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470 A Windy Man In His Bones! (First More)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Seeing this shocking reversal scene, the audience in the official live broadcast rooms of major live broadcast platforms also exploded in an instant!

     Countless barrage scrolls out from the right like a Stormy Sea (dangerous situation), filling the entire screen in an instant.

     "666, vic, this wave of spirit ship drifts, I'm spicy!"

     "I said why he didn't jump off the boat just now, vic is really a bit of a thing than this!"

     "By the way, why didn't the few people from bdg jump off the boat just now?"

     "Hehe, people are all detained. Tell me how to jump? Can't leave the vehicle want to know more."

     "Puff haha, I can't leave the vehicle. This is the worst. Every time I see these words, I want to cry."

     "By the way, the buddies of bdg are really miserable. This is the second time they have been planted in Vic's hands."

     "It is estimated that if they see Vic in the next game, they will have to go around."

     "23333 can't afford to provoke!"

     In the game at this time, the four bdg who were killed and buried directly under the ship were also messed up.

     After jumping through the city in this game, they propitious wind throughout the journey to the present, and they are ready to encounter a wave of setbacks in the next game.

     But what they never expected was that this "wave" would be so big, they were overturned before the wave came over before they could react!

     This Nima is unreasonable at all!

     However, when they gradually recovered his wits from the huge awkwardness and saw the name of the person who killed them, they knew why the other party could be so unreasonable.Especially the takoayo in the bdg team, remembered that he had to escaped alive in the last game, but he was blown out by the opponent with two shots.

     The feeling of giving hope and then squeezing it out

     It made him tremble just thinking about it.

      In comparison, this wave of being detained under the ship was completely cut off from life and killed. This method of death seems to be good?

     and many more!

     Not bad, your brother-in-law! !

     takoayo shook his head awake in a flash, and couldn't help but gnashing one's teeth for a while. He was unconsciously domesticated by the other party!

      thought until here, takoayo could not help but be afraid after a while

     This person is really terrifying!

     Liu Zilang didn't lack equipment and supplies at this time, so naturally he didn't bother to lick his bag. After blasting the ship, he ran towards the housing area in Shangcheng.

     Of course, the more important reason is that the boxes of the four people are all under the boat, and it takes a lot of effort for him to lick the bag.

     Now that the others are in the safe zone, the surrounding area is not stable at this point in time.

     Across Haikou, he could hear gunshots from the opposite G port and Xiacheng.

     Obviously many teams met during the lap.

     And as a lone wolf carrying the hope of the whole village, he naturally wants to focus on the chrysanthemum.

     However, on the Shangcheng side, although Liu Zilang also saw at least two teams stationed in, there was no excessive gunfire.

     I wanted to come because of the dense houses in the upper city, leaving a space of peaceful coexistence for each other.Liu Zilang's location at this time is close to the puzzle building in the east half of Shangcheng District. This kind of building is still very good, it is easily guarded, hard to attack.

     As long as he owns a house in the upper city, he can end his small half game, and there is basically no need to worry about the next lap.

     If you can be happy and stable,

     Who wants to be homeless and miserable?

     Looking at the puzzle building in front of him, which was getting closer and closer, Liu Zilang's heart gradually settled down.

     I can finally end the days of wandering all the time, all the time to be very scared and on edge.

      Thought until here, Liu Zilang couldn't help showing a serene smile on his face.

     However, when he randomly selected one of these jigsaw puzzle buildings to the inside, it seemed that there should be no people behind the puzzle.

     Before he had time to push the door when he ran to the door, the serene smile on his face instantly froze.


     There was a clear sound of footsteps on the floor in the building, and it sounded more than one person!

     Haha hallucinations?

     Liu Zilang closes the eyes, trying to say to himself in his heart.

      dōng dōng dōng dōng ―!

     However, the next moment, listening to the abnormally clear footsteps in his ears, the frozen smile on his face gradually disappeared

     Illusion your brother-in-law!

      At this moment, there is obviously more than one person in the building.

     There are at least three words to hear from the footsteps, and the other party obviously heard the undisguised footsteps when Liu Zilang just ran over.

     People with wind in their bones are destined to drift!

     Liu Zilang sighed in his heart.Before the other party realized that he was a lone wolf, he quickly ran towards the puzzle building next door.

     In the jigsaw building, a four-man team is waiting.

     "Team White, how do I feel that the person outside seems to be gone." After a while, Hou Dongfang frowned and listened carefully, and couldn't help but started talking.

      "Un." Bai Shaobin was not a word or movement nodded, and the corners of his mouth raised slightly.

     Audi, the assaulter in the team, couldn't help but sneered, "Is that so embarrassing? Should we take the initiative to sortie and take them."

     The Ergou on the side said, "I think you remember to eat or not, why did you forget to play the game?"

     Upon hearing this, audi subconsciously remembered in his mind that he wanted to play a "palm thunder" in the game, but he met a man holding a flat pot.

     His face suddenly turned dark.

     At this moment, Bai Shaobin on the side suddenly spoke again, "It's a lone wolf."

     But after finishing speaking, he pondered for a moment, and added, "Of course, it may be a spy."

     The so-called "spy" in Bai Shaobin's mouth is naturally the kind of person who plays a pioneer in the game and selects points for the team to detect the terrain in advance.

     "But if you dare to go next door to us, it doesn't look like a lone wolf." Hou Dongfang also followed the analysis, "the lone wolf is not so bold."

     Hearing this, Audi and Ergou on the side pondered and nodded secretly, feeling that what Hou Dongfang said was reasonable.

     Bai Shaobin didn't make a statement.Because in his cognition, there are so few people, even if they are lone wolves, they dare to go where there are many people.

     Especially that guy.

     Wait, isn't it really that guy?

      Thought until here, Bai Shaobin's face was startled.

     Push the door and go upstairs.

     Liu Zilang didn't hide his steps too much.

     The reason why he didn't go far in this wave is that he didn't rely on the thought of "below the big tree to enjoy the cool" in his heart.

     No matter what happens by that time, a four-man team will be able to settle down a lot.

     Obviously, at this time, Liu Zilang was already very out of sight and regarded the opponent as his friend.

     The reason why he didn't take a quiet step to cover up just now when he entered the next room, there was indeed a bit of bluff, which made the other party feel jealous.

     And then it quickly proved that

     Liu Zilang's choice is still quite wise.