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437 Long-sighted Prodigal Son Liu! (First More)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: | Translator:

After clearing the team from the fishing village, several people quickly licked a wave of packets.

     However, Liu Zilang found a handful of big guys in the bag of Kendesu whose body was blown up after his headshot.


     He hadn't used this gun much yet, and after thinking about it, he still lost 16 and equipped it.

     Although he is not an assaulter, the team has one more firepower point and one more output point. What's more, Wei Shen is used to ak in the game, and Aluka and Xiao Xing are reluctant to have their full match 4.

     Only Liu Zilang’s 16 from start to finish didn’t include any accessories.

      This time, the fourth lap on the court is about to be refreshed. The safety zones in front of this game seemed to be connected to the West Bridge, and the bridge was always included in the safety zone.

     However, by the fourth lap, half of the bridge was not in the safe zone, and the safe zone looked like it was about to brush onto the shore.

      Thus, not only the people on the land bridge head panicked.

     Even Li Muqiu and Bai Shaobin in the sea under the bridge became vigilant to each other.

     You must know that in the case of a safe zone half water and half land, the final circle must be brushed to land.

     This is common sense,

     It is also the system’s security zone refresh mechanism.

     Once the next circle is brushed ashore, those who are still in the water will undoubtedly be at a disadvantage.

     The so-called "get ashore early",

     At that time, whoever is behind will be beaten.

     For a while, the few remaining teams in the sea couldn't help but feel the thought of going ashore.Even though there are still three speedboats on the sea on the bridge, with the previous bloody lesson, who would dare to board the boat at this time?

     So at this moment, the safest and safest way is naturally to swim by yourself.

     But no one is stupid.

      If whoever wanders first this time, the remaining group of people will suddenly get on the boat and move later but arrives first,

     Then it's really passive.

     But the wisdom of the people is vast and limitless.

     These teams are combined, two people in the four-man team and one in the three-man team.

     The other people in the team swim first to make it easier to pick up after getting ashore, while the rest are responsible for guarding the speedboat and "supervising" each other.

     When the time comes for our team to meet on the shore, the boat will be less important.

     Because even if you moves later but arrives first, you can't rush towards the shore place that has people, right?

     Isn't that owed to clean up!

      Thus, a wave of people madly waving their arms and legs toward the shore suddenly appeared on the sea.

     And the one who swims in the forefront is Li Muqiu, who has become one who is cut off from others.

     The one behind him was Bai Shaobin. Although his team was a two-person team, for safety reasons, Bai Shaobin let Hou Dongfang stay and watch the boat with those people.

     He killed Li Muqiu from the "1v3" wave just now. When Li Muqiu moved, he immediately followed.

     As for Li Muqiu,

     After swimming a certain distance, he naturally also found Bai Shaobin who was following all the way from the sea.

     But he wasn't very nervous,I just thought that this person saw that he was weak and wanted to come up and take advantage.

      thought until here, Li Muqiu couldn't help but sneered in his heart.

     Follow it!

     When labor and capital get ashore,

     Can't beat you into a sieve!

     It turns out that

     Liu Zilang's words are still very forward-looking.

     There are various fight and schemes against each other in the sea, but 4a, who is the first to go ashore at this time, is not so worrying.

     Wei Shen glanced at the situation at sea and couldn't help sighing, "Fortunately, this wave of Vic let us go ashore early, otherwise we will be in trouble now."

      "Un." Aluka and Xiao Qiaomu also agreed with nodded, and immediately asked, "Then what shall we say next?"

     Wei Shen's gaze also subconsciously fell on Liu Zilang.

     Obviously after the two waves of command just now, Liu Zilang has invisibly taken over the command in this game.

     Many times in the game that's it,

     It's not that you are the nominal conductor, you are in charge of the whole game.

     For games like pubg, whoever is in good condition and fluent in a certain game usually takes command.

     Of course, other people are not doing nothing, and it is still necessary to check for omissions.

     Since the start of this game, Liu Zilang's command of the crucial moment has undoubtedly made the entire 4a team a huge profit.

     At present, the team already holds the head of 13 people, so Liu Zilang has taken over the temporary command and it is not altogether inexcusable.

     Hearing the words of the three of them, Liu Zilang glanced at the map and immediately marked a point with act without taking time to think.

     "Qiaotou?" Wei Shen frowned slightly when he saw this.Because Liu Zilang marked the head of the West Bridge near the end of the airport island.

     Liu Zilang analyzed, "No matter how the circle is brushed, the point of bridgehead is definitely the most important place in this game. Whoever can occupy it will have the right to speak and take the initiative."

     Aluka is looking thoughtful and nodded, but he is somewhat worried and said, "But there should be people in Qiaotou now."

     "There must be people in this kind of place." Liu Zilang nodded, "But it's okay now. When the next wave of poisoning is done, there will only be more and more people."

     Wei Shen didn't have so many worries, and asked in direct and plainspoken, "Then look, how do we seize this point in this wave."

     "I think it might be feasible to go around." Xiao Ming suggested.

     Liu Zilang heard the words shook the head, "At this point in time, it is impossible for the people at the bridge head to guard against the rear, and there is probably no chance of a sneak attack after going around."

      A smile appeared at the corner of Liu Zilang's mouth when he spoke until here, "It's not possible behind, we can go down."

     the following?

     Hearing Liu Zilang's words, the three of Wei Shen and Aluka were startled.

     Host the commentary stage.

     "Now there are 34 people left on the court. I didn't expect that the rhythm of the first game of today's four-row finals was so fast."

     "Yes, and at the same time, the level of excitement is better than ever. In this game, almost every player with a good reputation has shown their bright side. No wonder people often say that the four-man platoon is the standard to test the strength of a team. ""This is indeed the case. There are too many instability factors in the main single and double rows. Even if the players are strong, they will die if they are not careful. For example, the gold player was killed by a car, and vic was killed in a game Skyfire sanctions reverse eating chicken, who do you want to make sense?"

     "Well, then return to the topic, we can see that the current situation on the field can be described as'undercurrent surging'. Although the battle has not broken out yet, it gives people a sense of urgency for arrows on the crossbow. "

     "Yes, I think waiting for the bridge on the other side of the land may be the most intense point of the battle. After all, the fourth wave of poison is already very painful, but no one dares to fight it."

     But at this moment, the director's camera was suddenly given to the bridgehead near the airport.

     The audience at the scene first saw the Korean kd team around the abandoned truck at Qiaotou.

     Then the director pulled the camera,

     I gave it to 4a who did not know at what time and touched under the bridge.

      what is this situation?