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409 Huaxia Dream Team, Eight Times Without Holding Your Breath! (First More)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: | Translator:

A second ago, the audience in the live broadcast room felt that the match between Liu Zilang and Shroud destroying the Heavens and exterminating the Earth was invincible.

     However, a second later, this sudden burst of sks hits from nowhere, undoubtedly stunned the many viewers in the live broadcast room!

     You know that Griz is a player with top response and consciousness, only if a deadly big sniper attack, such as rifles and even snipers, is generally difficult to directly kill players of this level.

     Because from his first shot, he can quickly make judgments and respond.

     But when the "r" sks hit this wave, Griz didn't even make any response, and was taken away with a headshot.

     If this happens, then there is only one possibility!


     In fact, in other words "r" immediately suppressed the jitter of the muzzle after firing the first shot.

     Then almost exactly the same point as before, fired a second shot very quickly.

     Only in this way can the two sks sniper bullets come from the front to the back, and a set of bo can directly hit the spike effect comparable to a!

     The difficulty of this is even lower than that of Liu Zilang's "Ten Shots in One Second" to have no time for civilities, and even lower in terms of fault tolerance!

     After all, if you have a fetus, Liu Zilang only needs to ensure his hand speed and get a few shots out of ten.

     But "r" has only two shots. If two shots are missed, the target will definitely react, and the next shot will come without enough time.At this time, many viewers in the live broadcast room realized this, and they couldn't help but breathe in air-conditioning!

     "My God! This man's gun is too fast and too accurate!"

     "Well, it's really fast and outrageous, God was beaten and forced to estimate, I didn't expect that there would be such a master in the passerby."

     "R? It seems that the name is a Chinese! Huh? I think of a person, do you think it is Lu Lai Buddha?"

     "Buddha Lu Lai? That's the master Lu Wei? This technique seems to be really possible!"

     "The Niu Fei and Xiaoguanren in that person's team are also very good. I heard that they are also playing the US server recently. Did this vic meet Lu Wei's team?"

     "Well, I think it's very likely, hehehe, if it's true, this one would be good."

     As soon as these bulletins guessed, the live broadcast room suddenly seemed to be beaten with blood, and instantly became excited.

     Because the team of Liu Zilang and Shroud is too strong in this kind of passerby game, the audience in the live broadcast room can do nothing except the incarnation of the salted fish who will shout "666".

     But if you meet Reed's team, it will be very different and will undoubtedly add a lot of "fun".

     What has to say here is that there are more than one billion people in China, and there are definitely more top-notch experts in the field of fps games than on the surface.

     Except for Liu Zilang, who has proven himself under the spotlight on the stage in world competitions like Liu Zilang, it is an indisputable fact that there are also many masters in the field.

     And Lu Wei is one of them, given the nickname "Lu Lai Buddha".The Niu Fei and Xiaoguanren he unearthed were also masters among the folks.

     The strength of the three is very strong. Although there are only three, they claim that the dog can eat chicken in the fourth position.

     They have a high reputation in certain fixed fan circles and are even called the "Chinese Dream Team".

     Some fans feel that if they played in previous fps games on behalf of China in the early years, I am afraid that the strong division of Europe and the United States would have long been broken, but it is a pity that the three of them do not play professionally.

     At this time, griz just fell to the ground in the game, and the other two points also appeared simultaneously.

     Sure enough, there was more than one person.

     Shroud and Chota behind the pickup truck also heard that the sks that had just killed God G, and became more cautious.

     After judging the location of the gunfire, Shroud quickly found the opponent on the hill to the south of St. Martin, and saw him getting up and squatting behind the car from time to time, or using the pickup truck as a cover to confront the opponent through the car window.

     At this time, his figure is extremely flexible. If you look closely, you will even find the parts of Shroud's body that the opponent can hit. He has never stayed in the same one region/place for more than a second.

     This Shen Fa is somewhat terrifying!

     Chota on the side leaned down and threw a smoke bomb under the feet of God. Then the two changed positions in the smoke and began to pull people.

     Da Da Da -!

     At this moment, I saw Shroud holding a handful of four times 4 to seize the opportunity to make a very quick connection. It was the fighting spirit aroused by the first roll of drums and knocked out the other person.

     "Shroud knocked down niufeifei with a 416 headshot!"However, at the moment when he knocked down one person, not only did Shroud not have the slightest joy in his heart, but a great sense of crisis suddenly rose!

     not good!

     It's a trap!

     The next moment, the bullet "swishes" broke through the air!

     Because shroud knocked out niufefei, the upper part of his body exposed outside the car was slightly stranded. Although this was only a short moment, many viewers in the live broadcast room did not even notice it.

     After shroud knocked down one person, he quickly closed his gun.

     However, his helmet suddenly shattered and caught off guard fell to the ground.

     "R knocked down Shroud with a sks headshot!"

     Reed knocked down shroud! ! !

     Or to be more precise, this wave was caused by Shroud's failure to close his gun in time when he knocked down one person, and he was accidentally joined by Reed and the official, and a burst of shots went straight to the head.

      Despite this, the audience in the live room still couldn't help but exclaimed!

     This reed fruit is really name is not in vain!

     But now that the two of them are down, Liu Zilang and the others are inevitably a little passive.

     At this time, although Chota can help people in the smoke, but the other party shoots at the smoke.

     Chota was hit by a stray bullet, groaned in his mouth, and splashed with a sanguine light on his body while squatting on the ground.

      Fortunately, Shroud also knocked out one of the opponents just now. At this time, the official man was also saving Niu Fei, or else the remaining two followed the reed and shot at the smoke.

     Even if it is random shooting, the three of them will probably be cold."Help! Help! Help out the gun, man!" Shroud couldn't help shouting in his voice.

     Bang bang bang!

     There was a rush of gunfire!

     At this moment, Mrs. Liu Zilang, who had circled to the side, raised the muzzle, and instantly opened the lens eight times. The direction of the shot at Reed was a burst of fire.

     However, the reaction of the other party was unexpected.

     Almost the moment when Liu Zilang hit a bullet, Lu Wei immediately reacted, crouching directly and avoiding Liu Zilang's sks shot.

     The next moment, he suddenly leaned out of his body again and confronted Liu Zilang.

     Bang bang bang!

     Bang bang bang!

     The same sks, the same eightfold lens!

     However, what surprised the audience in the live broadcast rooms at home and abroad at this moment is that Liu Zilang is in this wave of guns.

     He couldn't move it, but he didn't use shift!

     Every time, he leaned forward and fired, and the bullets were poured out very quickly, which firmly suppressed the opponent's firepower!

     Eight times, don't hold your breath!