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408 A Mr. Lu Who Did Not Want To Be Named Passed By! (Third More)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

"Oh, socrazy! Socrazy in turn!"

     "Inconceivable operation! Is this the cosmic force from the East?"

     "Really lets one be astonished! Vic Liu really always brings surprises like he did in the past!"

     "No! It's time to call him vic, I have a hunch, he absolutely will create his own new legend in Pubg!"


     Obviously, Liu Zilang's operation of "borrowing corpses to heaven" completely broke their imagination. Even Shroud, who participated in it personally, killed a person in the air, and after falling to the ground and losing most of his health, he looked shocked.

     "Nice! Well done buddy!" Chota who followed him exclaimed when he saw it, and then he quickly said, "Remember to leave us something."

     "No, no, this is our trophy." Shroud who was licking the bag couldn't help joking.

     "Then count me in." God hurriedly said, "Don't forget that I will give you a gun and snipe one."

     Liu Zilang shrugged the shoulders smiled and said, "Well, these bandages are yours."

     "It's really a black-hearted guy." God muttered softly after hearing this.

     After a while of teasing, Liu Zilang drove the motorcycle and shroud along the road to search for a wave, found a new pickup truck on the side of the road and drove back.

     Right now the first wave of poison has begun to shrink, and the safe area is brushed in the north of the map, that is, the villa, Saint Martin and the big e city area.

     After driving the car back one by one, they discussed what to do next.Obviously, such four people get together. In this kind of passerby game, I hope they find a place to be content with one's lot and wait for the circle to brush.

     "I remember St. Martin seemed to jump a lot of people." Chota recalled.

     "Then go to St Martin first." Liu Zilang nodded, said with a smile, "Shroud doesn't ride on my motorcycle?"

     "I think I need to change my lifestyle occasionally." Shroud shook the head with a smile sitting in the pickup truck said, "This is better for my heart."

     "Then which of you will come." Liu Zilang looked at Chota and God.

     On the field a spell of silence

     Seeing this scene, the audience in the live broadcast room burst into laughter.

     "Laughing shit, this wave is a bit embarrassing for honey!"

     "Puff haha, vic's force motorcycle, how can it be?"

     "It seems that the big guys like God and Shroud will all be left behind by Vic's motorcycle in the future."

     In the game, Liu Zilang couldn't help but see a black line when he saw it.

     The next few people went all the way north.

     Chota remembers right, Saint Martin, located on the west side of the villa mansion, really jumped a lot of people.

     As soon as they approached, they heard gunfire from all over the city.

     The city of Saint Martin in the desert is a bit like the city of r in the island map, which is run through by a road.

     After hearing the gunshots, Liu Zilang took the lead and walked directly along the highway into the city with great fanfare.

     At this time, if ordinary people see this scene, I'm afraid it's not that they think that this person is crazy, and the basic law must be followed for sneak attacks!But the shroud and the three people on the pickup truck behind saw that they were as it should be by rights, and no one expressed any objection.

     Because in this kind of passerby game, apart from Liu Zilang's motorcycle, there are not many things that can scare them.

      In addition, after entering the city, the shroud driving the jeep behind even honked the horn.

      dī dī dī dī drop!

     Liu Zilang in the front heard the whistle and couldn't help corner of the mouth twitch, and quickly accelerated to get away from the people behind.

     Because his motorcycle is no better than the pickup at the back.

     As long as shroud their three people are attacked, no matter if it is a housing area on the south or north of the road, they can stop and use their pickup as a cover to fight back.

     But Liu Zilang's motorcycle couldn't stop as a cover, so he could only pretend to pass by and not know the three behind him.

      has to say, such an arrogant way of entering the city, it is naturally difficult not to attract the attention of the people in the city.

     Almost within five seconds of their entering the city, the fierce gunfire suddenly stopped. Everyone in the city wanted to know who was so owed.

     In the next moment, several teams in the city found the slow-moving pickup truck on the road one after another.

     And the motorcycle ahead.

     This is too arrogant, it just doesn't pay attention to us!

     Seeing this scene, there is no one in the city who can bear it, and they all aim at Shroud's side for a while.


     Bullet doesn't have any The omen's air-breaking attack, the next moment the gunshot sounded, the battle started instantly.However, the three Shroud who were suddenly attacked got out of the car without panic, and raised their muzzles very quickly.

     Da Da Da -!


     Bang bang bang!

     "Pour one down." God G, who exploded the opponent's head with a 98k shot, started talking while pulling the bolt.

     "I'm down here too." Shroud quickly pulled the muzzle and aimed at another individual.

     However, he hadn't fired yet, and a few lumps of blood burst out on the man, so he kneels down on the ground directly.

     Chota shrugged the shoulders said, "This is a direct death, this team should be gone."


     At this moment, a bunch of blood burst out of Shroud's back, and his blood volume dropped slightly.

     "There is someone on the south side of the road!"

     In fact, without shroud, the three people on the side of the pickup truck got into the car almost immediately.

     Then he cut his seat and got out of the car, and in a blink of an eye he was on the other side of the pickup truck that appeared in.

     The reaction and hand speed of this wave of people can be said to be fast, but the trickier thing is that

     There seemed to be another team from the housing area north of the road.

     They just got to the other side,

     Behind the scenes, the gunshots were shot again!

     Before and after

     This has aroused public anger!

     At this moment, the voice of Liu Zilang who was separated from them suddenly came.

     "Shroud follow me, let's hit the man in the north."


     Bang bang bang!

     This time it was Liu Zilang’s sks leader, and a few firepower points at the people in the Lubei Fang District were shots.

     Shroud's gunfire quickly joined.As for the gods and choocta, they caught fire with the housing area on the south side of the road.

     After a while, the sound of gunshots in the room gradually became faint, and the upper right corner of the screen was constantly scrolling down and killing prompts.

     Seeing this appalling scene, the audience in the live room was shocked!

     "Fuck! A team of people fight a city, are these all monsters?"

     "Fucking! Four people abruptly shot out the firepower of a teacher, this marksmanship and reaction are really no one!"

     "Oh! Our hero has fallen again. This is the closest they have been to Save the World."

     "The warriors on the whole map will soon unite, and everyone will defeat these four demon kings!"

     "It's not me. The four people feel that even if the game has immortals, it won't work!"

     Just when the barrage in the live broadcast room was rushing wildly, when the atmosphere was extremely warm.

     Bang bang bang!

     Suddenly, there was a burst of rapid gunfire on the court.

     Before he could react, the helmet was shattered in an instant.

      thumped to the ground!

      At the same time, a System Notification flashed out at the top right of the screen.

     "R knocked down rgriz with a sks headshot!"