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387 Under The Unspoken Rules? (1/4)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

In the living room, Zhang Xiaotong's door opened a crack.

     Misaka Kotomi bent over, with both hands lying in the door, and after seeing Wang Qianqian walking out wearing slippers "Da Da Da", she immediately lowered her voice and turned her head and shouted at the absent-minded Zhang Xiaotong in front of the computer, "Hey! It's rough!"

     "Really?" Zhang Xiaotong's expression was shaken, and then he turned and snorted, "Hmph! Come out as soon as you come out, I don't care about him."

     Kotomi Misaka smiled and said, "I say, wet is a good person, it is impossible to do that kind of thing."

     While talking, Zhang Xiaotong in front of the computer opened Liu Zilang's live broadcast room, and she suddenly found that the barrage was saying that Liu Zilang was in a double row with a "Shark Pepper" and was "hidden rule" or something...

     Shark pepper? Unspoken rules?

     Zhang Xiaotong frowned for a while, and suddenly remembered that it was the person who lost 3 million fish balls in Liu Zilang's live broadcast room last time!

     At this moment, a girl's voice suddenly sounded in Liu Zilang's live broadcast room.

     "Are you there?"

     "Here, why do you have to follow me?"

     "Huh, you say try again?"

     "Forget it, let me pull you!"

     Hearing the dialogue and voice of the two in yy, Zhang Xiaotong, who was sitting in front of the computer, was shocked!

     It's the girl just now! He must be coerced!

     No, she can't let her conspiracy succeed!

      Thought until here, Zhang Xiaotong hurriedly picked up the mobile phone, pressing her small fingers quickly on the screen.



     On the table, the phone next to the keyboard vibrated.Liu Zilang couldn't help being slightly surprised when he saw the WeChat message.

     The message was sent by Zhang Xiaotong, the content was very brief, only three words,

     Pull us.

     Liu Zilang quickly reacted. This "we" naturally refers to her and Kotomi Misaka.

     What fun are these two girls coming to join in?

      Thought until here, Liu Zilang couldn't help shaking his head.

     He had just opened the game before, and Wang Qianqian actually sent him a backstage message directly with Douyu's permission to take her with her.

     At that time, Liu Zilang was unprotected and did not avoid the audience and friends when opening the message, so the rhythm of various "py transactions" in the live broadcast room started.

     Especially when the audience in the live broadcast room heard the sound of shark pepper in yy, the chicken suddenly froze.

     "Shocked! Douyu's most mysterious super tube shark pepper is actually a girl!"

     "Fuck... Superman took the initiative to send backstage messages in double rows. This is really the first time I have seen you!"

     "I learned what I learned, it turns out that background messages can still be used to chat!"

     "Don't you notice the dirty py trade behind this? There is inside information! There must be inside information!"

     "Turtle tortoise... Vic is better than not being supervised!"

     "Shut up! You are not allowed to say that to our A Lang! Is A Lang that kind of person?"

     "Brother, to be honest, is that you haven't clicked a tree in your heart?"

     "But you guys said that if vic and super tube become familiar, will watching movies in the live broadcast room be imminent?"

     "Can the brothers in front be a little bit more pursued? Labor and management backhand... It's a bottle of nutrition express!""..."

     Seeing the barrage in the live broadcast room, Liu Zilang suddenly felt a pain in his brain. The group of water friends in his live broadcast room are simply rhythm masters and brain supplement experts!

     Just then, news from Zhang Xiaotong came over.

     At first, Liu Zilang felt that these two girls had come to join in the fun again, but later realized that it seemed pretty good to bring Zhang Xiaotong.

     At the very least, Zhang Xiaotong is also the anchor of Douyu. If you bring her, no one will say what he and Shark Pepper are dealing with in double row py, right?

     So soon, after Zhang Xiaotong and Misaka Kotomi were on the number, Liu Zilang quickly pulled them into the team.

     In the yy channel, Zhang Xiaotong and Misaka Kotomi spoke on the voice and greeted Wang Qianqian.

     But for some reason, neither party showed the intention of recognizing each other, as if it were the first time they met online.

     Liu Zilang gave a dry cough, "Prepare everything, our Jedi four-wheeler is ready to start."

     Hearing Liu Zilang's words, the three of them quickly ordered to prepare for the game.

     After several days of preparation, the desert map for this version of the official server has been launched, but it is not yet possible to choose it. The two maps Its random have the same probability of appearance.

     After Liu Zilang and the others prepared, the picture changed and several people appeared in the island picture, which is the quality square of the old picture.

     In the voice, Liu Zilang saw that the three of them were silent, and the atmosphere was a little strange.

     In order to enliven the atmosphere, he couldn't help but said with a smile, "What... I'll go out and make a quiz."

     As soon as he finished speaking, he clicked "crackle rattle" on the keyboard.In the live broadcast room, three quiz questions soon appeared.

     [Can we eat chicken in this game? 】

     [Can I kill more than fifteen in this game? 】

     [Can Shark Pepper live to the end in this game? 】

     "Come on, place your bets and hands off the table! Xiaotong, you guys also want to know more?" Liu Zilang said with a smile in his voice.

     After he opened, the audience in the live broadcast room began to place bets.

     On the first question of whether or not to eat chicken, the odds of being able and not being skewed.

     Of course, Liu Zilang’s strength is not black. The names of "Betta fish face value chicken king" and "human implant hanging" are not for nothing. Yesterday, professional player won many offline qualifiers in single row events. God Solo King], it is a perfect proof of his strength.

     Unfortunately, this is four rows.

     Kotomi Misaka is okay. Although he is a bit dull occasionally in the game, he is also a professional player of sst.

     The key is Zhang Xiaotong and a shark pepper with unknown strength...

      Thus, after a wave of place your bets and hands off the table, there are many more people who press [cannot] than [can].

     However, in the second question, the audience in the live broadcast room was tilted upside down. Most people think that only if Liu Zilang is trading, or encountering irresistible factors such as bombing and overturning, his strength is in this kind of passerby game. Killing fifteen is relatively easy.

     In the third "Can Shark Pepper Live to the End" quiz question, there are two rare tyrants in the options of [Yes] and [No].One is Zhang Xiaotong pressing one million fishballs [cannot]; the other is Wang Qianqian vying for 1 million [can]!

     As for the audience in the live broadcast room, many fans of Zhang Xiaotong have followed the pressure [No], and of course there are also many "super-control parties" who have followed Wang Qianqian's [No].

     But overall, Zhang Xiaotong's appeal in Douyu is still very strong.

     In a short while, the odds for the third quiz quickly slanted significantly, and the ones that could not be suppressed were much higher than the ones that could be.

     Upon seeing this, Wang Qianqian quickly waved his hand and added two million fish balls, all of which were able to be suppressed.


     Zhang Xiaotong couldn't help but bulged his mouth when he saw this. He was lightly snorted, picking up the phone and asking for gold...