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423 Asian Qualifier Finals! (Third More)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: | Translator:

Hearing this, Zhang Xiaotong choked again.

     After the bus reached the stop sign, she strode up with a black face.

     Di: Student card!

     Then when the three behind got into the car, Wang Qianqian was smiling and holding her arms around her hands and suddenly said in a low voice, "You seem to be very excited?"

     "Excited?" Liu Zilang was taken aback, "What are you excited about?"

     Wang Qianqian shook the head, said with a smile, "Tsk, don’t care about the opinions of outsiders, why do I listen to this is changing the direction and encouraging Xiaotong to break through the shackles of the world?"

     Hearing this, Liu Zilang immediately reacted.

     This shark pepper is completely misinterpreting his own meaning. If it is so philosophical, it is actually misinterpreted like this.

     "Break the shackles?" Looking at Wang Qianqian's back, Liu Zilang couldn't help but curl his lips and said, "Break the shackles of your sister!"

     The clinker Wang Qianqian suddenly turned around when he heard it, snapped a finger, said full of smiles, "Bingo!"

     "..." Liu Zilang.

     After going back for a meal at noon, Liu Zilang took a family of four in the afternoon... No, it was a group of four heading towards Jiangjianghai Stadium.

      This afternoon is the last day of the Asian qualifiers-the start day of the foursomes.

     Compared to the single solo and double qualifiers of the previous two days, the four-man qualifiers this afternoon undoubtedly attracted enough attention. I heard that there will be an opening performance before the game.

     Of course, the reason why this competition is able to attract so many eyes is more important.Because this competition is not only the highest gold content in the Asian qualifiers and the best embodiment of the team's strength, but it also determines the qualifying places for this World Invitational.

     After coming to the scene, the atmosphere was really different.

     Liu Zilang even saw some fans holding support signs at the scene, it says "Born 202" or something, and I don't know what it is.

     When half an hour before the start of the game, he saw the youthful, singing and dancing girls on the stage, and then looked at the audience who were shaking vigorously with the sign, he finally cleared over.

     It turns out that the guest of the opening performance of the four-row finals is this new Chinese women's group called "Born 202"...

     After the short opening performance, the enthusiasm on the court has not faded.

      This time, under a burst of dynamic music and lights and cheering from the audience, players from all major Asian competitions who participated in this competition also appeared on the stage and began to connect their own peripherals.

      At the same time, Su Changming, Joy and Sy, who had explained the game for two days, also appeared on the host commentary stage after the stage.

     "Okay everyone, good afternoon everyone, welcome to our PUBG Asian qualifiers this time, I’m Su Changming."

     "I am joy!"

     "Hello, I am sy!"

     After the three of them said hello, Su Changming smiled and continued to face the camera, "All right, today is the last match day of our qualifiers, and today is also our four-row finals that has received much attention, who To be able to represent Asia in the World Invitational Tournament that will be held in California, USA, just look at these three games today.""Yes, and the intensity of the competition today I think will be even better than the previous two days, because this is also the first head-to-head contest between our major clubs in Asia. The two Korean teams, royad and kd, are in the team competition. The strength of the team is still very strong, maybe our team in China needs to be cautious."

     "Well, but I think today’s game will be different from the previous game, including the most fundamental game mechanics. Here I have to remind players who have played both single and double volleyball for two days to adjust their style in time. And get used to it, these habits are very important."

     "It is true, because in single row or double row, many players may be used to certain styles of play, certain points, but in today's game, these habits are actually to be overthrown and must be forced to Adjust your play style and habits back."

     "Well, maybe some viewers don’t understand, for example, for example, if you two players are willing to compete in the individual competition, then even if you fight each other until the end of time, no one cares about you, but In the fourth row, a sniper's most taboo is the idea of confronting the opponent."

     "Yes, the main role of the sniper in the fourth row is to suppress the route. The gun can be used to make the assaults feel at ease and become the backstop of the team. The idea of sniping on the opposite side has become passive, and the movement awareness and tactics are also led by the opponent.""Well, if this is not the case, if you are sure you can eat the opponent and pave the way for your teammates, the two snipers are there. You come and I will carry on intimately with. The teammates are probably dead early. You must know that pubg is not one of the two teams. Game between."

     "Yes, but we have said so much. This is just one point. In fact, today’s game will be quite different from the previous two days’ game. It is very likely that there will be a situation where the cards will be shuffled all at once, because you personally No matter how fierce the double row is, it cannot determine your fourth row results."

      "All right, so much nonsense, our players have already entered the game, and today's first quadruple match is about to begin."

     As soon as Su Changming's voice fell, the director gave the camera on the commentary stage to the game.


     In the simulated sound of an airplane on the scene, an airplane appeared on the blue sea.

     The course of this game is to start from city z at the top left of the map, passing through the city and ruins to city p. The final terminal is under port n on the airport island, which is a route from northwest to southeast. In general, It's relatively middle.

      Without a doubt, such a route will undoubtedly be more even for the distribution of resource points on the map. If not surprisingly, it can also greatly reduce the number of attritions in the early stage.

     Host the commentary stage.

     "We can see that someone has already jumped at the Z city position, oh! It's ig again. This team seems to like Z city very much. I remember they used to jump here during the last Betta Golden Grand Prix.""Yes, now the plane has arrived in Shangcheng District, oh! Good guy, there are enough people jumping in this place. I can see that there are at least six teams of people?"

     "Well, but you don’t necessarily have to go to the Shangcheng District to jump in the Shangcheng District. We can have two or three teams across the strait and fly towards Port G and Xiacheng District. distribution."

     "Oh, the 4a players also jumped here, but they chose to fly to the northeast. Are they going to S Port and the shooting range?"

     "It should be. That place is not on the route. If a team eats it alone, it can well meet the early development."

     "But wait a minute, it doesn't seem to be more than one team! We can see that Tyloo is also flying in that direction."

     "Eh! Really! Are the two Chinese teams in the first game of the fourth row about to crash?"

     With the commentary, the audience watching the game screen couldn't help but heart tensed up!