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443 Peeping Voyeur, A Shot Of Cold Heart!
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

In the sky of fire,

     The stranded speedboat slammed off the ground!

     Then it crashed down with a bear down on one with the weight of Mt. Tai, and showed no mercy to the three people behind.

     Seeing this wave of images comparable to blockbusters, the entire game scene seemed to calm down suddenly.

     One thunder and three kills!

     And in this inconceivable way, it made the audience how can it be not shocked!

     Actually speaking, if Liu Zilang threw thunder and directly killed people in this wave, it would be nice to say.

     At best, I can praise him for the level of thunder.

     After all, the thunder that Liu Zilang threw on the bridge in front of him hadn't killed three of them.

     But he bombed the ship to death in such an unbelievable way, which made people feel unacceptable.

      At this moment, the audience in the official live broadcast rooms of the major platforms was also completely shocked, and they frantically raised the barrage.

     "This Nima feels that the three buddies of the Singapore team are dead but will not close the eyes!"

     "Knock in it! Labor and capital slipped away and were killed!"

     "I learned what I learned! It turns out that grenade can still be played like this, and Nima is so turbulent!"

     "Have you really learned? Vic is the reincarnation of Thor!"

     "Thor's reincarnation is okay, I feel sorry for the old buddies of 5peaks, this speedboat is simply unbearable weight of life!"

     "How can you not wet your shoes when you often walk on the beach? This wave of being anused by a boat is a real show! Hehehe!"

     "2333 estimates that the three old men in Singapore will leave a mental shadow. The next time they encounter a speedboat, they will probably have to go around.""Vic didn't want to talk, and threw a speedboat at you! (manually funny)"

     The audience in the live broadcast room said that in the end, the experience of the three players of the Singapore team changed from sympathy to love to hear and see.

     After all, there are three scenes like being killed by a boat and sitting on the bottom of the ship, which are rare in this game. This makes many viewers in the live broadcast room have a feeling of expanding my horizon!

     After seeing these three people being chased and killed by a ship, the hidden dangers on the coast were finally cleared.

     Liu Zilang can't help but let out a relaxed breath.

     In this case, after he got on the bridge, he and the people at 4am no need to be worried.

     In the voice, he asked Wei Shen Aluka on the lower bridge what they still lack. Liu Zilang was thinking about licking a wave of bags to bring them something.

     Unexpectedly, at this moment, the aftermath of his vision suddenly fell to the surface of the sea.

     Someone seemed to be staring at him secretly.

     There are still people in the sea?

     Liu Zilang raised the eyebrow, then turned around and raised the 98k in his hand.

     But at the moment he turned around, the man on the sea reacted extremely quickly and plunged into the sea.

     Liu Zilang opened the lens and glanced at the empty sea, with a smile on his lips.

     The response is very fast!

     Next, he did not continue to squat, but stopped and started squatting over there to lick his bag.

     In the sea, Li Muqiu secretly observed in the potential water, and couldn't help but secretly say that it was dangerous!

     This kid's eyes are still so good!

     He glanced at his declining lungs, his lungs that were about to turn red, and he couldn't help but feel a little anxious.this time, through the rippling sea,

     Li Muqiu could clearly see Liu Zilang licking his bag with his back to him on the beach.

      Could it be me response too fast,

     This kid thought he was dazzled?

      Thought until here, Li Muqiu couldn't help but feel hey.

     He slightly relaxed his vigilance in his heart, his body slowly floated to the surface of the sea, and he took a deep breath of fresh air under the blue sky and white clouds.

     But the goose is at this moment,

     What Li Muqiu didn't notice was,

     On the beach, the back of Liu Zilang, who was licking his bag, was always facing away, but he slipped the 98k behind him into his hand without moving.

     What has to say here is that the game mode of this Asian qualifier is tpp (third perspective).

     A feature of this mode is that when you press and hold alt to switch to a free view, you can see everything that is happening around the body without looking back.

     Just like Li Muqiu and Liu Zilang at this moment.

     Li Muqiu took a bath in the sea and watched the scenery, but didn't know that a bag-licker was looking at him on the shore.

     When this scene was captured by the director's lens and presented on the big screen behind the stage.

     The audience in the live and live broadcast room could not help being taken aback.

     "How can I have an ominous premonition with this Nima"

     "Uncle Policeman, I want to report! There is a peeping peeping at someone's bath here!"

     "To be reasonable, if Vic turns around, Yi Qiu Shen's response should be able to get in in time, right?"

     "Uh, I think the key to this is not easy to say, it depends on the reaction speed of the two."All of a sudden, the audience in the live and broadcast room clenched their palms, and their hearts began to beat faster.

     At this moment, the director's camera cut out a picture-in-picture at the bottom left of the screen, and gave a close-up of a player's face.

     The player who appeared in the picture was delicately handsome and looked very comfortable, but the arc of his mouth became more and more obvious.

     This person is naturally Liu Zilang on the coast.

     At the next moment, a sharp glow flashed in his eyes, and immediately the whole person quickly turned around, completing the operation of raising the gun and opening the mirror at the same time!




     The crisp 98k gunfire suddenly sounded on the beach!

     Although Li Muqiu on the sea was breathing and regaining his vital capacity, his eyes were naturally paying attention to Liu Zilang.

     At this moment, seeing Liu Zilang who turned around abruptly, he was naturally shocked, and his reaction was extremely quick, but he plunged again.

     But the moment he sank into the water,

     Li Muqiu's head was in the blue water, and suddenly a bright blood burst out!

     In an instant, he tilted the head suddenly and sank weakly to the bottom of the sea.

     On the sea, only left behind one floating wooden box.

     "4am-vic used kar98k to headshot se7en-lech!"

     Seeing the extreme thrilling game between the two of them, the audience who had been staring at the scene of the game suddenly exclaimed!

     It's obviously sinking, how can it be?At this moment, even the three commentators on the commentary stage couldn't help but cried out.

     The next moment, the live director quickly gave a slow motion playback.

     In the playback screen, all the audience can clearly see the moment when Li Muqiu's head is about to be completely submerged in the water.

     A sniper bullet roaring through the air,

     The limit hit the very center of his head, which had not yet sunk underwater.

     So the next thing is that everyone in the live and live room saw the scene

     For a while, the scene suddenly crow and peacock make no sound!


     On the commentary stage, msjoy coughed dryly,

     He immediately shook the head and sighed, "Evil fate! I am afraid that this wave of vic even hadn't thought of himself. The old teammate he just accidentally rescued was cut by him himself."

     "Haha, isn't this just answering the old saying?"

     "Huh? What old saying?"

     "My teammates can only be killed by I'll handle it myself."