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433 Bloody West Bridge, Tug Of War At Sea! (Middle) Third More
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com


     In the crisp and loud gunfire,

     A sniper bullet broke through the air!

     Accompanied by the tearing sound of the helmet being shattered and blood bursting, a system kill prompt appeared on the upper left of the screen.

     "Royad-azeael knocked down kiz-ying with 4 headshots!"

     All of a sudden, it seemed like some kind of signal.

     As soon as the sound of 4 sounded, the gunfire at the bridgehead at the end of the land spread instantly.

     On the presiding stage, the three of them also spoke very quickly in real time.

     "Oh my God! Royad's long-planned raid is so deadly, kiz has no chance to parry in the future."

     "Oh! I was knocked down again. Royale has already started a 22-point push, cross-fire charge from left and right!"

     "Yes, it seems that they are also very clear that the situation on the bridge in this game is very complicated, so they want to quickly defeat the opponent with a blitzkrieg."

     "But wait! There is a car here! More than one!"

     "Oh! It's the Ifty and Ig teams from Xiacheng. They finally found the car and got poisoned."

     "Yes, the two teams seem to have been given a wave of drugs on the side of the poison, and they are in a relatively healthy state. Then their choice for this wave is..."

     In the passionate words of commentary, the whole stadium was filled with the roar of car engines!

     In God's perspective on the big screen behind the stage, I saw an orange car at the head of the bridge, followed by two jeeps, roaring all the way!

     Da da da-!From time to time, people from the front and rear windows leaned out and fired at each other, obviously not in a team.

     This abruptly arising scene also immediately disrupted Royal’s deployment of Kiz’s charge on the bridge, because at this moment the two of Royal’s were on the road, and ifty drove the orange car in front of them fast as lightning. come.

     In this game, there is no such thing as a vehicle "come to pedestrians".

     What's more, you pedestrian still has a gun in Nima!

     I saw Ify rushing forward and drove directly into the past. The two people who came out of the car window turned their guns and fired at the royad on the road ahead.

     In this case, Royalad naturally couldn't stand in the middle of the road to play sideways, and hurried to hide away.

     Since they were willing to give way, Ifty would naturally not chase after him. After they rushed over to the bridge, they found a shelter on the bridge and stopped.

     Seeing that they realized that this long bridge is very dangerous, if you rush over at once,

     That is no different from looking for death.

     After Royad’s long-standing charge was interrupted, the head and face filthy with grime saw that they were following two jeeps.

     How can this be tolerated?

     The four of them pulled their guns at once and fired at the back, venting all their grievances on ig.

     At this moment, several people in Royale have withdrawn to the side of the road. At this time, I want to follow the example of Ifty and use a car to forcibly hit people. That is to look down on the opponent's operation and IQ.

     Zi Zi Zi!

     There was a sound of tires rubbing against the ground.

     Immediately afterwards, just listen to "Kang Dang"!The ig's two jeeps flicked and stopped at the same time, and the rear of the car collided with each other, forming a horizontal shelter, but the four people in the car moved very quickly and got off from the same side.

     At the next moment, Shen Zeyan, who pulled out 98k from behind, raised his muzzle in silence!

     But at the moment when the lens was opened, the expression on his face couldn't help being slightly cold. It turned out that in his eight-fold lens vision, someone also aimed at him!

     Between thoughts,

     Shen Zeyan reacted quickly.

     I saw that he didn't shoot immediately, but suddenly tilted his head sideways,

     Soon, he flicked his heart, and fired a shot!



     Two gunshots on the field exploded at the same time!

     A crisp!

     A resounding!

     However, the duel between snipers has always been between the slightest.

     Although Shen Zeyan shot his head tilted very quickly, it still gave Jin Douhuan time to react.

     I saw that sniper bullet fired from his 98k muzzle, and Jin Douhuan squatted and avoided it.

     However, from a different point of view, it was this reaction that turned his head so quickly that Shen Zeyan escaped Jin Douhuan's shot 4!

     Seeing the thrilling and exciting scene on this big screen, the audience in the live and live broadcast room couldn't help but sucked in air-conditioning. This is so fast!

     "Fuck... this is the right sniper! The labor-management heart is accelerated!"

     "Asia's three pinnacle snipers! Do you think it's just a joke?"

     "If Nighthawk is there, then this wave is really exciting."

     But the so-called the layman simply enjoys the show, the connoisseur recognizes the artistry.On the presiding commentary stage, Sy took a deep breath when he saw it, and said in amazement, "Ze Shao's reaction to this wave is really wonderful!"

     "Oh! How do you say?" Joy was slightly uncertain.

     He is very clear that as a sniper, sy treats each player objectively.

     From the surface of this wave, Shen Zeyan and Jin Douhuan both avoided the opponent's attack after sniping.

     It should be evenly matched.

     But sy took Shen Zeyan out and said,

     This is a bit strange.

     However, Su Changming on the side saw the clue, and he also sighed with emotion, "Ze Yan's current mentality is indeed getting more and more stable. It is not easy!"

     "Hehe, it seems that Boss Su can see it too." Sy stopped selling off, and said directly, "Although they are both third-level heads in this wave, under normal circumstances 98k vs. 4 should be about the same, both require two shots. "

     "Dan Zea's low blood volume has been seen by everyone. The blood was not full when he came out of the poison. If he chooses to confront azeael at that moment, he will be cold directly, so the reaction of that head tilt is very It's the key."

      Spoke until here, sy also lamenting somewhat, "In fact, for the peak expert in the sniper position, the gap between them lies in these details. Many people only know how to kill, but don't know how to take it."

     "To be honest, I just switched to overwhelming majority people, including me. In that case, the first reaction must be a shot first, but Ze Shao actually accomplished it and then killed it."

     Hearing sy's emotion, joy also pondered over.he cannot bear concludes, "In other words, although both parties seem to have equal share in this wave of opponents, in fact, player Jin did not kill anyone in the case of a certain kill, so he lost?"

     Sy knew that it would be useless to explain too much to an interstellar player like yjoy, and couldn't help saying with a smile, "You can understand it this way, it's almost what it means."

     But at this moment, the director's shots suddenly reached the middle of the bridge.

     In the screen, I saw ifty was added, and I didn't know how to fight.

     Fighting against some teams, they found out that they were invincible.

     They are very spiritual...choose to jump the bridge!

     The audience looked at the people on the bridge who jumped over the guardrail and 4a on the sea under the bridge

     Not only raised his hand and rubbed his eyes,

     Suddenly I felt that this scene was so familiar...