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436 Shoot People First! (Third More)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: | Translator:

At this moment, the four of 4a were groping in the water towards the shore.

     They were originally worried that they would be spotted by the team in the fishing village when they were close enough to be stuck in the water as fish fried.

     As a result, Bai Shaobin and Shen Zeyan's sniper helped them a great favour.

     Not only did it attract the other party's attention, but it also made the other party fall to the ground and was busy helping others. He didn't expect that a group of people had already touched the point.

     "Let’s go in a group. Don’t get close when you go ashore. You can go back again when you see people." Liu Zilang glanced at the shadow room area in front of him and couldn’t help but cautiously said, “Now we don’t know where they are. ."

     Hearing what Liu Zilang said,

     Wei Shen three nothing else objection.

     The advantage of a two-person team is that you can broaden your horizons and discover the movements of the people in the room in time; at the same time, you will not be killed by the other party just because you are alone.

     After the four of them separated, they moved closer to each other.

      At this time, the bdg in the housing area of the fishing village has pulled up kendesu, who had just been headshot by the two snipers. At this moment, he is secretly touching it out of the housing area.

     It seems to want to return the favor.

     I don't know that as soon as they came out, they were spotted by Aluka and Xiao Xing who circled under the slope on the right.

     "I saw it! I saw them!"

     Aluka shouted.

     Liu Zilang shouted immediately, "Don't be impulsive, watch my eyes act!"

     "???" Aluka was taken aback.

     The next moment, just listen to the "bang"!

     It turned out that Liu Zilang, who had circled the high slope above the fishing village, opened the mirror instantly according to Aluka's position.Through the gap in the leaves, he just saw a head without a helmet,

     In a moment, he just shook his heart,

     A shot blasted past!

     "4a-vic used kar98k to headshot bdg-kendesu!"

     The person who just came out of the house was hit by the impact of the sniper bullet, and suddenly staggered to the ground again.

     "Why me again?"

     At the moment of being knocked down, Kendesu's whole body collapsed.

     Just now they were almost in a line of four in a line, two rounds from a distance, 98k that many people didn’t fight,

     It just happened to explode his head at the same time.

     It's better now, and I was knocked down again as soon as I left.

     Is this Nima poisonous?

     "Nice! This shot is so beautiful!"

     "Yes, the 4a raid was completely beyond the bdg's expectations, and vic played the role of a sniper to the maximum."

     "It's true. I just gave Vic's perspective on the broadcast. To be honest, I hadn't thought that Vic dared to shoot in that situation. The player's ability to grasp the timing is always so gasp in amazement!"

     "Then bdg has been reduced by one. Kendesu is already down. What do you say about this wave?"

     "Oh! Aluka and Xiao Ming have thundered!"

     Looking at the game screen on the big screen, the tone of the commentary on the stage also unconsciously mentioned.


     Two grenades were unplugged and thrown over.


      The ear-splitting explosion sounded, and the dust and turf on the ground were agitated by the smoke and sparks.Accompanied by the flying together, there was also the man who was just shot down by Liu Zilang.

     In the next moment, Xiao Xingmu and Aluka attracted firepower from the front, Wei Shen went around and outflanked, while Liu Zilang was running along the slope above the fishing village!

     The teamwork of the four of them came out,

     The other party has been determined already, it's going to be cold!

     In less than ten seconds, the battle ended instantly.

     The last person of bdg sees that the situation is over, he wants to keep hope alive, and he will rank for the team.

     I saw him turn over from a house, and lift a motorcycle after landing,

     Jump up and quickly increase the throttle and run!

     Wei Shen and the others are still in the housing area, but Liu Zilang on the slope has already heard the sound of cars.


     A crisp 98k sounded suddenly!

     "Have you hit it?"

     Wei Shen and others chased out from the room.

     Liu Zilang shrugged the shoulders, "Miss."

     While speaking, the 98k already completed in his hand pulled the bolt once and pushed a 762 bullet into the chamber again.

     Liu Zilang held his breath and focused his eyes on the lens again. The crosshair of the eight-fold lens moved with the motorcycle.

     Behind this scene is shown on the big screen of the game,

     Everyone's attention in the live and broadcast room suddenly focused on one point!


     The familiar sound of the 98k gun sounded again, and a sniper bullet burst out as the muzzle flashed!

     Sjoy breathed tightly, and his voice suddenly raised, "This shot"

     "Oh! Missed!" sy hit his hand.There was also a sigh from the audience.

     But the next moment,

     I didn't know who called out in alarm at the scene, and the exclamation suddenly became a whole.

     The three people on the commentary stage were also dumbstruck watching the game screen on the big screen, and saw that the only person in bdg who drove out on a motorcycle was about to drive out of the field of vision of the few people behind him.

     The motorcycle body suddenly leans forward,

     The whole person flew out!


     I saw the man fell on the ground, then bounced and rolled a few times, and finally fell to the ground convulsively.

     "Bdg-takoayo drove a vehicle and fell to death!"

     Seeing this scene, the audience suddenly couldn't help but laugh after being surprised.

     This person is so miserable!

     I escaped the two 98k bullets behind me, and I was about to escaped alive, but in the end I was attacked.

     It's simply unbearable!

     "Uhhhhhhhhhhhh, it seems that the Japanese players' car skills are still improving." On the commentary stage, sjoy also said with a smile, "Isn't there a famous autumn mountain in Japan? It's okay to go up and practice a few laps, and it won't be like this at a critical time. ."

     Upon hearing sjoy's ridicule, the audience couldn't help laughing.

     But at this moment, Su Changming on the side suddenly spoke with a weird expression, "I think this wave seems to have nothing to do with this player's driving skills."

     When sjoy heard it, he was immediately happy, thinking that Su Changming was helping an international friend to round the field. Can’t help but laugh, “I don’t blame car skills for overturning, is it Gravity?”

     But after he said this cold joke, the scene didn't have any laughter.At this time, sy also found the clues, and said in a strange tone, "Look at the screen first."

     "Screen? Screen What happened?" Sjoy said in his mouth, raised the head to look.

     He was startled suddenly.

     On the big screen of the game, the God's perspective just now hasn't noticed.

     But when the camera zoomed in,

     Everyone found an abnormality.

     I saw the motorcycle that had just turned over. The front wheel had no tires at this moment, and only one wheel was left!

     What the hell got a flat tire on the road?

     This is obviously unlikely!

     Then the truth at this time is only has one

      Thought until here, the audience in the live broadcast room also sent out barrage to vomit.

     "Fuck! Vic is not intentional, is it?"

     "If it was intentional, it would be too cheap. The Japanese player probably has a mentality burst!"

     "Coincidence! This must be a coincidence! Our A Lang is not that kind of person!"

     "Kuigui, you seem to have something, vic has a female fan too?"

     "The old brother in front is too one-sided, it may be a gay fan?"