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471 This Is Too Real!
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

What I have to mention here is that just when Liu Zilang and the four of bdg were chasing and racing in the river.

     The third wave of drugs has already coincided with the border of the safe zone.

     The safety zone that originally straddled the seaport and contained the upper and lower districts has now become only the upper district.

     However, the houses in the lower city on the opposite side are sparse, and the gap between houses and houses is extremely large.

     Thus, when people on the other side of the river ran drugs and transferred, they would inevitably encounter each other.

     This is why when Liu Zilang was just ashore, there were continuous gunfire in Xiacheng District and Port G.

     In this case, although his location in the upper city is peaceful.

     But it was only temporary peace.

      What is foreseeable is that a large number of "outside population" will soon be settled here.

      It's different if someone covers it this time.

     "The next wave of poisons will be refreshed in two minutes, but most of our teams have already begun to move, and we have entered the circle ahead of time.

     "Well, there are only four 11 people left on the field now, and with the encounters during the drug run, the number is still declining."

     "Speaking of which, the circle of this game really tests the judgment of the players. You see, for example, the current wave. Everyone knows that the next circle will definitely be in Shangxiacheng District, but it will be better than most. Everyone must seize the opportunity."

     "But they also have to face the pressure of latecomers. In this game, there is no such thing as a first-come-first-served one. It is impossible to say which house you have seized and which house is yours."At this moment, the director's camera suddenly showed a jeep that had just passed the small bridge on the east side of Port G, and was whizzing along the road towards the Shangcheng District.

     "Oh! It's the Vietnamese team Kiz. They rushed towards the Shangcheng district, but the road doesn't seem to be smooth."

     In the game screen on the big screen.

     Just when the Kiz team arrived at the gate of the Shangcheng District, a dense rain of bullets suddenly hit.

     Needless to say, this is naturally the Misaka Kotomi team who firmly occupy the front line of the village entrance.

     However, I don't know if Kiz's car skills are too good, or the marksmanship of the three of Misaka Kotomi is a bit "even in the rain".

     Kiz's three-person jeep burst into flames, and the four of them plummeted at the same time, but no one was swept down.

     The next moment, after the car rounded the corner,

      The four kiz who just escape from calamity drove toward the depths of the upper city.

     I saw the duck flying in the pot.

     Kotomi Misaka immediately panting with rage and asked, "How can the mud be so cute?"

     After speaking, she found out that her "language channel" hadn't been tuned, and quickly asked angrily again in Japanese.

     Hearing the question from the "mascot", the two of sst were also ashamed and unable to show one's face.

     This wave of opponent's jeep almost Drove over from their faces. Normally, the two of them would have to hit one another.

     But who knows that other side is clear, the blood is splashing in the car, but no one falls

     Who are you going to reason with?

     If they knew the blood volume of the kiz four at this time, it would be even more unpleasant in their hearts.

     Zi Zi Zi!There was a sound of brakes, and the four of Kiz stopped the car abruptly near the door of a better-positioned puzzle building inside.

     "Good risk, good risk!"

     "Hurry up, we will occupy this building next."

     "I'll go hide the car."

     After the three people stopped the car at the door, they quickly took up medicine.

     However, out of caution, they did not dare to enter the building rashly, instead they filled up the medicine at the door.

     "Anyone?" asked one of the team.

     "I didn't hear the footsteps, there should be no one." said the man who had been sticking to the wall to fight drugs.

     Obviously, Kiz had just been blocked at the entrance of the city at this time, and kiz, who hadn't calmed down, ignored a little at this time.

     That is, they drove the jeep all the way and whizzed over, even if someone in the building must have hidden long ago, how can it be leaked their footsteps to them.

     You must know that the reason why Liu Zilang could hear his footsteps just before entering the door was because he walked from the river bank, which was relatively hidden.

     When the other party heard him,

     He also happened to realize the other party.

     So to put it bluntly, kiz obviously has a trusting to luck at this time.

     But think about it.

     The whole Upper Town is so big and there are so many houses.

     How can it be they just enter a building, and there are people in the building?

     That is too unscientific.

     However, in the game of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, many times it is so unscientific.

     In the game screen, I saw the maying act without taking time to think walking in front, stepped up, raised his hand and opened the door.

     Da Da Da -!Without omen, the gunshots in the house suddenly rang!

     Before Maying could react, he was stuck on his face by a bullet coming from the shuttle, and instantly fell to the ground.

     "Tyloo-deadrunner knocked down kiz-maying with ak!"

     The next moment, kiz outside the door did not react.

     The bullet in the door just follows, directly making up for the maying that was knocked to the ground!

     Kill it!

      Has to say, Hou Dongfang is very direct and straightforward in this wave, whether it is knocking down or replenishing people, and does not give kiz any time or opportunity to react.

     But at the moment when his teammate was replaced, Kiz finally recovered, and quickly closed the door with his backhand.

     Whoosh whoosh -!

     The bullet that had not been cast away fell on the wooden door, and instantly hit the middle of the door.

     Sawdust landed by earthquake.

     "Isn't that nobody's?" Kiz's captain Shoroi asked dissatisfied with Geology.

     But as soon as he spoke, his throat was dry and his scalp felt numb, because at this time he realized what kind of mistake he had just made.

     Host the commentary stage.

     "Tsk tusk, this wave of kiz is too reckless, maying almost sent himself to the deadrunner's gun."

     "Well, but I think the deadrunner is also a bit anxious. Maybe the people from kiz have just been brought in. Their success in this wave may be bigger."

     "Yes, although kiz is downsizing one person, as long as they don't send it away, the tyloo in the building really has nothing to do with them in a short time.""Then the two teams are now in a stalemate, it depends on how they choose next."

     "Oh! The kiz team in Vietnam doesn't seem to be going to retire, but they didn't rush. I think they don't know how many people are in the building. They are just bluff, so they are still throwing thunder."

     "Hehe, speaking of bluff, there is someone next door to the two teams."

     "Huh? Wait! Vic, what is he doing this wave?"

     At this moment, msjoy on the commentary stage suddenly opened his mouth in surprise!

     The audience in the live and live broadcast rooms also looked at the big screen on the stage in a daze, with question marks in their minds.

     Is this messing up?

     In the game screen on the big screen.

     I saw that Liu Zilang of the puzzle building next door did not know at what time came to the roof, squatting furtively on the edge of the railing on the roof, and then cut out a grenade,

     After pulling the string, he adjusted the angle up and down in his hand, suddenly raised his hand and threw it on the roof not far behind him.

     Kang Dang!

     Seeing the dripping grenade on the ground,

     Everyone was stunned!

     Even if it is messing up, it is too real, right?
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