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404 Assault, Professor-level Geometry! (Second More)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Attacking buildings in fpp first-person mode is actually much better than tpp.

     Because in the third person of tpp, the player stands behind the wall behind the window or at the top of the stairs. As long as the angle is adjusted appropriately, the outside can be seen without showing the body shape. This is basically equivalent to a disguised form. "Perspective" too.

     And this kind of perspective is too strong for the defender, and the attacker has almost nothing to hide. Then in the fps game, the strength gap that the professional player only sees is basically the rhythm of who attacks and kills.

     This is why in tpp's Professional League, the attacker and defender often face each other for a period of time, and the attacker often chooses to retreat.

     But in the game tpp mode of this game, these differ to some extent. In addition to the existing bunkers, to a certain extent, the offensive and defensive sides in the tpp mode are almost in the same position.

     What's more, Liu Zilang and Shroud were not playing the Professional League. In this case, the two did not even hide their footsteps and rushed up with guns.


     With the sound of footsteps, Liu Zilang and Shroud appeared in the corridor from the left and right sides of the first floor.

     Da da


     In the corridor on the right, as soon as the man above spit out fire from his gun, he was permanently interrupted by Shroud's "casting".


     shroud shrugged the shoulders, said in a relaxed tone.

     On the left corridor on the first floor of the boxing gym, the person above Liu Zilang's stairs didn't know if he saw his teammate collapsed, or didn't even think about it.Although footsteps have been heard all the time, and it sounds more than one, but I can’t tell

     This time not only Liu Zilang was in a hurry, but the audience in the live broadcast room was also a little bit catchy.

     Come down if you have a special kind of!

     Isn't it said that Europe and the United States are all gangsters? What about pester and chirp?

     The reason why no one questioned why Liu Zilang didn't rush up at this time was because he was holding a handful of sks.

     If the defense is okay, the corridor is narrow, and the opponent can only attack one by one, and the opponent can always stregth to fight no matter what.

     But if he takes the initiative to face off, then he will undoubtedly have to face the firepower of two people directly, and it is very likely that it is the result of a wave of going up and being taken away directly.

     However, at this time Liu Zilang did just that.

     Because Liu Zilang keenly realized that the steps upstairs had changed.

     During the game match, I saw him rushing up with the sks in his hands under the surprised eyes of countless viewers in the live broadcast room!

     The people on the corridor obviously didn't expect Liu Zilang to rush up. At this time, one was guarding the corridor, and the other was turning back to him, seeming to want to save the person who was knocked down by Shroud on the other side.

     In the next moment, the person in the corridor was almost face-to-face with Liu Zilang, aiming at something without too many meaning.

     After a short pause, he quickly raised uzi and shot Liu Zilang in a burst.

     Objectively speaking, the rate of fire of uzi is undoubtedly much higher than the theoretical limit of the sks gun.But at this time, Liu Zilang couldn't bear it, but his reaction was a little bit faster than that person.

     Don't underestimate this. In fps shooting games, often just a little bit time is the distance between life and death.

     Suddenly -!

     Bang bang bang!

     The violent gunshots suddenly rang out, and the guns of the two spit out fiery flames at the same time!

     At this moment, if you don't distinguish the gunshots carefully, the gunshots shot by Liu Zilang's sks are almost the same as uzi fuse.

     This also represents another shocking fact!

     That is Liu Zilang's burst of sks, which has vaguely kept up with the opponent's full-automatic burst, and you must know that the damage of a single sks bullet is 32 points higher than that of a single uzi bullet!

     In the next moment, the winner will be announced instantly!

     In the live broadcast, Liu Zilang's blood volume was suddenly reduced to half, and blood was still flashing in the lower abdomen. The corridor and the person with his face fell down a confused face!

     "Vic123 knocked down lolita with sks!"

     At the top right of the screen, there was a prompt to kill the system promptly.

     "Fuck! This hand speed is absolutely amazing! Dare to ask you, but Mr. Kato Nami face to face?

     "2333 Kato Nami Starfish, isn't this lolita a young lady from Europe and America?"

     "Uh, vic, incarnate Kato Nami, madly imported Miss Europe and America? Sorry, I want to get crooked

     And in the game at this time, almost at the moment when Liu Zilang knocked down the person at the entrance of the corridor, the teammate who wanted to save others also reacted.

     Shocked, he quickly turned and raised his gun!But Liu Zilang's gun line was so fast that it made people hard to believe that the ground was pulled, and the plane was turned on and aimed at the man instantly!

     Da Da Da -!

     Bang bang!

      has to say, at this distance, the even power of sks is slightly manifested.

     After opening the lens, Liu Zilang only took a slight aim, and was shot in the body by the man's blast.

     However, his next shot was a bloody flower exploded on the man's head with only a first-grade green motorcycle helmet.


     The penetrating sniper bullet instantly smashed the helmet, and the person who had just fought a wave of blood was obviously not filled up. At this time, the sks hit the first level head and nearly 90 damage directly knocked him to the ground!

     "Vic123 killed kikrea with a headshot using sks!"

     On the right side of the stairs, after Shroud hit a person with a spray, he still wanted to catch wave fish surrounding a target only to attack its reinforcements.

     He just heard the sound of footsteps approaching above,

     As a result, after a burst of gunfire, the person kneels down on the ground in the corridor tilted his body and left one's mortal frame in a blink of an eye.

      This time, a kill prompt popped up on his screen.

     Shroud suddenly reacted, cannot help but laugh and said, "Well done buddy!"

     "You are not bad too." Liu Zilang immediately blew back to each other.

     There's nothing about it for Europeans and Americans. Huaxia's modest courtesy, when he heard Liu Zilang's words, Shroud naturally accepted it with a smile.

     After all, touted by the legendary "captadark", this treatment is not something that each person can enjoy.At this time, Shroud was pouting his ass and licking his bag. At this moment, there was a "clam" on the wall of the third floor.

     Then there was another "clam"!

     The next moment, what thing bounced behind Shroud's ass.

     Shroud from the first perspective looked back, and the explosion of ear-splitting instantly penetrated the eardrum!

     In the smoke and fire, Shroud was directly blown upside down!

     "Icedidnight used a grenade to knock down shroud!"

     This abruptly arising scene immediately shocked the audience in his live broadcast room. Where did that grenade come from?

     However, Liu Zilang's perspective can clearly see that the grenade was thrown in from the outside window, then hit the wall first, then bounced on the railing of the corridor, and finally rolled down behind Shroud's butt.

     "Fuck me, am I dazzled? The fragmented grenade was thrown from the outside window onto the wall and bounced off!"

     "You told me this Nima is a grenade? This is definitely a professor-level geometric mine!"

     "2333, I think this wave of shroud was not unjustly bombed, but I don't know whether the person outside was deceived or judged based on what."

     "Don't be kidding, this must be foolish, even Listening In On Arguments From Afar can't be so accurate, right?"

     "Wait, why do I feel familiar with this person's id?"