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419 Is It My Fault To Be Handsome? (Second More)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: | Translator:

At the destination stop, Liu Zilang leaned forward slightly after braking.

     As soon as he turned his head, he saw Zhang Xiaotong leaning against the car window, and his little by little head was also leaning forward, about to hit the window edge.

     He quickly raised his hand and slapped her forehead.


     Because the Attack Speed is too fast, Liu Zilang sounds a bit crisp.

     When the people around in the car heard the sound, they all cast doubtful glances.

     Zhang Xiaotong was also woken up all of a sudden!

     She glanced at Liu Zilang in a daze, and immediately moved her eyes up to see the hand holding her forehead.

     She couldn't help being small face blushed, and quickly retracted her head.

     "No thanks." Liu Zilang smiled lightly and deeply hide the achievement and fame very gentlemanly.

     Although Zhang Xiaotong just slept in a daze, he also heard a "pop"!

     Contacting Liu Zilang's hand on her forehead, she naturally reacted at this moment, and she couldn't help but gritted her teeth and gave Liu Zilang a look, revealing two small tiger teeth.


     After getting off the car, Zhang Xiaotong and Misaka Kotomi were also excited, and the two walked in front of them whispering and talking.

     Liu Zilang is walking behind with Wang Qianqian.

     "I never heard of you having such a cute little sister before." Wang Qianqian put his arms around his chest, and asked inadvertently.

     Liu Zilang glanced at her, "Stuff it, smart kids have guessed it a long time ago."

     "..." Wang Qianqian choked suddenly.

     Can this person chat?Thought until here, Wang Qianqian didn't talk about it anymore, and directly to open the door and see the mountain, become exhilarated and chatted with Liu Zilang about her "Betta fish brother" development plan.

     Although Liu Zilang nodded frequently on the surface, he secretly complained in his heart...Why don't you play Pokémon so much?

     The final goal of this trip for a few people is an Exhibition Center in Jianghai, but the venue looks a bit smaller than the last time the fireflies show, but it is still crowded and the house is rampant.

     Zhang Xiaotong took out the cell phone outside and contacted him. After a while, she rushed out a girl who was older than her. After greeted them with Liu Zilang, the girl was extremely worried and pulled them in and put on makeup. Waited for a good while.

     Liu Zilang has never been involved in the second dimension, and he is quite curious about these splays, and wants to take a look with the past.

     But when I got to the place, I found that there were girls inside, dressed in all kinds of strange clothes and hairstyles...

     Under this circumstance, he, a big man, even if he is curious, he is not embarrassed to go in.

     When Wang Qianqian saw this, a smile appeared at the corner of his mouth. He stepped on high heels and walked over next to Liu Zilang, and smiled back at him halfway through.

     Liu Zilang couldn't help but corner of the mouth twitch.

     But at the next moment, suddenly there was a "cannot help but laugh".

     Because Wang Qianqian walked halfway and was stopped by the staff member inside, saying that it was a make-up place and it was temporarily closed.

     Wang Qianqian had to walk out again with a black face...

     Liu Zilang was happy at the door when suddenly someone patted his shoulder from behind.Turning his head, he found a brave short-haired girl standing behind him-it turned out to be the senior sister Qin Xuanxuan who met at the firefly show last time.

      Subconsciously, Liu Zilang thought of the soft Pikachu again...

     How small!

     He sighed in his heart.

     He sighed, of course, Jiang Hai’s two-dimensional circle, but he did not expect to meet Qin Xuanxuan both times.

     Qin Xuanxuan seems to be surprised to meet Liu Zilang here, but seeing Liu Zilang standing in the dressing room silly and complexion turned black, subconsciously remembering Liu Zilang's last time in the comic show "tailing" deeds...

     She looked up at Liu Zilang, shook the head secretly, and felt the mission of being a senior and the heavy sense of social responsibility in her heart.

     Can't let him fall so degenerate anymore!

     So she grabbed Liu Zilang, turned and dragged away.

     Wang Qianqian at the back was still thinking of avoiding Liu Zilang's ridicule, and was taken aback when he saw the situation at the door.

      what is this ghost?

     There are still older children abducted in the comic show?

     That's not right... This is obviously a scene of a rape scene!

      Thought until here, the gossip soul in Wang Qianqian's heart suddenly burned, and he quickly followed not a word or movement.

     Liu Zilang a confused face was dragged by Qin Xuanxuan to an activity room in the heart of the splay exhibition, looking at the sign outside the door, which seemed to be from the Second Yuan Society of Jiang University.

     After entering the door, the men and women inside cast a curious look. It seemed that he was very puzzled about how the president went out, so he caught such a handsome man back.However, some people think that Liu Zilang is a bit familiar, and seems to have seen him somewhere.

     At this time, the two girls became exhilarated and came over and saw Liu Zilang eyes shined immediately, "Wow...President, where did you find such a nice little brother to come over? Is he also participating in our s?"

     "I..." Liu Zilang was about to speak.

     Qin Xuanxuan turned her head and glanced at him, and suddenly said with a smile, "Of course! Let me introduce to you, this is our freshman junior in our school."

     "Oh! I to think of it! That's the chicken king Vic!" Suddenly someone around him said.

     Liu Zilang heard that complexion turned black.

     What kind of nickname is this!

     Another girl rubbed her chin and looked at Liu Zilang, cannot bear saying, "Brother Vic has a good foundation. I think it can be a very handsome character."

     After speaking, the girls around suddenly became interested and talked about each other.

     "Yin Sang how is it?"

     "I think Himura Kenshin is good."

     "Otherwise, what about Lelouch?"


     The girls around were talking about characters that Liu Zilang hadn't heard of, and the enthusiasm made him a little bit overwhelmed.

     Especially when talking about "Himura Kenshin", Liu Zilang saw a boy complexion stiffened not far away who was putting a cross-scarred scar on his face. He immediately took off the red wig on his head in shame and turned around wearing wooden clogs. "Go out.

     Before leaving, he also cast an angry look at Liu Zilang.

     As a man, Liu Zilang understood the meaning of his gaze, and seemed to say that he was handsome!But wait... I'm so handsome that you provoke you!

     Brother, you can leave after you make it clear!

     Liu Zilang was feeling depressed. At this moment, Qin Xuanxuan's mouth with her hands on her chest suddenly turned up with a smile, "Needless to say, Vic already has a favorite role."

     The chirp chirp twitter twitter girls around suddenly became quiet and looked at Liu Zilang curiously.

     Liu Zilang was also stunned...what do I like?

     Then Qin Xuanxuan looked at Liu Zilang like a smile yet not a smile and said, "You forgot, Kumamoto!"


     Hearing these three words, Liu Zilang's mouth suddenly stiffened.

     He had heard and seen this, it was a bear that looked cute and cute, and was often used as an emoji in the button group.

     But wait.... Is this also s?