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384 Long Time No See Wang Erya! (Third More)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: | Translator:

Liu Zilang was thinking about it painfully.

     Suddenly, a girl with a trolley box came out from the entrance of the airport arrival hall. She was tall, with an oval face, a small mouth with Qiong nose and also wearing sunglasses.

     Shawl hair is very black and straight!

     But it doesn't look cold, but it gives people an elegant and mature feeling.

     When the woman beside her saw her, she tiptoed and waved her hand.

     The girl was very tall. After patrolling the crowd, she saw the woman waving her hand and walked over with the trolley box.

     When Liu Zilang saw this, he touched his chin, secretly said in heart, this should be Wang Erya, right?

     I haven’t seen each other for many years. I thought she would be a cute kawaii when she grows up like a doll, but this seems to run in the opposite direction completely as imagined...

     Liu Zilang was complaining in his heart. The girl had already walked over, took off her sunglasses and greeted her mother.

     The woman said with a smile, "Hehe, this is your Uncle Liu, don't you remember? When I was a kid, the one opposite our house, come over and say hello."

     "Hello Uncle Liu." Wang Qianqian said hello politely.

     "That is the **** man and introduced with a smile.

     Hearing this, Liu Zilang squeezed a smile on his face, nodded to her.

     Unexpectedly, at this moment, the phone rang suddenly, and Wang Qianqian took out the phone from his bag, walked a few steps directly to the side, and answered the phone.

     Liu Zilang couldn't help seeing this corner of the mouth twitch!

     This Nima is not cute at all!"This kid, why don't you even understand a little polite." The woman scolded when she saw this, and then showed a trace of apology to Liu Zilang, "I'm really sorry, Alang, don't care."

     Liu Zilang opened his mouth, just about to say it's okay.

     Liu Yigang suddenly waved his hand in relief and said, "It's okay, it's okay. Maybe my son is too ugly. Qianqian couldn't accept it for a while. He needs a little bit time to buffer him."

     My Nima... Liu Zilang suddenly complexion turned black!

     The woman was also taken aback for a moment, and then smiled and said in an angry tone, "Old Liu didn't say you, so how can you hide the child like that."

     "A Lang rest assured, you are not ugly, you are a handsome group of people."

     Hearing this, Liu Zilang's face suddenly darkened.

     I know the truth, but your comforting tone, Auntie, is what's going on?

     After a while, Wang Qianqian also answered the phone and returned, and then showed an apologetic look at Liu Zilang.

     But Liu Zilang turned his head and ignored her.

     Labor and management have a little mood!

     The kind that is not good!

     Seeing Liu Zilang's appearance, Wang Qianqian was taken aback, and a faint smile appeared at the corner of his mouth.

     The woman said, "You girl, you don’t know how to be polite. You seem to be busy all day long. You shouldn’t be like this when you live in someone’s house. I blame your dad for asking you to be a super tube..."

     "Mom!" At this moment, Wang Qianqian interrupted suddenly, "I understand."

     Super tube?

     Liu Zilang was taken aback for a moment, and he sounded very hungry. Could it be that he is more fierce than the company's executives?He couldn't help but looked up and down Wang Qianqian again, and his heart felt ashamed of one's inferiority suddenly.

     Is this girl so good now?

     After all, at this age to be able to become a super-man above the executives, how can you say that your subordinates will be a hundred people?

     And this kind of management position is definitely not enough to rely on family background, and it's hard to convince people without the real materials.

     But wait...

     Why do you hear these two words familiar?

     Liu Zilang was thinking about it. The woman looked at her watch and seemed to have to catch a flight at night.

     "Old Liu, that Qianqian will be handed over to you."

     "It's okay, you can go back without worry, by the way, the shares mentioned last time..."

     "Hehe, you old boy is cunning, don't worry! I'll talk to Lao Wang when I go back."

     "Look at you, you are polite... I just mention it smoothly..."


     Hearing what the two said, Liu Zilang couldn't help but twitch his mouth.

     This old man is really coming...what the hell...

     After it was over, Liu Yigang took the two of them on the road home.

     On the back seat of the car, Liu Zilang stared out of the window in a daze, suddenly there was one shivers in his mind.

     Super tube?

     Eh! Doesn't Douyu have many super pipes?

     Just now, he had set his mindset. Knowing that Uncle Wang was doing business, he thought it was the management of the company or something when he heard Superman subconsciously.

     Now think about Aunt Chen’s tone just now, it seems a bit wrong...

     Is she a super manager of a live broadcast platform?Thought until here, Liu Zilang couldn't help but glance at Wang Qianqian, not a word or movement.

     Then he a thought flashed through the mind and asked Liu Yigang, who was driving in front of him, "That...what business does Uncle Wang do in Jianghai?"

     "Why are you asking this?"

     Liu Yigang, who was driving, looked up and glanced at Liu Zilang from the rearview mirror. Drowsily said, "High-tech industry, network data media, multi-person online interaction... Forget it, you kid without learning or skills, you don’t understand. , And learn more from Qianqian in the future."

     Liu Zilang resisted the uncomfortable temptation, "Live broadcast platform?"

     "Huh? You know that too?"

     Liu Yigang's tone was quite surprised, and he looked back at Liu Zilang.

     Liu Zilang immediately complexion turned black, so even a junior high school student like Zhang Xiaotong knows how to cut? Just what high-tech you think it is...

     But at this moment, divine light flashes suddenly appeared in Liu Zilang's mind, and several keywords appeared.

     Jianghan? Live broadcast platform? Fighting fish? Super tube?

     At the next moment, Liu Zilang was shocked!

     He turned the head and looks to Wang Qianqian on the side, and blurted out subconsciously, "Shark pepper?"

     Hearing this, Wang Qianqian, who had been sitting quietly by the car window, suddenly trembled.

      stared wide-eyed stared at Liu Zilang in surprise.

     Then she quickly shook her head and waved her hand, "I am not! Don't talk nonsense! What pepper?!"

     After speaking, she quickly turned her head and looked out of the car window.

     Seeing this, Liu Zilang couldn't help corner of the mouth twitch...Can you still take care of this?He was originally wondering how the shark pepper was always playing rhythm in his live broadcast room during the live broadcast last night, and what's the matter would appear immediately, making it the same as a housekeeper.

     Are you still wondering that Douyu's super pipes are so idle? Just hang up in his live room to watch the live broadcast if it's okay?

     As a result, just a series of things were combined, the name suddenly came to my mind, and then I could ask it out.

     I didn't expect it to be true!

      thought until here, Liu Zilang couldn't help but a black line...

     Because he suddenly remembered that when he was watching a certain island country animation when he was a child, a group of kids playing roleplaying, the role assigned to Wang Qianqian seemed like a shark pepper...

     At that time their main task was to defeat the evil forces headed by Shark Pepper!

     Unexpectedly, So many years passed, she Really successful Shark Pepper...