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445 The Winner Of The Finals! (Middle) Third More
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Cang Dang!

     With the sound of smoke bombs landing,

     Amidst the sound of "chi chi", the white smoke gradually diffused.

     Seeing this scene, the atmosphere on the bridge that originally also had some ease suddenly became tense.

     The two igs, who were in the middle of the West Bridge with Royad, were only less than a hundred meters apart from each other, and stared at the smoke on Royad's side vigilantly.

     "What do you say about this wave, royal and they are going to spread cigarettes on the bridge to solve the threat of ig first?"

     "Tsk tsk, I didn't expect that royale would actually play so bloody at the last moment. This is really out of my expectation."

     "Yes, because at this point in time, no matter which team takes the first step, it takes a lot of courage and confidence!"

     Just as the commentator was admired, Mercedes-Benz in the royal team on the bridge,

     But he did a move that no one expected.

     I saw that he suddenly came to the bridge, supported the railing with both hands, jumped violently, and jumped directly off the bridge.

     Three people on the commentary stage: ""

     Next, Miss Rulienhera sauce in the royad team grabbed the ship, it was shameless! "

     "Distressed for a wave of menhera, now it's about to float in the sea again."

     Compared with the dissatisfaction and condemnation of the audience's friends, Su Changming, who hosted the commentary stage, was stunned, but quickly reacted.

     "Ahem, I didn't expect that the last choice of royalad was to go to the sea." msjoy shook his head helplessly and sighed. "This is something I didn't expect.""Well, I think this choice may seem a little confusing, but it is the most sensible choice at the moment.

     Su Changming nodded his analysis and said, "The three remaining teams on the bridge are our first-line strong teams. Even the strongest team dare not say that they will definitely be in the next "four-way melee" on the bridge. Surviving, so the tactics of transferring to the sea is an excellent choice. It seems that the commander of Royal Benz is still very spiritual."

     sy nodded, emphatically pointed out, "The main thing is that the three boats that came before 4am at sea happened to have one under the bridge. If there is no boat, there is no way to fight medicine if you jump in the water. In the end, it was only on the bridge. It is the only way to survive, but now, people who go to the sea can temporarily get rid of the chaos and watch the fires burning across the edge of the river."

     "That's right, and now once the royal first takes control of the only speedboat under the bridge, the other teams on the bridge will feel like a lamb in a tiger's den." Su Changming sighed saying, "It seems Next, our three Chinese teams can only play Bloody Battle to the End on the bridge."

     "Well, but in comparison, I am more worried about Menhera's current situation." sy said with a smile, "She should have been discovered by the three royad who jumped down just now, so now it depends on whether the royad wave will be killed quickly. Absolutely."

      Unconsciously, time passed by every minute.

     Soon, the next wave of poison began to shrink, and the place on the bridge where you could fit in became smaller and smaller.

      This time, among the remaining 4am and ig and ifty teams on the bridge, the remaining Shen Zeyan and Illusion of ig are in a bad situation.Because in the middle of the bridge, they are just in a state of being attacked back and forth.

     as expected.

     When the distance between the two parties narrowed, ig had just met 4am remotely, and the two people behind Ifty touched behind their ass again.

     "Fuck! These Beatles are so shameless!"

     I gritted my teeth and said in a somewhat anxious tone, "Shao Ze, what shall we do?"

      has to say, Shen Zeyan's facial paralysis expression at this time also isn't bad.

     At least in this case, he can play a role in stabilizing the military's morale to some extent.

     Facing the enemies on both sides, Shen Zeyan still deadpan, saw him not a word or movement and took out a smoke bomb, and threw it in the direction of a few people at 4am. He said without a trace of fluctuation in his tone, "The gun is blocked. "

     Hearing this, the illusion immediately reacted.


     In this case, their biggest enemy is undoubtedly 4am in a formation of four people.

     So as long as the gun line of 4am is sealed, maybe they can still "2v2" with Ifty behind them, and then look for a chance to fight 4am, the biggest enemy.

      Thought until here, the illusion hurriedly raised his hand and threw a smoke bomb in the past, and then backhanded the Ifty two people who were pressing behind him, it was a very fast wave of m16 shooting!

     Ifty's a and vk hurried sideways and hid behind a waste car, the bullets roared, splashing numerous sparks on the waste car.

     "Pretty! Ig's choice is wise. If they want to survive, they must first defeat a team.""That's it, this wave depends on whom the deer falls between ig and ifty. Only those who survive are qualified to challenge the last four-man full-length boss-4am!"

     "Huh? Wait! Boss, why did you rush over at 4am, this script It's not right!"

     In the big screen of the game, the director's shot suddenly came to the side of 4am, which was blocked by smoke.

     Obviously, 4am is not a dungeon boss in the conventional sense, and will always squat peacefully at the end, waiting for the warrior to challenge.

     On the contrary, the 4am wave actually rushed out directly from the depths of the West Bridge dungeon!

     This Nima, you are still not the boss?

      This time Liu Zilang and others did not have the consciousness of becoming a boss. When they rushed to the smoke, Liu Zilang shot the big pineapple almost all the way, and the three of Wei Shen threw thunder and opened the way.


     Suddenly, the sound of explosions on the bridge continued.

     The ig and ifty on the side of the smoke were pushed close by the shrinking poison ring, and they were about to do their best, short-weaponed soldiery fight one another.

     Never imagined that it was the finals, but the four of them were covered by a "bombing zone" that suddenly appeared above their heads.

     This Nima is too crude!

      At this moment, even Shen Zeyan, who had been deadpan, couldn't help but twitch his eyes.

     At the same time, in different places.

     On the sea under the bridge.

     The three of Royad were driving a boat, chasing Misaka Kotomi in the sea and yelling.

     Throwing mines into the sea frantically to "fry fish"