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385 Brother Douyu Develops A Plan! (First More)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Shark Pepper King Qianqian!

     Fate is like Li!

     After learning the truth, Liu Zilang's tears almost fell...

     Three million fish balls!

     Just say that there is no more!

     You said that before you press down, let me breathe, I'll give you a secret wave.

     Afterwards, we 5: 5 split, it's really impossible to make three or seven!

      Thought until here, Liu Zilang glanced at Wang Qianqian, who was sitting a little unconfortable, couldn't help shaking his head sighed saying.

     What a prodigal girl!


     After returning home, Zhang Jingyi was still in the kitchen.

     Zhang Xiaotong and Misaka Kotomi were walking back and forth in the living room, looking very cheerfully helping to arrange the tableware.

     Seeing Wang Qianqian coming in with a suitcase, they couldn't help but dazed for a moment at the same time.

     Just after Liu Yi entered the door, he sat on the sofa and picked up the remote control, not the slightest introduction,

     Obviously, this important task was lost to Liu Zilang.

     Liu Zilang couldn't help grinning when he saw it, and slandered Liu Yigang in his heart. Then he squeezed out a smile and said to Zhang Xiaotong and Misaka Kotomi, "Cough cough.. Introduce... this is Qianqian. I will stay at our house temporarily. As for how long..."

      spoke until here, Liu Zilang slanted Liu Yigang's eyes.

     Liu Yigang was switching channels with the remote control, and seemed to be extremely engaged, completely turning a deaf ear to everything here.

     The question is, why are you so committed after cutting a stage?

     Liu Zilang twitched the corners of his mouth a few times, in the end still is did not raise his own question

     At this moment, Wang Qianqian actively said, "I will move out if I find a place."Hearing this, Zhang Xiaotong's tight face suddenly eased a little, and then actively nodded and said hello, "Hello."

     Misaka Kotomi bowed immediately and exclaimed very enthusiastically, "Mud!"

     Among the two of them, when Zhang Xiaotong moved to this home, Wang Qianqian did not know how many years ago he moved away, so naturally they would not know each other.

     As for Kotomi Misaka, let alone.

      In comparison, Wang Qianqian may have watched the three live broadcasts on the Internet before, and at least knows their relationship, so at this moment, Liu Zilang didn't need to introduce more, so he smiled and said hello.

     At this moment, Liu Yigang suddenly said on the sofa, "When Qianqian's luggage is placed in my room with your aunt, I will live in that room first. After dinner, I will go back with your aunt."

     Then there was a smile on his face, and he turned to Wang Qianqian and said, "If that kid dares to bully you, please call me. Uncle will definitely come back and help you interrupt his dog legs."

     After speaking, he suddenly cast a meaningful look at Liu Zilang, not a word or movement.

     Liu Zilang couldn't help but tilt his mouth when he heard Liu Yigang's words in front of him. After he noticed his gaze at this moment, he was speechless for a while.

      What does it mean?


     After eating, I cleaned up briefly.

     Liu Yigang just finished his “inspection” after several days, and simply patted his butt with Zhang Jingyi downstairs and left.

     Although Liu Zilang sent them out with reluctance on the surface, he couldn't help but let out a relaxed breath after returning home.Hey, there is still no daddy in comfort!

     Although Liu Yigang is not serious in his bones, his favorite thing to do is to be serious.

     In this case, Liu Zilang also has to be serious.

     The result is uncomfortable!

     So in general, Liu Zilang is really not happy to stay with Liu Yigang.

     After returning upstairs, Liu Zilang saw quietly in the living room. He sat on the sofa for a while, feeling a little bored, and immediately got up and went back to the room.

     Just a few minutes after he returned to his room, there was a knock on the door outside.

     Liu Zilang originally thought it was Zhang Xiaotong or Misaka Kotomi what's the matter, and he got up and opened the door.

     Standing outside the door was Wang Qianqian.

     She didn't know at what time. She changed her clothes. She wore a tight white round neck and short sleeves on her upper body, and a blue short denim on her lower body. She changed a pair of slippers with smooth insteps on her feet and two delicate long legs. .

     At this moment, her expression has not been seen by Liu Zilang as unconfortable as "Shark Pepper", but rather looks very elegant and calm.

     After opening the door, Wang Qianqian and Liu Zilang looked at each other, and then walked in straight ahead, looking at Liu Zilang's room with their hands on their chests.

     Seeing this scene, Liu Zilang couldn't help but heart sank.

     Sure enough... it's coming...

     Previously, Liu Zilang was somewhat uncertain in his heart. Even if a person's appearance changes from kawaii to black, long and straight, but if the disposition aspect has not encountered any major changes, there may not be too many changes.You must know that Wang Qianqian was not only the "King's woman" in that alley, but also the Image Spokesperson of the big villain Shark Pepper. A pair of iron fists suppressed dozens of children including "Kid King" Liu Zilang,

     It is the existence that makes everyone daring to be angry but not speaking.

     Just ask this kind of girl, will she be unconfortable because she is a shark pepper?

     This is not too realistic at all...

     as expected.

     As soon as Liu Yigang left there, she immediately returned to her original appearance...

     At this time, after looking at Liu Zilang's bedroom, Wang Qianqian couldn't help but smashed his mouth and said, "Hey, hey, it's still as messy as when he was a kid."

     Liu Zilang heard that complexion turned black, said ill-humoredly, "Why did you come to Jianghai here? It’s not just for me?"

     Listening to Liu Zilang's question, Wang Qianqian answered more directly.

     She turned her head to look at Liu Zilang and said plainly, "For you!"

     for me?

     Liu Zilang couldn't help being taken aback.

     But he is not so stupid to think that the childhood green plums and hobby-horse is unforgettable, and he travels all the way to find true love or something...

     He just wondered if he had anything worth looking for Wang Qianqian so far.

     Wang Qianqian seemed very satisfied with Liu Zilang's reaction.

     Looking directly at Liu Zilang's eyes, she suddenly asked in a seductive tone, "Do you...want to be the first brother of Douyu?"

     Brother Douyu?

     Hearing this, Liu Zilang couldn't help but froze.

     As the saying goes, the One Piece who doesn't want to be Naruto is not a god of death!Liu Zilang hesitated for less than a second, then said directly and straightforward, "I don't want to!"

     The elegant and mature smile on Wang Qianqian's face suddenly froze. Obviously, he didn't expect Liu Zilang to answer so simply and could not help subconsciously asking, "Why."

     Liu Zilang replied calmly, "Because that is a cursed location, I don't want to be cool for the time being."

     Wang Qianqian suddenly choked upon hearing this, and said ill-humoredly, "Who told you... Don't worry, no one wants to move you with me."

     Liu Zilang couldn't help hearing it corner of the mouth twitch.

     This tone reminded him of a certain shark pepper who came to instigate Kabuda to join the villain when he was young.

     "Although you say that, I will be very touched, just like before." Liu Zilang reluctantly shrugged the shoulders, "But I really just want to be a quiet chicken king."

      He spoke until here, and he looked at Wang Qianqian again, like a smile yet not a smile, "And even if I really want to, how can you achieve it?"