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439 Bulldozer On The Coast! (Top) 1/4
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: | Translator:

The coast below the West Bridge.

     When approaching the shore, Li Muqiu suddenly became vigilant.

     He switched the angle of view behind him from time to time, observing the person walking behind him all the way from the sea.

     Bai Shaobin shifted slightly, because in terms of the relative distance from the coast, Li Muqiu must have been faster.

     He was not naive enough to think that his tail was not discovered all the way.

     And once Li Muqiu goes ashore, his side is bound to be beaten back first.

     Now Bai Shaobin's only advantage is "the enemy is in the light but I am in the dark". He knows that the person in front is Li Muqiu, but Li Muqiu does not know that he is behind.

     Seeing the people from the other teams behind also followed, he didn't worry and landed on the beach with Li Muqiu.

     When the time comes, just follow the people behind, look for a chance to put a cold shot, and with his confidence in his marksmanship, he can kill Li Muqiu with a headshot lightly and easily.

     Host the commentary stage.

     "We can see that a total of six people in this wave landed on a beach from the sea, and the first one was Qiu Shen."

     "That's right, the current situation is something not going well, and the three of Wei Shen from vi intercepted it.

     For a moment, the bridge suddenly entered an extremely anxious state.

     In this contrast, the bridge is naturally very breeze is still, waves are quiet.

     Except for Li Muqiu.

     After throwing the smoke bomb, he quickly rushed into the smoke.

     Unexpectedly, I hit a first aid kit and heard the sound of boats and the sound of people coming ashore.

     You really use me as a soft persimmon!Li Muqiu felt angry, and squeezed the ak in his hand, ready to give the other party a cruel gesture.

     In the small-scale close combat in the smog, as a se7en assaulter, he really hasn’t been afraid of a few people in Asia. Even if the sexypig, known as the “Asia’s No. .

     But the next moment, when the person who came ashore was separated from the smoke, a 98k burst of smoke hit him.

     At the moment of bleeding on the body,

     Li Muqiu suddenly heart sank!

      Listening In On Arguments From Afar!


     Seeing that the blood volume that he had just pulled down the safety blood line with the first aid kit became disabled again, Li Muqiu did not succeed in his thoughts, but broke out from the smoke one direction with a stride.

     In this kind of game that determines the qualification of the entire team, Li Muqiu will never be sentimental.

     At this time, there was no cover around the shore, and his blood rushing out was a target. Even if the two people who had just landed didn't kill him, anyone around him would see him, and he could be resolved with just one bullet.

     So in this case,

     Li Muqiu turned around and jumped back into the sea from the shore.

     In this version,

     Sea water is undoubtedly a natural barrier and shelter.

     But Li Muqiu reacted quickly after going back to the sea.

     Those who can play sniper to this level, in this competition, in addition to the "three pinnacle snipers in Asia",

     Hardly think of others.

     Oh...maybe there is still that crude.But 4a was the first to land, and all the signs just now showed that they also destroyed the Japanese bdg team after landing.

     At this time, it is obviously impossible to come up from the sea again.

     Shen Zeyan and Jin Douhuan were playing happily on the bridge again, and it was obviously even more impossible to get out of the water...

     Then everything is clear!

      Thought until here, Li Muqiu suddenly gritted his teeth!

      it turned out to be him ... No wonder we followed all the way in the sea for a long time!

     Let's talk about Bai Shaobin's side.

     He Listening In On Arguments From Afar shot the bolt first, saw the blood splashing in the smoke, and he felt excited.

     Give your life to the Lord!

     However, the next moment, when he heard the sound of the water entering the sea, he couldn't help being stunned.

     Is not it!

     After Bai Shaobin quickly turned around and got out of the smoke into the water, looking at the figure in the sea, the corner of his eyes suddenly twitched.

     This is too terrifying!

     What he didn’t know was,

     At this moment, there is a "big hunk" who is not a word or movement, holding a big pineapple, noiselessly around their flanks...