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442 Punishment On Behalf Of The Sky, Thunder God Down?
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

It is not uncommon for a single player to destroy a team.

     When many people watch live broadcasts, there are often scenes of solo team extinction.

     But one thing that must be clear is that what you usually see is the "performance" of the anchor in the passerby bureau.

     Right now this is a real world event!

     It is no exaggeration to say that every single wave of annihilation is an operation that can be put into the top shot of this event.

     The first two days of the single and double volleyball will not be mentioned, only today’s first foursome qualifier.

     So many teams met, but in the first half of the whole, there was only the wave of "Limit One Show Three" that Li Muqiu had just been at sea.

     In the true sense of single-player team destruction, the wave of Liu Zilang has just begun.

     Therefore, this suddenly made Liu Zilang's positive "one just four" audience not optimistic.

     Suddenly they were stunned!

     The director seemed not enough, and suddenly cut out the replay of the wave of Liu Zilang just now.

     Majestic, four times the size of one's heart's content with m249 pressure gun!

     A precise 98k headshot!

     At the end, it's just perfect squat to hide from the gun, pull the bolt to fight back,

     A headshot!

     Shot the body!

     Watching it again at this time still makes people sensed the exquisiteness throughout the whole process,

     It can be said that there is no redundant operation of one thread, one hair!


     On the commentary stage, msjoy couldn't help taking a breath.

     He said with a look of admiration, "vic is the most orthodox fps gameplay, as simple as obvious at a glance,But it belongs to you to understand every operation of him,

     It is the kind that cannot be imitated. "

     Upon hearing msjoy's words, sy, who is also a sniper, also nodded, "Yes, because of the problem of the PlayStation game console/video game system, the professional player has many operations that seem to be normal to our ordinary players."

     "But don't tell me, this is really bad for you, because this ordinary operation contains many of our professional players' hard work for a year or even a few years."

     "The more basic, the simpler."

     Su Changming on the side also nodded slightly, and turned to earnestly said, "But once the foundation can be made up, it will be an insurmountable chasm and chasm for most other people. Talent and hard work are not a single one is dispensable. ,

     And in many cases, what we have to acknowledge is that the former is often more important. "

     Upon hearing the three commentaries on the stage, the audience in the live and live room was shocked, and some people also showed a looking thoughtful look.

     But at this moment,

     After Liu Zilang destroyed the four-man team solo,

     The shore on the other side of the bridge,

     There is a three-person team that is already wary and jealous of this.

     At this time, they relied on the speedboat that their teammates drove up and stranded as a shelter, hiding behind and holding up Liu Zilang.

     Obviously, facing such a powerful enemy who can destroy the team alone.

     Even if there is only one person, they have to pay enough attention and killing intent.

     And such an opponent must be killed quickly!

     For Liu Zilang,

      Cut weeds and eliminate the roots are the first issues he needs to consider.You know that this wave of him could have been on the bridge with Aluka their three people,

     The reason why he stayed was to eliminate the hidden dangers that he touched on the sea.

     Now that he has solved the two teams, he will naturally not let go of the last team.

     Even if he couldn't kill for a while, he still had to watch the opponent as much as possible, and would not let them go around and block the three Wei Shen at the bridge.

     Of course, it is best to kill nature.

      Thought until here, Liu Zilang renewed another smoke bomb towards the position of the four-man team that he had just killed.

     Then he rushed over quickly while changing the m249 in his hand.

     The three people behind the speedboat under the bridge saw Liu Zilang alone advances instead of retreating,

     I was also a little unhappy for a while.

     After all, this feeling of being "contemptuous" makes no one feel comfortable with it.

     One person was about to raise his gun to indiscriminate fire at the smoke, but the other person behind the speedboat interrupted, "Don't waste bullets, is there any thunder?"

     "I have two more on my side." The person next to him said.

     "Give me one." The man complexion turned happy, immediately angrily said, "Humph! How dare you pay attention to us, see if this wave of labor and capital can't kill you!"

     Next, after the speedboat, one person dropped the grenade for a moment, and the other leaned over to pick it up.

     Then they two steps back at the same time,

     With a "clank", the grenade was pulled in the palm of his hand.

     Immediately after a run-up sprint, he jumped and threw it out.

     I lost you Rem!

     Suddenly, two hand thunders suddenly crossed a parabola in the air.

     At the same time, whistling and flying towards the smoke.On the commentary stage, msjoy suddenly raised his tone when seeing this unconsciously!

     "My God! We can see two players from the Singapore team lost their thunder. What do you say about this wave?"

     The eyes of the audience in the live and live broadcast rooms are always moving with the mine,

     The palm of her hand can't help clenched tightly.

      Without a doubt, Liu Zilang, who had just killed the team solo under the director's lens, had every move at this time that affected the hearts of the audience!

     Kang Dang!

     Two grenades landed on the ground in the smoke one after another.


     The fire flashed, and the dust and turf flew everywhere!

     When the grenade exploded, it emitted billowing black smoke, and it was suddenly fused together with the smoke.

     However, Liu Zilang was at the edge of the smoke at this time, and the opponent's two grenade did not cause substantial damage to him.

     To put it bluntly, it's too short.

     "Is it too short?" Liu Zilang, who changed the bullet for m249, raised a smile.

     "Next, it's my turn."

      Thought until here, he put away the m249 in his hand.

     Then he stretched out his palm, and his five fingers clasped a grenade in his palm!

     The next moment, I saw Liu Zilang stepped back a few times, then he fell back and rushed forward at a quick pace.

      At the same time, the thunder in his hand also rang out!

     After rushing out of the smoke, Liu Zilang did not stop.

     Instead, he continued to move forward two steps, immediately jumped high, and threw the thunder in his hand suddenly!

     At this time, the three people behind the yacht opposite under the bridge saw that their two thunders did not kill Liu Zilang.I was disappointed.

     At this moment, they saw Liu Zilang rushing out of the smoke without omen,

     Can't help one's hearth is happy, hurry up and want to aim!

     But the next moment, when they saw the movements in Liu Zilang's hands, and after the grenade that whizzed through the parabola in the air,

     The three of them immediately complexion big change!

     not good!

     In an instant, the three of them hurriedly closed their guns and ran towards the rear!

     Immediately afterwards, the grenade fell on the ground with a "clam", but it was only thrown on the side of the speedboat.

     Did not throw it over.

     Then he rolled forward a few times and got stuck under the speedboat.

     Su Changming on the commentary stand couldn’t help but shook the head, "Hey, A Lang is also a bit short."

     Unexpectedly, as soon as his words fell, there was a sudden "wow" burst out of exclamation!

     what's the situation?

     As soon as Su Changming raised his head, his mouth was as big as the box, and he was stunned!

     Then he swallowed two or three saliva, as if his throat was dry.

     In the game screen on the big screen,

     I saw Liu Zilang’s thunder blast the speedboat to one side and threw it high.

     Then "duang" all of a sudden,

     Hit the three people who hadn't run a few steps behind

     Push the street!