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469 The Devil Is Alive! (Third More)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: | Translator:

In the island map of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, the inland river originates from the reservoir next to city Y, flows through city r, water city and ruins, and finally flows into the West Sea between the upper and lower cities.

     The water of this river is busy and never overflows, it is always content with one's lot flowing.

     However, at this time the river was turbulent and fluctuating because it encountered two restless boats.

     Da da da-!

     Fierce gunfire sounded over the river, and two boats passed quickly, one after the other, dragging two white trains on the river.

      ding ding dang dang 丁当——!

     The sparks of Liu Zilang's speedboat were splashing, and there was a trembling sound of metal, which sounded a little flustered.

     However, due to the fact that he was on a boat, the water surface was undulating, and the opponent's muzzle could not stabilize at all.

     In addition, both sides are moving relative to each other.

     For a while, despite the fierce firepower of the opponent's three guns, in the first round of the volley, No no knocked down Liu Zilang, who was in the wrong place.

     But even so, because the other party has been driving at full speed and it took some time for Liu Zilang to accelerate after getting on the boat, the distance between the two has gradually narrowed!

     It is not difficult to imagine,

     After the opponent exchanged a bullet, even if Liu Zilang was not shot down, the ship would almost explode.

     "I can only say that it's really time for bdg to come in this wave. Vic looks like everything bodes ill, no positive signs."

     "Well, although there are still half of the people on the field, they are in a period of severe attrition. I think vic actually has the opportunity to pull the 4a ranking a bit higher, which is a pity.""There is no way, think carefully about the luck of Vic's road, really not what kind of, you can't blame society for your ugly face."

     Amidst the slight ridicule of regret on the commentary stage, the situation on the river became more tense!

     Liu Zilang, who had been shot twice, heard the gunshots stop behind him, but he did not feel relieved at all.

     Instead, it is getting higher and higher.

     Because he knows the next wave very well,

     He is likely to end this game completely.

     Thinking of this, Liu Zilang glanced at the boat and the beach in Xiacheng District while he was sailing.

     In a moment, a lightning flashed across his mind.

     Liu Zilang gritted his teeth, and his heart slammed!


     At the next moment, he suddenly slowed down while the opponent was changing bombs and swung the speedboat's hull on the water.

     The bow turned back, and immediately rushed over to the speedboat of bdg!

     The horsepower has been driven to the maximum, and the four bdg chasing after seeing this couldn't help but froze!

     Under what circumstances is this giving up struggling?

     As soon as this idea came up, they and Liu Zilang, who was turning the direction of the ship at extremely fast speed, suddenly changed direction.

     The two ships crashed together!


     There was a harsh rubbing sound between metals.

     In the roar of the engine, the two speedboats squeezed against each other, and the hulls also tilted uncontrollably!

     The three people of bdg were about to shoot after changing the bullets, but were surprised to find a big "shield" in front of them.Or to be more precise, it should be the bottom of Liu Zilang's speedboat that was bumped up.

     "Hit a boat! Kill him!" Kendesu who was driving in the bdg driver's seat roared angrily.

     The three people on the boat who had just changed their magazines heard this and immediately raised their guns and shot Liu Zilang's bottom of the speedboat with a burst of fire!

      dīng dīng dīng dīng ―!

     In an instant, the bottom of the ship trembles constantly!

     Mars splashed wildly around, the scene looked like a good Hollywood blockbuster scene.

     But at the same time, the four of bdg are also ready to jump into the sea at any time. After all, the two sides are relatively close, and it would be no good if even oneself is affected after sweeping the ship.

     "Vic is really beyond expectation! He actually dared to turn around and hit him directly, has to say, this is really the best choice he can do under the current circumstances."

     "But Vic's current situation is still very bad! His boat has run out of durability, will this wave have a turn for the better?"

     In the commentary, the audience became nervous after seeing this scene.

     The front row of the auditorium.

     Sitting in the seat, Zhang Xiaotong raised his head slightly, and suddenly did not know where to place both hands.

     I don't know when it will start, a little sweat drips from the tip of her small nose.

     In fact, not only Zhang Xiaotong, but also Wang Qianqian, who has always been "calm and graceful" by his side, "thump thump" in his heart.

     However, the tension outside the court at this time, but not the slightest affect Liu Zilang sitting on the bench.I saw him staring at the game screen with his left hand on the keyboard still controlling the direction, pressing Shift to accelerate!

      sitting nearby Although Wei Shen and Aluka didn't know what Liu Zilang was still struggling with, they were surprisingly silent at this time out of trust in their teammates.

     It’s just a tight heartstring,

     Staring at the screen in front of him like Liu Zilang.

     In a fierce gunfire, the two boats were already under the force of interaction, unconsciously moved to the beach.

     Liu Zilang is outside,

     The opponent's speedboat is inside.

     According to the development of this situation, the next bdg ship may be pushed ashore and stranded.

     The four of bdg also know this,

     But there's nothing about it.

     Because after landing, they can jump off the ship and export directly.

     The next moment, Liu Zilang’s speedboat started to smoke

     But at this moment,

     There was a burst of exclamation from the scene!

     The big screen on the stage.

     I saw that bdg's speedboat moved sideways and washed ashore. Before the four people on the boat had time to jump off, the hull of the boat suddenly tilted, and suddenly the entire bottom turned over, knocking the four people of bdg to death. Detained under the boat.

     Seeing this incredible scene, the scene and even the live broadcast room suddenly fell into deathly silence!

     The four bgd players on the field are collectively confused.

     The whole person is bad for Nima!

     Liu Zilang jumped off the boat and paced slowly over, a certain poem inexplicably sounded in his mind.

     Later, the ship became a grave.words exceede 5100