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406 G God’s Challenge, Ten Shots Per Second! (First More)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

You people in the city really know how to play!

     If Shroud is a Huaxian's word, he who is kneeling on the ground at the moment will probably make such complaints.

     Unfortunately he is not.

     So Shroud, who climbed down the corridor, saw that it was just dumbstruck after the kill. He felt that his throat was a little dry, and the thousands of words in his heart converged into two words.


     Liu Zilang did not explain Watt to him, but quickly came over and pulled him up.

     "O, you actually survived!" Chota somewhat astonished, who hurried over to help collect the body.

     shroud shrugged the shoulders, squatting on the ground while spraying medicine, he glanced at Liu Zilang who was licking his bag, and he didn't know what to say.

     He was sighed in his heart, and the secret path is worthy of being a personal ability player who could compete with satan.

     This Easterner is really beyond imagination!

     After licking the bag, the four people with guns joined together and began to clear people in the pecado. According to the number of deaths in the boxing gym, there should be at least one team of talents in Picadory at this time.

     The audience in the live broadcast room saw the four armed groups patrolling, and they were so excited that they raised the barrage.

     "Run! Run fast! Don't look back!"

     "Hell 60-star Jedi Battle Royale want to know more?"

     "Let these four people get the gun, I feel that not only pecado, but the more than 70 people left on the entire map can declare the game over."

     "The previous blow was a bit too much. If there is one person in this game, I think I can definitely Save the World."

     "I understand! Go and invite Lu Lai Buddha!"At this time, the remaining team of Pecado seemed to realize this.

     Or to be more precise, they threw shroud through gunshots and system kill prompts, knowing that there is a monster in the pecado of this game.

     So after the team searched for something in the red building, they found a car in Pecado and started to slip away.

     Of course, if they know that in addition to shroud in this game, there are also monsters like God and Liu Zilang in pecado.

     Maybe you can't even search the Red House.

     Even more will not honour the horn provocatively when robbing the car before leaving

     "Hey buddy, why don't we compare it again?"

     Griz took a handful of 98k and said to Liu Zilang with a smile.

     "Compared to what?" Liu Zilang asked casually, looking at the safe area of the map.

     "It's better than anyone who can knock down the people in that car." Griz adjusted the distance to the zero point and said while looking at the pickup that had driven out of the pecado.

     If at this time the team drove out of pecado and heard what Griz said,

     I'm afraid I should already be p.

     Why do you compare us as your target? Don't bully people like this

     But it's a pity that Griz couldn't hear him.

     After speaking, he didn't wait for Liu Zilang's consent, so he pursed the corner of his mouth and suddenly opened the quadruple mirror, and shot the pickup truck that was drifting away!


     The crisp gunfire sounded,

     A sniper bullet burst out of the chamber!

     The few people in the car hadn't reacted yet, and a cloud of blood burst out of the head of a person sitting in the third seat of the back seat and fell directly from the car."66666! Worthy of being a genius! This is a real sniper!"

     "Come on vic! Don't shame us! The face value chicken king upup!"

     In the game, Liu Zilang couldn't help but smile when he heard Griz's words, knowing that he was still thinking about the last time he was headshot by the shot he was eight hundred miles away.

     But when they met again this time, the two became teammates.

     The unwilling griz can't kill his teammates, so he can only make this kind of competition.

      Thought until here, Liu Zilang also raised the muzzle of the sks in his hand.

     Open the mirror, aim!

     Bang bang bang!

     In an instant, like a shower of bananas, a burst of rapid gunfire suddenly sounded!

     In almost a second, Liu Zilang quickly poured out all the ten bullets in the sks magazine without expansion!

     However, at this time, there was no kill prompt on the screen. Obviously Liu Zilang's ten bullets did not hit anyone.

     Seeing this scene, griz, who had been pursing his mouth, couldn't help but grinned and opened his mouth, "Hey buddy, sorry, it seems that I won."

     But at this moment, the shroud on the side suddenly couldn't help but laugh and said, "Really? Actually, you can take a closer look at the camera."

     At this moment, Liu Zilang has put away the gun without a word or movement.

     Hearing Shroud's words, Griz couldn't help but a little doubt, and there was a kind of bad premonition.

     as predicted.

     At the moment he opened the lens, he suddenly startled, exhaled short and convulsively, and then a wry smile appeared on his face.

     This person is really abnormal!In Griz's vision, he could clearly see that the car that was drifting away was like "broken down" on the road. Both rear wheels were blown out, and the wheels of the car were rubbing against the ground frantically. Splashes of sparks

     So in other words, the ten shots Liu Zilang fired just in the first half of a second actually burst two tires one after another.

     This is a bit scary!

     In fact, if it is reasonable, if it is changed to Griz, he can also do a wave of burst tires with sks just now.

     But in the same situation as Liu Zilang, he felt that he could only blow up one at most. As for the other, it’s not the hand feel or anything else,

     But not enough time,

     There is not enough time to aim and pull the gun.

     Ten shots were fired in a rapid succession in the first half of a second, then the shocking moment of pulling the gun after the first tire burst, the requirements for the calibration of human gun control are too high, it is almost like a machine. The precision.

     Liu Zilang is certainly not a machine.

     So Griz glanced at the quadruple mirror behind Liu Zilang's sks, but couldn't help but sighed in his heart.

     In the fps game, he switched to a job one was not trained for. He who had not personally experienced that glorious era, now he finally completely believes that Liu Zilang, a guy from the East, does have some enviable talent.

     The audience in the Douyu live room saw Liu Zilang's "ten shots per second" operation. After a while, they were suddenly excited.

     "Hahaha, abortion anchor, pay attention!""It feels like the mentality of the guys who want to run is exploded, and they are not allowed to go. This Nima is still human?"

     "Hi! So angry! Labor and management shouldn't have been on this plane!"

     "The abortion madman wants to know more, who won this wave?"

     "Don't blow it, it's not black, if it's better than killing, then vic won't win, but if it's better than marksmanship, I think this wave of vic should be considered a win."

     "By the way, vic is a real dick! There is so much attention to a car!"

     As a Chinese audience, seeing that Liu Zilang's "wise and calm" wave surpassed the European and American gods, the audience in the live broadcast room suddenly felt a sense of pride.

     In the game, I saw that the opponent had been forced to stop.

     Liu Zilang also rode the motorcycle just now, and directly caught up with Shroud.

     The team member a look of sluggishness, watching the two blown tires, "Sheet" in his heart crazy. Hearing the sound of a motorcycle catching up from behind, they quickly got out of the car and hid to the front of the car.

     Seeing that there was no escape, the three of them raised their guns with red eyes.

     Fak squid!