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374 Get Out Of The Account, Pick Up The Knife, Fly On The Horse! (On) Second More
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: | Translator:

Next, it was as expected by the two.

     With the contraction in the third wave of poison, the field entered a period of substantial attrition.

     Liu Zilang and Wei Shen, who squatted in the toilet outside the safe area, only rely on the System Notification at the bottom left of the screen.

     But at this time in the Periphery Zone, the third safety zone, gunfire and artillery fire became one piece. The number of survivors on the field decreased one after another. During this period of time, people fell to the ground at any time during this period of time. The next person either abandons or goes to Huangquan with his teammates. It is rarely said that there is someone who can successfully pull up his teammates and continue to live.

     Host the commentary stage.

     "Hiss! It's really too miserable. Although we had expected that the field would enter a mass attrition stage in this wave, we really didn't expect it to be like this."

     "Yes, I think it's mainly because this safe area is brushed in the area of town g. Except for the small areas of housing, the surrounding area is really empty. It is really very empty when running poison into the circle. It is prone to conflicts and collisions, causing heavy casualties."

     "That's the case, so now the third wave of poison has coincided with the border of the safe zone, and the next circle is on the northeast of the g array and bordering the ruins. There are only 37 people left on the field. The wave just now has been reduced. Half."

     "Huh? Wait, there are still people running poison now?"

     Accompanied by Sy's suspicious voice, the director's footage was also given to a car outside the third safety zone.

     "Fuck! Aren't these Vic and Wei Shen?"

     "I'm dripping ghosts! I'm just running the poison now. I'm afraid I have been in the poison for a long time.""Kill the Pig King and get the Pig King's [Talent Go Skill]? These two are better than something!"

     "Is this the ultimate swallow of legendary Kun? Kill the pig king to become the new king Gou?"

      Before that, there were too many people on the field, and the third wave of poison swept into the safe zone and became a piece of it. The director’s perspective naturally impossible each person took care of.

     Therefore, seeing that Liu Zilang and Wei Shen were still in poison at this time, the audience in the live broadcast room couldn't help but complain.

     In the game, Wei Shen drove, Liu Zilang sat in the third position, and the two rushed all the way on the wilderness in the blue radiation zone.

     Seeing the safety zone in front of him, Liu Zilang couldn't help but muttered, "You said we don't meet people just as soon as we are poisoned?"

     Hearing what Liu Zilang said, Wei Shen suddenly braked to a halt.

     Liu Zilang couldn't help being taken aback.

     Wei Shen said earnestly while taking medicine, "This must guard against! Let's take medicine before going in."

     Liu Zilang thought that it made sense. He simply used the medical box that had just lured the Emperor Pig, and immediately filled his blood.

     Then the two got in the car at the same time again and drove toward the safety zone in the northeast direction.

     After arriving at the border of the safe zone, Wei Shen observed in the poison, and then slowed down and drove in.

     The purpose of slowing down,

     Of course it is for the convenience of jumping at any time.

     When the two first entered the circle, the surroundings were still relatively quiet, and it seemed that this area was desolate and uninhabited.

     Liu Zilang and Wei Shen couldn't help but secretly pleased when they saw this.

     Luckily, he actually entered a no man's land.The two of them got out of the car immediately, leaned their backs on the body, raised their heads gūlū gūlū and filled up their drinks, trying to fill the energy bar first.

     After a while, Wei Shen's blood volume just returned to full.

     He inadvertently flicked his angle of view to observe, and suddenly saw a head behind the grass slope on the side not far away.

      During the night-blooming cactus shows once, the two looked at each other.


     24 The loud and tough gunfire suddenly exploded, and a sniper bullet suddenly burst into the chamber!


     Only more than a half-durable third-level head remained on Wei Shen’s head and shattered on the spot, and his blood volume suddenly to drop a thousand zhang in one fall,

     Only a trace of red blood left!

     One shot 99!

     I drop mom!

     Wei Shen was taken aback, leaned in a hurry, hid on the other side of the car, and said out of breath, "Someone snipes me, behind the grassy slope in the direction of 250."

     On the side, Liu Zilang couldn't help but eyes shined. After he got this pair of snipers, he didn't shoot much.

     At this moment, Liu Zilang's hands were itchy when he heard the gunshots of the opponent, and his backhand set up his 98k behind the car.

     The guy will give you an opportunity again!

     The idea of clinker just came up in his mind, and suddenly a figure flickered on the hillside in the distance.

     Disappeared soon!


     With the sound of gunshots, Liu Zilang's head exploded with a striking blood, and his vision shook violently.

     He squatted down in the back of the car, then let out a relaxed breath, his eyes condensed.


     The opponent's shot is a flash!So just now he even had the opportunity to shoot, and was instantly headshot by the opponent.

     Wei Shen looked at Liu Zilang's bald skull and only a trace of blood, and couldn't help but took a deep breath, "Even you can't be right with him? This is better than something."

     Hearing Wei Shen's words, Liu Zilang, who was pulling up his blood with a first aid kit, did not speak.

     To be honest, he was a little bit bigger in this wave, and he was beaten a no time to deal with it. After all, when a truly top sniper is facing a sniper, where does it show his head?

     Isn't that owed to clean up?

     However, despite this, the opponent only relies on the quick and accurate sniper, and it is by no means an easy-going generation.

      Thought until here, Liu Zilang got stuck behind the car and looked at the noiselessly grass slope opposite, suddenly the corners of his mouth raised slightly.

     is it you?

      at the same time, on the stage of the game host.

     "My God! Ze Shao actually met Vic Wei Shen in this wave, we have something to say, Huaxia team will not play Huaxia team."

     "Hehe, this is not realistic. Not only did Ze Shao fight, he also exploded the heads of Wei Shen and Vic just now, but didn't jump and knock down, so it is estimated that the two sides still do not know each other."

     "I don't know my identity, this is indeed a problem. By the way, Boss Su, you used to have there's nothing about it special communication method in se7en? Let Ze Shao and Vic know each other."

     "Special communication methods, haha, this is really not there, but I think if it is A Lang and Zeyan, they should be able to know each other without any communication.""I don't need to communicate to know? I don't understand this a bit, so why are they still hammering?"

     "You don’t know Zeyan’s character. He never goes beyond the rules in any game. He only achieves the best within the rules. Even if you tell him that they don’t kill Wei Shen and they can win the championship, he probably won’t be much. Think for a second, should I kill or kill."

     "Hehe, it is true, let alone an old teammate, it is estimated that the current teammate will play the same."

     "Then it's a bit difficult now. No matter who gets eliminated, these two teams are not a good thing for our China Team.

     The three people on the narration stage were worried about the discussion.

     At this moment, the director's camera suddenly got everything to the south of town g.

     In an instant, fierce gunfire and the roar of the car engine suddenly came out!

     In the game scene on the big screen, I saw a jeep chasing after another jeep and a car’s butt and outputting wildly.

     There is also a bungee walking in the snakeskin ahead.

      what is this good Hollywood blockbuster?

     Seeing this scene, the audience in the live broadcast room was a little dumbfounded.

     In the end, they drove the jeep to pursue it, and it was Kim Doo-hwan and Mercedes-Benz.