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377 Jedi Big Co-rent, God Bless The Four Sisters? (On) Second More
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Seeing this kill, both Xiao Jue and Wei Shen were wet.

     But Xiao Jue is the tears of regret that she left,

     Wei Shen was moved eyes brimming with tears of excitement, but unfortunately there is no pasta just out of the pot. If there is any, he absolutely will, please try Shen Zeyan.

     After Xiao Jue fell to the ground, Wei Shen did not dare to grab any heads.

     He doesn't even have a head now. Although Shen Zeyan has just shown the attitude of an "friendly army", Wei Shen is still not sure whether he will become an enemy in the next second and give himself a shot.

      At the same time, on the other side with Wei Shen's shooting of Coco, the corner of his eyes twitched, and his heart almost collapsed.

     He didn’t think there was a sniper lurking next to him.

     And it was their team Shen Zeyan.

     Although Shen Zeyan didn't know that that person was Xiao Jue before firing that shot.

     But what Yishe Keco knew about him, I am afraid that even if he knew it, the result would not be much better than now.

     Shooting the cocoa was painful, and suddenly there was a roar of a car engine.


     Why are you back again?

     Shot Coco raised his gun and took a look in the mirror. Suddenly frowned, he found something unusual.

     The car seems to be the same car,

     But the person does not seem to be that person anymore.

     The most obvious difference is that in that jeep, two people become one person.

     Wait there is still one person?

     Or is this a tactic, one person drives and one person stands behind?

     What a deceitful in many ways!In a moment, She Ke Ke's heart suddenly became vigilant.

     Because Liu Zilang hit the two with a pan just now, there was no movement on the court except System Notification. He didn’t expect to go only once,

     The new jeep is replaced by the old one.

     After getting a little closer, Liu Zilang hurriedly stopped and jumped down.

     To be honest, he was quite puzzled when he saw that Coco had never shot.

     But this didn't affect Daju, because of Shen Zeyan's shot, the situation on the field had already been reversed.

     Liu Zilang and Wei Shen are now flanking back and forth, putting Cocoa in the middle. Jushi is said to be great.

     Of course, the premise is that Shen Zeyan on the side will no longer suddenly put a cold spear to rebel.

     But this is because they are destined to be disappointed.

     Shen Zeyan is completely "no distinction between the enemy and us", whoever shows up is a shot.

     In just over ten seconds, after a wave of tentative shots, all three of them were shot by him alone.

     "Tsk tsk, Ze Shao deserves to be Ze Shao, I am still convinced by this wave of'Rain and Dew' marksmanship!"

     "This is too arrogant. Isn't he afraid to annoy the three of them, and beat him together?"

     "Ze Shao: I'm not targeting anyone, I mean everyone here is spicy chicken!"

     In the game, under the interference of Shen Zeyan, Liu Zilang and Wei Shen were unable to effectively encircle Shot Coco.

     With the ebbing of time, the deep blue radiation net spread from all around to the middle again.Soon, the boundary between the poison zone and the safe zone coincided, and the third safe zone from the bottom of the game was refreshed.

     Unfortunately, the three people who were in the last safe marginal position are not in the safe zone, and they seem to be not close.

     At this time, it was only one minute and thirty seconds before the next wave of poison contracted. This wave of poison was already a bit painful, and it was definitely not possible to survive in poison by spraying medicine alone.

     Seeing this, Liu Zilang and Wei Shen were also shaken.

     They have nothing deep-seated hatred with Sheke Ke, there is no need to block him dies here.

     Of course, if conditions permit, it will still be blocked.

     But since the conditions are not very permissible at this time, they can go one step ahead and see you in the finals.

     After figuring this out, the two exchanged in voice, and both began to seal the cigarettes near the car.

     No way, Shen Zeyan held an iron sniper there. No one would dare to get in the car without throwing cigarettes.

     Chi Chi Chi Chi -!

     The smoke was released slowly and diffused, and the surrounding area of the car suddenly fell into a vast expanse of whiteness.

     "We can see that Wei Shen and Vic chose to run poison first."

     "Yes, this is also a tactical choice. After all, there are still nearly 27 people alive on the field. I don't think there is any need to kill each other in this circle."

     "Hehe, in fact, I think, except for Qiu Shen and Nighthawk, in this case there's nothing about it, people will think that they must get stuck to each other.""No, no, no, I think after today’s game, maybe another pair will be added, that is, player Jin and Vic, but I’m not very clear about vic’s idea, but player Kim will probably meet Vic again in the next game. , Most of it is going to kill him."

     Just as they ridiculed and teased on the commentary stage, Liu Zilang, Wei Shen and others on the court drove all the way and pushed into the next safe zone.

     This safe area is brushed between the ruins and the g mountain. Although there's nothing about it in the large housing area, there are only a few scattered cabins, but it is better than the dense vegetation and uneven terrain, so it is easier to find a shelter. of.

     Wei Shen watched Liu Zilang drive all the way towards the middle of the circle, and couldn't help but opens the mouth to ask, "Where are we going?"

     "Go and take the wooden house." Liu Zilang marked a point on the map.

     Wei Shen some hesitation said, "There should be someone here?"

     Liu Zilang said with a smile, "Then let's take a look. Anyway, we must not be able to drive in the next lap. This housing complex is at the center point. Let's gamble on how is it?"

     As the two of them were talking, a small wooden house with a red roof and yellow walls appeared on the side of the road ahead.

     Seeing the slope in front of the cabin, Liu Zilang suddenly a thought flashed through the mind, rushed over to the slope with a kick of the accelerator, and shouted at Wei Shen behind him, "Wei Jiang! Kang busy!"

     Wei Shen didn't know what Liu Zilang suddenly felt, but he immediately followed after hearing this.

     However, what they didn't know was that there were indeed people in this small wooden house by the road at this time.And it's not someone else, it is Aluka and Xiao Ding Miao who have just transferred from the housing area of town g.

     After the two drove over, they parked the car far away, slipped into the cabin without moving anything, and threw a first aid kit on the ground, and then hid in a compartment of the cabin, turning into a quiet old lady .

     As one of the few housing areas in the safe zone, Aluka and Xiao Miao have every reason to believe that someone will come to this area next.

     as expected.

     The two had just waited inside for less than half a minute before they heard the sound of cars outside.

     "Lei! Lei!"

     Somewhat agitated in a small eye-catching tone.

     Aluka hissed, "Don't move, just take the spray, hehe, let's surprise him when the door opens."

     The two of them are imagining the picture of opening the compartment after the other person comes in.

     Unexpectedly at this moment,

     Suddenly there was a "clang" on the roof!