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435 Sniper For Thousands Of Miles, Limit 1V3! (Second More)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: | Translator:

The fishing village on the east of the bridge.

     In this game, the four members of the Japanese bdg team drove around the island in the airport island,

     She was hiding at the corner of the house, staring cautious and solemnly at several ships on the sea.

     "After a while, it is estimated that someone will board the boat, we will fight directly." The commander of the team, kendesu, glanced at the bridge, and did not forget to remind, "Be careful with the snipers on the bridge."

     "No problem, I'll help you hold them in this wave." The sniper rapiacita said confidently.

     In the wild area around the airport in this game, beyond expectation's fat, the four players not only averaged a three-level suit per capita, but also picked up an airdrop on the way.

     For a while, not only did their equipment swell, but their personal confidence also swelled.

     "Captain Kondo, someone is on the boat!" someone in the team suddenly reminded.

     "Hit!" The man named Captain Kondo a happy facial expression, he waved his hand suddenly.

     In the next moment, I only heard a "bang" at the same time at the head of the sea bridge!

     Captain Kondo, who had just shouted "hit", set up 249 from behind, got down to prop up the bracket, and a cloud of blood exploded on his head!

     "Ig-olves used kar98k to headshot bdg-kendesu!"

     Seeing this kill, the audience was in an uproar, and there was a breathing sound.

     On the commentary stage, Sy also suddenly clenched a fist and waved, "Pretty! The combination of Bo Ze Shao and Nighthawk is so perfect! Especially Ze Shao's sniper bullet, it was a shot that killed the devil from 800 miles away. Machine gunner!"

     Hearing that sy somewhat agitated was abnormal, the audience couldn't help but laughed.Most snipers have a pair of eagle eyes, not to mention players at the level of Shen Zeyan and Bai Shaobin.

     It turned out that they had long discovered that there were people shaking in the Qiaotou Fishing Village, but both of them didn't care too much.

     But suddenly I saw that someone in the fishing village was motionless like a statue. Bai Shaobin in the sea could see that the person was lying down, but Shen Zeyan, who was in a stalemate with the Royale at the bridge, was a little bit unable to see.

     But he also knew that the other party was still there.

     In this case, Shen Zeyan would naturally not be stingy with a sniper bullet.

     But he did not expect that Bai Shaobin in the sea reached a consensus with him, and forcibly boarded the boat to hold up a 98k shot.

     At first, the two of them saw the dark third-level head on the head of the man in the fishing village after they opened the lens, and they thought that a shot would be a 98k warning.

     As a result, I didn't expect that at the moment of shooting, both of them heard each other's gunfire.

     When they jumped out of the kill prompt, both of them couldn't help but dazed for a moment, and immediately a smile evoked at the corners of their mouths.

     Obviously, this kind of "small rapport" between different teams in the game sometimes often seems more interesting.

     But the corner of Bai Shaobin's mouth just turned up.

     Suddenly it was stiff again.

     Then he quickly jumped out of the boat into the sea again, and plunged into the water.

     At this time, he was not because of the three people left in the fishing village direction bdg, but he had just got on the boat, and someone in the sea actually touched his boat, and then cut the gun directly at the back of his head and hit him.

     Had it not been for the sound of the gun being cut, he would immediately react to the sea again,It is estimated that the head has already blossomed by now!

     These turtles!

     Bai Shaobin was inwardly cursed in his heart, looking back from the water to the person who had just touched his boat.

     I can’t help but gritted my teeth and thought that labor and capital would help you eliminate the threat of the fishing village.

     Is there still humanity?

     He was thinking like this,

     Never thought that another person under the water approached the ship.

     This is the mantis stalks the cicada, unaware of the oriole behind, unaware of the oriole behind!

     Tender death to him!

     Upon seeing this, Bai Shaobin immediately one's hearth is happy, and looked bitterly at the man on the boat who took out a gun.

     The next moment, I saw the person underwater suddenly boarding!

     But the person on board was obviously very alert.

     This Nima is not vigilant. When he got on the boat, he knew exactly how many water ghosts were in the sea.

      But at this time, the person who boarded the ship first had to beware of those on the shore, but had the advantage of holding a gun first on the ship.

     Because when a person gets on a boat in the water, the gun will not appear in his hand immediately, but there will be a very obvious action of drawing the gun.

     This action is neither long nor short.

     But in fps games, it is deadly enough.

     Just now, Bai Shaobin was holding the 98k on the shore. He didn't have time to turn off the mirror and cut the gun. Otherwise, how can it be underwater, and so easily forced him into the sea again.

     So at this time the person on the boat heard the movement in the sea, but he couldn't say that he was too nervous.

     Just grabbed the gun in his hand instantly!"My God! Qiu Shen is now the only lone wolf around the three speedboats in the sea. Under such circumstances, would he still dare to board the boat?"

     "Oh! This person on the boat is a player from the Japanese td team, and his teammates are also leaning here. It seems that he wants to help. Qiu Shen is too reckless!"

     As soon as the commentary fell off, I saw that Li Muqiu had appeared in the ship!

     Da Da Da -!

     The assaultman Sikill of the td team on the ship saw Li Muqiu boarding the ship, he slammed the black hole of his muzzle, and expelled fiery tongues of fire at Li Muqiu's head.

     When Li Muqiu boarded the boat, his first action was naturally to cut the gun.

     However, what he cut was not the rifle on the back, but the pistol in the waist belt-p18c!

     But despite the relatively short time to cut the pistol, waiting for him to pull the gun in this case also comes without enough time.

     So at this time, I saw that Li Muqiu suddenly moved all seats from the side of the person to behind him when he cut the gun.

     In the next instant, Li Muqiu raised the p18c in his hand, pulled the gun in the Sikill turning the head in a flash, and stuffed the muzzle of the p18c in his mouth into his mouth!


     Bang Bang Bang -!

     The p18c automatic and extremely fast rate of fire gun sounded,

     Li Muqiu gave a wave of output in his mouth, and he burst out and took him away!

     "Se7en-lech knocked down td-slkill with a headshot using p18c!"

     And almost at the moment Sikill was knocked down, his teammate Rorichan also jumped onto the boat.

     At this time, Li Muqiu quickly turned his gun, and the moment the man cut the gun, he poured out the remaining bullets of p18c instantly!"Se7en-lech knocked down td-rorichan with a headshot using p18c!"

      In the blink of an eye, seeing this thrilling and extreme scene, the audience suddenly exclaimed.

     However, this is not the end!

      It should be noted, the td team has three people!

     They separated when they were underwater just now to take care of each other.

     At this time, the two got on the same boat, and the other one didn’t seem to be able to get on that boat, but he chose another boat nearby, and then suddenly got on the boat and cut the gun.

     Hit Li Muqiu sideways!

     Out of the corner of Li Muqiu's eyes, he caught a glimpse of the person's movement. At the moment the gunshot sounded, he took all seats again and immediately pulled out the ak behind him!

     The rest of the td team immediately followed the gun, and the two swept face-to-face!

     At the critical moment, Li Muqiu, who fired his gun, shot a headshot and directly took the man away.

     At the next moment, he does not hesitate at all and jumped into the sea!

     "Se7en-lech killed td-arc with ak!"

     Kill the team alone!

     Li Muqiu relied on his extreme reaction to take away the three of them in a flash!

     Witnessed this scene underwater, Bai Shaobin couldn't help but grin!


     Make you more than a sneak attack on labor and capital!

     But the next second,

     When he glanced at the kill screen in the upper right corner.

     Bai Shaobin couldn't help but corner of the mouth twitch, his face turned black instantly