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421 The Flying Grass Reappears In The World! (First More)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: | Translator:

at this moment, a person and a bear stand in the field.

     When the surrounding crowd saw Misaka Kotomi's affectionate behavior, they looked at Liu Zilang and looked a little uncomfortable.

     Just a bear...

     Why is the status higher than us?

     However, Liu Zilang didn't mean to take advantage of the stupid apprentice. He saw Misaka Kotomi standing on tiptoe and raising his hand to pinch his bear ears. He couldn't help but the corner of the mouth twitch, and quickly shook the bear hand and patted her away, "Stop making trouble. , Where is Xiaotong?"

     Kotomi Misaka was taken in a daze.

     But when she heard Liu Zilang's voice, her eyes quickly lit up again, and she immediately embraced Liu Zilang in excitement, "Wet~! Like Li!"

     All of a sudden, the surrounding crowd was shocked when they saw it!

     Although they didn't hear Misaka Kotomi's words clearly, they could see how she hugged Kumamoto.

     For a while, the eyes of everyone around could not help but burst into flames!

     You say you are like a bear... and you are a gangster.

     This is absolutely unbearable!

     Liu Zilang didn't expect so many, he took Misaka Kotomi and walked out of the crowd.

     But the surrounding people eat a melon with great difficulty, how can they give up easily, and immediately chip away at a task and not abandon it to follow the two of them.

     Perceiving the steps behind, Liu Zilang felt a little impatient.

     After walking a few steps forward, he suddenly stopped, then turned to look at the people behind him.

      has to say, Liu Zilang added a bit of momentum after putting on the Kumamoto bears. After turning around, he immediately felt a sense of laurels.

     The people who followed were shocked when they saw this!At the next moment, Liu Zilang made a motion of rolling up his sleeves, and walked over the person behind him staringly.

     It was a man with glasses holding a mobile phone and was following him, and he was stunned when he saw Liu Zilang suddenly walking towards him.

     He looked around, but the people around him "hula" suddenly dispersed, and he was looking at him with a look of good looks on his face.

     The man with glasses is not stupid either, seeing the Kumamon bear Bad Premonition in front of him, he hurriedly ran away.

     But after running the After two steps, he turned around and put his hands to his mouth, and said to Misaka Kotomi behind Liu Zilang, "nhera sauce! Oh, wash and lead the way!"

     Liu Zilang's eyes twitched suddenly.

     Why does this atmosphere look a bit wrong? It makes him like a bully who beats a mandarin duck and seizes the girl...

     But at this time, he couldn't control so much. Liu Zilang kept doing it, and simply played a rogue. He chased his followers and ran around, looking like an eagle catching like a chicken.

     In fact, it is this time that he can let go, and other people eat this set. If it is on normal days, even if others eat this set, he can't hold back his face...

     After a while, the people behind him almost dispersed.

     On the one hand, the Kumamoto bear is playing a rogue. It is Notorious; on the other hand, everyone can tell that this bear and Kotomi Misaka know each other, and they know what's the matter, so naturally they don’t bother too much. Up.

     And the reason why they were able to discern was completely because Misaka Kotomi, a stupid apprentice who was stunned for a while, actually jumped there to cheer for Liu Zilang...Liu Zilang was full of black lines at the time!

     Isn't it all because of you to be so tired as a teacher.

     As for Wang Qianqian on the side, he was standing there smiling and watching Liu Zilang's "playing treasure", and after he stopped, he yelled, "The prestige is not reduced back then."

     Upon hearing this, Liu Zilang couldn't help both hands on the hip.

     But now he is not Niubi, but tired.

     He leaned on his waist and took a breath, shook the head and said, "It's not working, it's not working."

     Wang Qianqian glanced at him with a smile, but has not spoken again.

     Next, under the guidance of Misaka Kotomi, the two came to the performance booth of Zhang Xiaotong's friend at the Exhibition Center.

     At the moment when he saw Zhang Xiaotong, the look on Liu Zilang's face couldn't help but be blank.

     I saw Zhang Xiaotong standing on the stage wearing a white dress with long silver-white hair on her head and two black bows tied to it. At this moment, she was carrying a black doll in her hand, alone. Standing in the corner, it attracted the attention of countless people in the audience.

     But this girl knows how to protect herself, and she wears a mask as she does live broadcasts.

     Liu Zilang in the audience was stunned and couldn't help touching his chin. In order not to be watched, he just took off the Kumamoto's headgear and clamped it in his arms.

     At this time, Liu Zilang faintly felt that Zhang Xiaotong's appearance was a bit familiar, but for a moment he couldn't remember where he had seen it.

     Misaka Kotomi turned her head and glanced at Liu Zilang secretly, couldn't help covering her mouth and laughed "hehehe".

     Liu Zilang heard the laughter looked at her strangely, and was about to ask her what she was laughing at.Unexpectedly, when he turned his head, he happened to meet Zhang Xiaotong's eyes on the stage.

     Suddenly, Zhang Xiaotong's face blushed suddenly, and then subconsciously turned his head lightly snorted, his eyes drifting aside unnaturally.

     This is just a small gesture that she is usually accustomed to, but Zhang Xiaotong obviously forgot at this moment. Although she is standing in the corner, she is already the protagonist on the stage, and every move involves the attention of countless people in the audience. .

     Seeing Zhang Xiaotong's inadvertent action, everyone in the audience suddenly screamed with excitement as if they were beaten up.

     "Wow! My God! This is too similar!"

     "My little heart can't stand it! Qiong sister, I love you!"

     "Why is Qiong Mei wearing a mask? Can I take off the mask."

     "Yeah, yes! Girl Qiong takes off her mask! No matter what you look like what we love you!"

     "Support! Qiongmei take off her mask!"

     For a while, everyone in the audience suddenly hummed Zhang Xiaotong to take off his mask.

     Zhang Xiaotong, who had been staying quietly in the corner, obviously didn't expect this to happen. His little face suddenly panicked, his eyes fluttering in the crowd, as if looking for something...

     Then she suddenly lowered her head, pinching the rabbit puppet's ears, not say a word.

     Since they were unwilling, in reality no one would force a little girl, and soon the audience fell silent.

     But Great Thousand World there is no lack of strange things, and it is naturally full of people of all kinds.A few people just under the booth were still yelling. Seeing Zhang Xiaotong ignored them, they suddenly ridiculed some bit of everything.

     Liu Zilang on the side was immediately angry when he saw this!


     Dare to bully my sister!

     He immediately put on Kumamon's headgear, and after a few steps rushed up, he jumped up and slapped a bear paw.

     Then in his mind he recalled the last time Qin Xuanxuan dressed as Pikachu's, and immediately took a few steps to run up, facing a person who was close to the booth and teased the most as a jio, and then the two fell to the ground together.

     Flying big grass?

     The people around were taken aback when seeing this, and then burst into laughter!

     Obviously, this cute bear has been accustomed to the scene of "beating people" in various exhibitions, and there may be cameras nearby.

     After seeing the Kumamoto bears, the first reaction was the same.

     After they carefully looked around, they hurriedly covered their faces and ran away, for fear of accidentally hitting the headlines of some video site...