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444 The Winner Of The Finals! (On) Second More
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: | Translator:

I saw that the person who skinned him for a good while in the sea was actually Li Muqiu's melon skin.

     Liu Zilang was also taken aback for a while, almost laughed in his heart.

     Brother, sorry, this is fate!

     He held back his smile and mourned for Li Muqiu for a second.

     Then he quickly picked up some materials needed by Wei Shen and others on the bridge in the box, and climbed up the slope.

     At this time, the wave of poison on the field had shrunk to half, and the weird blue radiation net around the map was continuously spreading toward the middle safe zone.

     After a fierce battle just now on the bridge, the remaining forces also re-delineated the scope and entered a short truce.

     It’s just that someone leaned out to steal someone else’s shot,

     Or be stolen by someone else.

     But at this time, the director's shots were not given to the bridge, but to the sea under the bridge near the land.

     In the game screen on the big screen,

     The audience in the live and live broadcast rooms can clearly see that on the sea covered by radiation, several people are violently waving their arms and legs and swimming for their lives!

     They must swim to the middle section of the bridge and then a little bit forward to get out of the poison ring and enter the next safe zone.

      without a doubt,

     This is a silent race with death!

     Host the commentary stage.

     "Unexpectedly, this wave is really the same as what Boss Su said, the people on the other side chose to swim into the circle."

     "Haha, this is not how accurate I guess it is. I can only say that the a on the bridge is a bit powerful, and these people are also forced to be at an impasse.""It seems that these players should be swimming with full drinks, but there is no medicine in the water. Then according to the recovery speed and the distance to the safe zone, boss Su, do you think they can swim into the safe zone? ?"

     "Um, I think there should be There's no problem."

     Upon hearing Su Changming's words, the audience couldn't help but heart sank.

     Ma yeah, Boss Su said so.

     Isn't it cold?

     If everyone in the poison ring under the bridge knew that Su Changming actually sucked them so much,

     The psychology of Hundred Poisons Immunity, which has been polished in the drug circle, is estimated to collapse on the spot!

     But real knowledge comes from practice.

     Next, the scene of the live director has been given to a few people who are struggling in the drug circle.

     The audience in the live and live broadcast room saw this scene, and many people seemed to be touched, and they started to encourage and love barrage.

     "Come on! You must be able to!"

     "This kind of Never Gives Up spirit is so touching, it seems to show me a drug-running self"

     "The old heart is hardened, what nonsense Nima is!"

     "Uuuuu, cry! Cry for me!"

     "By the way, do you think they can swim out?"

     "If there is no such thing as Mr. Su, I think it's okay."

     Gradually, the shrinking poison circle coincided with the boundary of the safe zone, and the third circle from the bottom was refreshed.

     At this time, the few people who were still swimming outside the safe zone in the sea were about to enter the circle.

     But their blood volume,

     It doesn't look so healthy anymore.The next moment, the person swimming in front is about to touch the border of the safe zone.

     When enjoying a different new life


     The blood volume of the man who fell to the bottom suddenly dropped again.

     All of a sudden, his strenuously waving arms and two kicking legs, in the end still failed to push his body forward.

     I saw his whole body suddenly stiff,

      a pair of eyes looking straight ahead, full of yearning for the safe zone,

     But it can only sink to the bottom of the sea unwillingly and weakly

     "Gzz-para died outside the safe zone!"

     Death is not the end,

     Because this only one starts.

     As if some kind of signal was sent out, in less than ten seconds, five System Notifications were flashed on the top right of the screen.

     "Gzz-chapelier was killed outside the safe zone!"

     "Bb-pine died outside the safe zone!"

     "Bb-somaz died outside the safe zone!"


     At this time, under the director’s God's perspective, I saw a row of neatly arranged boxes one meter away from the poison circle on the sea.

     The forerunner fell,

     Latecomers did not follow the past and herald the future.

     Because they also fell

     No one survived!

     Seeing this scene, men are silent women cry suddenly in the live and broadcast room.

     "Oh, it's a pity! It's almost." On the commentary stage, Su Changming couldn't help shaking his head sighed saying.

     Hearing his words, msjoy and sy on the side could not help but twitch their mouths.

     Is this so embarrassing to say?However, the poisonous milk, like the cosmic force from the East, has always been more metaphysical, and there is really no way to throw this pot openly and without fear to Su Changming.

     Therefore, msjoy and sy can only temporarily suppress the impulse in their hearts to interview Su Changming how to kill all of them.

     But at this moment, Su Changming who turned his head and looked at the sea suddenly shouted, "Eh! There are still people in the sea?"

     After hearing Su Changming's words,

     All the audience at the scene was startled!

     Anyone else?


     Is there anyone who can survive the poisoned milk of Boss Su?

     The msjoy on the commentary stage glanced at the game screen and couldn't help but blurt out, "Fuck! There are really people"

     Sy took a closer look and was immediately surprised, "My God! It's the menhera sauce of the Japanese sst team's mascot!"

     Hearing sy's words, the audience could not help but suddenly.

     It turned out to be menhera sauce

     That makes sense.

     Maybe only a vigorous girl like Menhera sauce can resist the poisonous milk of Boss Su.

     The fact is of course not what the audience thought.

     Because Kotomi Misaka and those who were poisoned by swimming in Qiaotou are not from the same region/place at all.

     In this game, sst the entire team jumped to port n, and ended up playing a wave with the Singapore team who jumped to port n.

     Four of them lost three, and the entire army was almost destroyed. Only the "mascot" Kotomi Misaka, who carried the hope of the whole village, survived, and went wild along the airport island.

     Later, as the safety zone continued to refresh from east to west, she also came all the way from Port N to West Bridge.At this time, seeing the complicated situation around her, she was alone and weak.

     In order to give the team a good place, Kotomi Misaka gritted her teeth and decided to go to the sea!

     This is why she suddenly appeared in the safety zone in the sea at this point in time.

     "We can see that there are still twelve people alive on the field. Speaking of the safety zone at the end of this game, it's a bit beyond expectation, and it's not on the land on the airport side.

     "Yes, because we just ignored it. In fact, the bridge deck is also land. In this case, the safety zone has a chance to brush into the sea."

     "That's the case, then the situation on the field is very clear now. The remaining teams are 4am, ig and royal and ifty, um, there is the lone wolf menhera sauce in the sea."

     "Haha, I think from the current situation, menhera sauce is the big one, because just she in the sea, in the end, she can even get on the boat and the people on the bridge to fight medicine, which is equivalent to leveling out at once. The number and strength gap on both sides."

     Just as the three people on the commentary stage analyzed the situation on the field, the director's camera was suddenly shown to the royad on the bridge.

     At this moment, the three royad suddenly began to seal the cigarettes, and it seemed that they were facing the two ig not far away.

     Some begin to stir up