cobra.

     However, due to the restrictions of the system rules, her lightning seemed a bit too fat and slow, and several clusters of blood burst out on the esker who was kneeling in the back seat.

     I was beaten from the car in a blink of an eye!

     The esker, who fell to the ground, looked at Misaka Kotomi without turning the head, and his heart suddenly felt desolate.

     I was a fool!


     Esker vaguely recalled the mantra of Misaka Kotomi in the team.

     Don't be afraid, I will protect you.

     But the people she protects, never did not have one, can surviveIt turns out that everything is already doomed!

     However, at this time, Kotomi Misaka, who had "protected his teammate to death", was shot in the body, losing a small amount of blood.

      Among the hail of bullets, Misaka Kotomi felt desperate in her heart!

     A 98k gunshot suddenly sounded in my ear!


     As soon as a powerful gunshot sounded, the gunshots that followed were like an ensemble being disrupted.

     As if suddenly cut off!

     Because a "spear violin" player was just shot to the ground, he can no longer play

     "4a-vic used kar98k to headshot bdg-rapiacta!"

     Hearing the gunshots, I accidentally glanced at the kill prompt at the bottom left of the screen, Misaka Kotomi's eyes suddenly sparkled.

     Suddenly glowed!


     Like Li -!
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