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376 Di: Student Card! Beat My Teammate! (First More)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: | Translator:

In the blink of an eye, the live broadcast rooms of major platforms exploded, and the screen was full of barrages.

     "6666! Does Nima have this kind of operation?"

     "Knock in it! Get on the bus without even buying a ticket, and report it!"

     "Dip: Student card!"

     "I'm a ghost! Get in the car first and then make up the ticket. I learned what I learned."

     "If you don't blow it, you can't black. Vic's hand speed is at least more than ten years single!"

     "The most irritating thing is that Mercedes-Benz and azeael have not found Vic in the car. This Nima is afraid that a wave of hearses will drift!"

     During the race, I saw the jeep and the overturned car pass by and continue to drive forward.

     In the jeep, Mercedes-Benz and Jin Doo-hwan switched their perspectives and looked back at the back. They were all taken aback.

     "Did you just jump in any hint?" Brother Benz cannot bear ask.

     "No." Kim Doo-hwan shook the head, "The guy jumped, and he probably hid in the overturned car."

      He spoke until here, Jin Douhuan coldly snorted, eyes showing a cold light and said, "This wave counts him lucky, but still dying!"

     He just finished speaking when he heard the sound of "duang" suddenly sounded behind his head!

     Crisp! Sweet!

     Especially in this game, people can tremble and resonate from in the depth of one's soul!

     Jin Douhuan, who was sitting in the driver's seat while driving, felt his heart tremble, and he was photographed from the car with a confused face.

     It's a pan!

     "Brother Assi, what are you doing!" Jin Douhuan shouted angrily when he fell off the car.

     His first reaction is that Mercedes-Benz is doing things.In fact, it is right to think about it.

     Because the person in the car can only be knocked down by the person in the car with a pan, and there is only one person in the car, and it is impossible for the person under the car to throw the pan over and hit him.

     So the truth is only has one.

      Thought until here, Jin Dou-hwan, who had just been photographed and had not had time to see the kill prompt, could not help but feel resentment!

     At this time, the jeep stopped driving, and the speed slowed down. The Mercedes-Benz sitting in the third seat was stunned by Jin Douhuan and glanced at the System Notification on the lower left of the screen.

     "4a-vic used a flat pan to knock down royal-azeael!"

     What's so special about it's none of my business?

     Wait, how did Vic knock people down with a pan?

     Almost subconsciously, sitting in the third position, Mercedes-Benz instantly cut into the first perspective, and then turned his head.

     The next moment, the two four eyes met.

     I saw a face with a dark tertiary head and a faint unkempt beard chin printed in his eyes very abruptly, looking like an unsentimental killer.

     Wait, why did this killer return Nima with a pan?


     Mercedes-Benz was suddenly scared one shivers in his heart!

     However, before he had time to raise the gun, he suddenly splitting the head and covering the face when he saw the black and hard pan, instantly flooding his entire field of vision.


     There was another clear and sweet voice!Behind the jeep, Jin Douhuan, who was kneeling on the ground, was waiting for Brother Benz to come down and rescue him. As a result, in a blink of an eye, the jeep that was driving slower and slower suddenly dropped the individual again, and fell to the ground with a "plop" just like him.

     The next moment, the two kicked their legs at the same time and died on the spot.

     "4a-vic killed royal-benz with a pan headshot!"

     Seeing this kill reminder, Jin Dou-hwan suddenly felt bad!

     This Nima how can it be?

     Immediately afterwards, I saw Liu Zilang carrying a pan, jumped off the jeep, and then hid behind the jeep secretively.

     Seeing the scene in front of him, Jin Dou-hwan was so angry that his eyes turned black, and he almost sprayed a mouthful of blood on the screen.

     Host the commentary stage.

     The three commentators were also a little stunned at this time.

     Even if they want to break their heads, they have never thought that Liu Zilang could actually jump into the car like this, carrying a pan to directly kill the "Two Great Demon Kings" that have been killing wildly in this game, and it ended in an instant!

     "Boss Su, I didn't get dazzled just now, right?"

     "Well, I think the probability of the three of us being dazzled together is negligible. Vic indeed took the pan and shot both of us with the highest kill record in this game.

     "Speaking of the Asian qualifiers of this time, the gold player is a bit miserable. On the first day of the match, he was hit by Vic's car twice. With great difficulty, he waited until the double row cooperated with Mercedes-Benz to kill the Quartet. However, he encountered him Vic, when he had a gun and a car, he was shot dead by a pan""Hehe, an Asian pinnacle sniper actually fell to this point in the pubg's first world game. If this is not the case, I saw it with my own eyes. I am afraid that no one would believe it."

     "Yes, speaking of vic's pan in this game, it's a bit showy. It's shooting thunders and people. It feels like it's not the same game we usually play."

     "Huh? But Wei Shen and Xiao Jue seem to be about to do it! This wave of vic got on someone else's black car and it is too far away from Wei Shen, I'm afraid the whip cannot reach!"

     "Yes, oh! The cocoa shot has also come over, and now it is ig double mixed doubles Wei Shen, Wei Shen is in a very dangerous situation now.

     During the game, I saw Wei Shen and Xiao Jue circling the car.

     Whoosh whoosh -!

     At this moment, a sound of bullets roaring through the air suddenly came from a distance.


     Two clusters of blood blossoms burst out of Wei Shen's body, and his blood volume fell below half.

     "Fuck! Someone attacked me!" Wei Shen suddenly exclaimed, "Come and support me."

     Hearing Wei Shen's words, Liu Zilang, who glanced at the box on the ground, jumped onto the jeep and rushed forward to Wei Shen's side as soon as he stepped on the accelerator, "Stay steady! I'm coming!!!"

     Wei Shen couldn't help but his eyes twitched

     Is this something I can stabilize if I want to stabilize it?

     as expected.

     Xiao Jue may have reported his HP by shooting Coco. He was still trying to test each other around the two cars with Wei Shen and rush forward with his gun.On the commentary stage, Sjoy couldn't help but said, "This wave is killing you while you are sick! God Wei's blood volume is too low. If there is a miracle, it is impossible to be too young unless there is a miracle."

     In fact, even God Wei himself suddenly felt cold when he saw Xiao Jue rushing over!

     That's it!

     However, at this moment, a loud gunshot suddenly came from the field!


     Wei Shen got stuck behind the car was surprised!

     Watching Xiao Jue rushing over, an eye-catching blood flower burst out of his head, and then he fell to the ground!

     "Ig-olves knocked down ig-xiaojue with 24 headshots!"

     A precise and deadly shot!

     But seeing this scene, the audience on the field is collectively confused.

     We must know that although Shen Zeyan and the illusion team in this game, Xiao Jue is also an ig person. This is a perfect interpretation of what is meant to be a "teammate" who beat me!

     On the commentary stage, sjoy was also stunned, and his mouth was speechless for a long time.

     After for a good while, he shook the head and smiled bitterly, "I now believe what you just said, Ze Shao really kills himself when he is fierce."