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434 Bloody West Bridge, Tug Of War At Sea! (Below) The First More
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: | Translator:

Can you not familiar with it?

     How similar this scene is to the previous one in Xiacheng District of Port G!

      The only difference is probably Liu Zilang and they didn't expect anyone to jump down.

     But after the first person entered the water, they quickly cut into the boat.

     Da Da Da -!

     Get on the boat, cut the seat, draw the gun... forms a coherent whole!

     So when the second person jumped down, the whole person was suddenly confused!

     In a burst of flames, he was beaten into a sieve in an instant, and he completed a difficult operation of "watering into a box".

     Then, the third...the fourth, the fifth!

     And it seems that these people are not on the same team!

     Liu Zilang couldn't help but sigh with emotion.

     How fierce is the fight on this, so that these people can jump off one after another.

     But others are not fools after all.

     At first, the gunfire on the bridge was too chaotic. Before they could tell the difference, they chose the relatively safe sea under the bridge like dumplings...

     At this time, after recovering his wits, they realized that the following seemed not to be much safer.

     But what about this 4a Nima?

     At this moment, seeing this scene under the director's lens, the three commentators on the commentary stage were also surprised!

     "Oh my God, 4a points are really amazing! This wave they have gained 4 points again!"

     "That's right! With the previous kills, now 4a has handled ten head points!""You really don't accept this, you see other teams take heads, let alone ten, even if it is four, which one can't fight to the end, but you look at Renjia 4a and feel that their heads are basically They all jumped from the sky."

     "Hehe, it's not in the sky, but on the bridge! I think the 4a wave proves to us how important it is to choose points and consciousness in this game."

     Just as the audience exclaimed in astonishment on the commentary stage... Right now, Liu Zilang and others were playing hide-and-seek with the person who had just jumped into the water and had no time to refill his gun.

     The man posted on Liu Zilang and others around the body swimming back and forth, not daring to dive into the water at all, for fear that the next four thunders would be thrown over after not swimming a few steps.

     And if he gets entangled with Liu Zilang and others, Liu Zilang and the others are concerned about "teammates accidentally injured", and they really don't have much to do with him.

     It's okay on the shore after all.

     But once a teammate is injured by mistake in the sea, it will end in a cool manner.

      Thought until here, looking at the fierce man throwing in the water, all four of them suddenly lost track.

     This person is too Nimapi!

     Liu Zilang looked at the person hiding under his boat somewhat grudgingly on the boat. After a moment in his mind, he just killed the few people, and suddenly he frowned slightly.

     Just jumped down one after another on the bridge, they had to pull their guns and set fire immediately after killing one, and there was no time to read the kill prompt on the upper right of the screen.

     But at this moment, thinking back, he faintly remembered the second person killed. The prefix seemed to be se7en...

      Thought until here, Liu Zilang couldn't help but looked somewhat weird.Is it really him?

     Under the sea, Li Muqiu, who was swimming back and forth, was also quite depressed.

     They were the first to get on the bridge in this game, and they wanted to play a scene of blocking the bridge.

     As a result, this circle brushed...

     The special place on the bridge is always in the safe zone,

     No one crossed the bridge at all.

      In addition, there are more and more people "stationed" on the bridge, just like a bandit den.

     After Li Muqiu took a few people from se7en into a tough battle, although they also lost a few heads, in the end they also fell by two.

     They were trying to help people, but a jeep came over at the bridge. They came up to fill up their teammates, and then the gun was aimed at them again.

     In this situation, se7en, with only two people left, chose "the gentleman does not stand on the dangerous bridge".

     Want to jump to the sea to survive.

     As a result, when Li Muqiu stepped down the bridge railing and looked at the three boats below and the four people who were swimming and flapping on the sea, he had a bad premonition in his heart.

     What happened next was like just now.

     Before he had time to stop, the snipers in the team jumped down with him and were beaten into a sieve in the air...

     Due to the obstruction of information on and off the bridge, the news was not delivered in time.

     There were some teams on the bridge that were invincible under this kind of firepower. Seeing Li Muqiu and the others jump into the sea, they were immediately inspired. They thought there was something stand aloof from worldly affairs hidden land of peace and prosperity...

     As a result, after reacting to board the boat at the end of 4a, they naturally jumped and died one by one.

     Jump two dead one pair.Thought until here, Li Muqiu looked at the three speedboats overhead, gritted his teeth with anger.

     If you don't know that the following team is 4a, he might have been looking for a chance to get on the ship underwater, using his personal ability to try to fight a wave of sneak attacks to avenge his teammates.

     But after knowing that the other party was 4a, Li Muqiu thought of someone... he suddenly felt cold.

     With Liu Zilang’s reaction, plus the other three,

     Although Li Muqiu was confident enough in this game, he was not yet confident enough to be arrogant.

     So he naturally doesn't think he can find opportunities in this situation.

     Have to wait...

     Wait for someone to mix the water here under the sea.

     It soon proved that

     Li Muqiu's wait is worthwhile.

     This game is a professional player, and no one is a fool. After seeing the bridge behaved like that, there's some left on the north side of the land. Without a boat, the teams who hadn't crossed the bridge could not help but choose to spread the smoke to the sea.

     In just half a minute, there were three more teams in the sea.

     Among these people, there were two people who were stolen from this game and the original 4a takeoff city and shooting range, and then Bai Shaobin and Hou Dongfang who resolutely went all the way south.

     After these people went to sea,

     I was planning to swim directly to the other side.

     But after seeing the three boats directly below the bridge, and Liu Zilang and others who were leaning on the boats soaking in the sea, they swam over again.

     "Fuck, what are these guys doing?"

     Aluka couldn't help being a little surprised when he saw the black sea coming over."Maybe I want to come over to grab the ship." Wei Shen guessed, and then asked, "What do you say? Shall we get on the ship and throw thunder to kill them."

     Hearing Wei Shen's words, Liu Zilang glanced at the shore, "We seem to be held up. We are easily beaten off when we get on the boat this time."

     In his vision, at the fishing village east of the west bridge of the airport island, a bunch of people appeared at what time, and they were clearly looking at them.

     If you board the ship at this time, you can easily be hit as a target.

     At that time, if a thunder is held in his hand and knocked down from the boat, it will be really cool.

      Thought until here, Liu Zilang couldn't help but resolutely said, "Leave this point to them."

     "What about us?" Xiao Xing asked.

     "Go ashore." Liu Zilang looked in the direction of the fishing village.