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386 Shark Pepper’s Plan, Live On Two Lines!
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: | Translator:

In any case, Douyu without a doubt is currently one of the first-line live broadcast platforms with the highest traffic and popularity in China.

     Then the four words "Betta Fish One Brother" seem ordinary, but they have a weight and height that ordinary people can't bear.

     I remember the former "Betta Fish One Brother" Fifth Five. Open. Roger, who had "wealth, fame and status", said before Zhongshi Fengtui,

     "Want to own my wealth? If you want it, come to Douyu to find it. I put it all here."

      This single sentence immediately caused countless people to rush like ducks to the fighting fish, and the live broadcast industry also ushered in a "big fighting fish era".

     This can imagine how difficult it is to become a "Betta Fish" in front of so many competitors.

     Wang Qianqian's father said, "You are really... deceitful in many ways!"

     "..." Wang Qianqian's face suddenly changed from a little white goose to a little black goose.

     She glared at Liu Zilang angrily, "I'm telling you about business, so grownups, why haven't you been doing business yet."

     "Yeah, we are all that old in a blink of an eye."

     Liu Zilang looks up at the sky ... Huaban, with a leisurely tone, "You are very good, but I want to be a peaceful chicken king, who loves to grab it, the fighting fish!"

     "Huh, have no aspirations!"

     Wang Qianqian choked, lightly bit down, with a face to hate iron for not becoming steel and said, "You are captain dark, don't you have dreams and pursuits?"

     "Qianqian, you have changed."Liu Zilang turned the head and looks to her, with a faint tone, "Do you remember our agreement under the cherry tree that year? You plow the field and come to me to water, you graze the cows and I feed the grass. You are a woman in my harem. ! Why not support me silently?"

     "Why do you plow the fields and you water them, and the cattle you feed the grass?" Wang Qianqian asked subconsciously.

     Soon she realized that there seemed to be some problems with her focus, and she immediately complexion turned red, angrily said, "Go to death! The ghost is your harem! die to me you!"

     After speaking, she turned around and stepped on the floor and walked out of the room, a pa sound closed the door!

     The grace and calmness when I just stopped entering the door...

     "Waiting for leisure to change but the heart of the old man, but the heart of the old man is easy to change..."

     Liu Zilang sighed quietly behind him, but he was chuckled in his heart.

     Shark Pepper, a villain still wants to control the messenger of my peace star?

     Simply dreaming!

     But what Liu Zilang didn't know was,

     After Wang Qianqian answered the room, he received a call, and then only listened to her forcibly and calmly said, "Yes, I have already contacted, he has nothing about it opinion, I am very grateful for the opportunity given to him by our channel, this strategy The first anchor co-launched was him..."

      At this moment, Liu Zi also started tonight's live broadcast in the room.

     The viewers who clicked in the live broadcast room quickly received push notifications and poured into Liu Zilang's live broadcast room.

     "Fuck, you have a face to start broadcasting?!"

     "Please don't make waves, eat a handful of chicken tomorrow!""Are there any brothers who went to watch the game live? Tomorrow vic will make trouble again, let him do it, and the big deal will turn our green live broadcast room into a white live broadcast room at night."

     "Vic is still a kid, you guys are too cruel! Why not consider breaking a leg and give him an opportunity?"


     After the broadcast, Liu Zilang glanced at the barrage in the live broadcast room, suddenly he couldn't help corner of the mouth twitch, his face was full of black lines.

      at the same time, just a few minutes after he started broadcasting.

     On the foreign twitch live broadcast platform, in a new interface on the homepage, suddenly a real-time live video of his live room appeared...



     (Note: Of course the author bacteria knows some kind of "mysterious enchantment", but this is Parallel World, the water blue star, everyone should assume that the enchantment has been broken by the author bacteria (???w???))