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397 Fifteen VS Fifteen, The Peak Showdown! (First More)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: | Translator:

Brother Kun is also a PUBG technology anchor.

     He is strong and has a humorous style, which is loved by fans and friends.

     But when performing a fifteen-fold mirror press gun in an Offline Activity not long ago, Kun accidentally injured his hand, so he had to stop the broadcast and rest.

     According to witnesses on the scene at the time, he watched the Kun pull the mouse from the table to the ground, which caused the arm to drag too much and accidentally strained his hand.

     For a while in the live broadcast circle, Brother Kun was called the man who "smashed the gun with his life"!

     But these are just things on brocade, add flowers, and the strongest thing about Kun Ge is his powerful "swallowing" ability.

     Start a game, and advancement depends on swallow!

     The reason why Brother Kun was able to control the operation of the pressure gun with 15 times the pressure gun is mainly because he "swallowed" all too many opponents in the fish pond game, and his strength has advanced to a level that surpasses many professional players. To the point.

     The "swallowing" here sounds more metaphysical, but it is actually an amazing ability to learn, understand and grow.

     Therefore, facing this kind of opponent, Liu Zilang had to be cautious.

     At this time, the bullets on the opposite side of the bridge headed like rain, madly pouring into the smoke, Misaka Kotomi had been shot twice by the stray bullets, and his blood volume was less than half.

     At the critical moment, Liu Zilang's first reaction was to set up the fifteen times lens of a in his hand and switch to it.

     Seeing this scene, the audience in the live broadcast room was suddenly covered in one shivers and was shocked on the spot!

     "Fifteen! Brother, calm down."

     "Lei's! Lei's! I knew that the ones that should come will come!""Hehehe, by the way, will Vic also hurt his hands with this wave of pressure guns?"

     "Bullshit! Didn't Vic perform a 15-times sister-controlled gun last time? Should be no problem?"

     "You know what a hairy girl! Sister control is Vic's natal gun, I find it difficult to say."

     "The newcomer asks, why is Vic's natal gun a younger sister?"

     "Cough cough cough, this is just start explaining and it's a long story, newcomers first apply for a card..."

     In the game, Liu Zilang did not care about the various rhythms on the barrage in the live broadcast room.

     At this moment, he was equipped with the magnifier, and then he swept across the bridge surface first, and found the feel for a little bit.

     In the next moment, Liu Zilang's eyes stunned!

     I saw him tilting his head sideways, turning on the lens in an instant, and a wave of automatic sweeps directed at the bridge head.

     Da Da Da -!

     The gunshot sounded, and a bright fire burst from the muzzle of the black hole.

     Through the Hue head, the audience in the live broadcast room can clearly see Liu Zilang's white hands steadily holding the mouse and pulling it down.

     However, he didn't pull it to the ground, but moved the mouse to the position extremely quickly while suspended.

      the cycle comes back to the start, until the shuttle magazine is finished!

     Then Liu Zilang released the mouse and moved his right wrist slightly.

     But at the moment the focus of the audience in the live broadcast room is no longer here.

     What they were concerned about was the final scan between Liu Zilang's fifteen times and Kun Ge's fifteen times pressure gun just across from the bridge.

     Liu Zilang actually shot a headshot, forcibly suppressing Brother Kun back!Seeing this scene, the viewers in the domestic live broadcast room are not bad, and their mood is relatively stable. After all, they already have seen Liu Zilang's 15 times full automatic sister control, this kind of control is also reasonable.

     The key is that those viewers on the live broadcast platform of twitch have the illusion of intracranial orgasm after seeing this suffocating operation of Liu Zilang.

     For a while, many people hugged their heads in front of the computer, shouting inconceivable!

     This can be a headshot... good luck too!

     In fact, not only the audience in the live broadcast room, but even Shroud who hung in the Liu Zilang live broadcast room was so surprised that he bounced off his chair.

     Fifteen times... pressure gun?

     As a player who made his debut with the name of "the last genius in North America", shroud without a doubt, who started contacting fps games at the age of seven, is a talented player.

     Shroud wouldn't be so surprised if it were just a fifteen times pressure gun.

     Reasonable only if the hand is disabled, anyone can press it up for a while, but the accuracy and the ability to follow the gun is not easy to say. Anyway, it is chaotic.

     However, Liu Zilang's amazing ability to control guns and the fine-tuning of the focus during the gun pressing process made Shroud keenly caught the anomaly.

     That is the headshot of Liu Zilang just now is definitely not luck.

     It's a probability!

     In other words, the probability of Liu Zilang hitting a headshot is promoted to the highest by controlling the gun and fine-tuning the heart!According to Shroud's understanding, this level of gun control ability, even in the European and American professional circles with many monsters, definitely does not exceed the number of hands.

     Has the twitch platform at what time signed this level of fps?

     Who is it?

     For a while, Shroud in front of the computer couldn't help but knitted the brows, and fell into deep thought.

     But after carefully glanced at Liu Zilang’s id, a flash of lightning flashed across his heart.

     The pupils suddenly shrank,

     It seemed that something shocking had occurred suddenly!


     Huya tv, in the live room of Brother Kun.

     Kun squatted behind the car and took a drug to increase the blood volume, he couldn't help but smiled and commented, "The man across the bridge has good marksmanship. The quadruple gun is quite stable."

     At this moment, he inadvertently watched the barrage of the water friend in the live broadcast room, his face suddenly changed slightly, and he took a deep breath in surprise, "He is also a 15 times pressure gun? Impossible?"

     After that, Brother Kun continued to watch the barrage for a while, and he couldn't help letting out a relaxed breath for a long time, and then the smile appeared on his face.

     "Oh! The opposite is the legendary fps player Vic who was exposed in the Asian qualifiers yesterday! No wonder no wonder! I say..."

      spoke until here, Kun Ge suddenly a thought flashed through the mind.

     There was an expression of be eager to give sth a try on his face.

     You should know that he usually "swallows" some small fish and shrimps in fish ponds, and his progress is very slow.

     However, there is a very rare opportunity right in front of his eyes. If he can "swallow" the person across the bridge,

     Then where will he advance?